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MUCH has been made of the recent sale of an HSV Maloo GTS-R W1, which fetched a princely $1.05 million at auction (see News Front, p. 10). That makes it the most expensive Aussie road car ever auctioned, and it has left some pundits a little bemused. While I don’t necessarily believe it’s a good thing that Aussie muscle car prices are reaching such dizzying heights, I must admit that a sense of schadenfreude washed over me when I saw the result of the auction. When the specs and pricing for the GTS-R W1 sedan were first announced, I distinctly recall social media being flooded with elitist naysayers who presumably favoured ‘more premium’ brands. “What moron would pay $170,000 for a bloody Commodore?” they collectively decried. “That’s AMG C63 S money! Stupid…

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lions roaring

WHILE 2020 saw major price hikes in the automotive auction market, the early months of 2021 have already realised record-breaking prices for two last-of-their-breed Holdens. On 30 January, an HSV GTS-R W1 Maloo with an odometer reading of 681km was sold by Lloyds Auctioneers for $1.05 million (plus buyer’s premium), the highest price yet for an Australian-made road car. The previous title holder was a Falcon GTHO Phase III, once owned by cricketing legend Jeff Thomson. It sold for $1.03 million plus fee in 2018. Just four W1 Maloos were built in 2017, each of which was offered to high-ranking HSV staff or elite customers. The only W1 Maloo finished in HSV’s Light My Fire gold was subject to a bidding frenzy in the weeks leading up the hammer falling, though just $15,000 was…

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under new management

LAST August, we spoke to Lance Warren just days after his purchase of Heathcote Park Raceway. The sale was settled on 31 December, and since then Lance and a dedicated crew have been working tirelessly on breathing life into the iconic venue. “We’ve only had four weeks here and the place is already looking so clean,” Lance says. “We’ve achieved a shitload.” The staging area has been torn up and resurfaced with fresh bitumen, while the less-than-reliable timing boards have been made functional. An entirely new Compulink system and tree are being installed, replacing the old insect-infested set-up. “Every day it’s a bit of a mystery with what we find around the track!” Lance laughs. Wall-to-wall track prep has also been completed, stripping three decades of rubber and debris from the…

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brad zammit

MORE than a decade after gracing the cover of our February 2010 issue, Sydney’s Brad Zammit brought his epic PROGAS LC Torana to Summernats Slam, along with this super-cool, V8-swapped LC GTR tribute. We caught up with him to find out where the Chrome Yellow toughie came from and see what the latest is with PROGAS. What a cool rig! What’s the story with this Torry? The yellow LC is a street car I bought about three years ago. I got it off Kris Velkovski, as I saw he had it for sale at Summernats. I just wanted a nice, tidy street car, because I had one back in 2000 with a small-block Chev, and I love that style of car. When the prices of early Toranas started going through the roof,…

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gone in 60 seconds 2000

MODELLED on the legendary 1974 HB Halicki flick of the same name, the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds is slick and fast-paced, boasts a star-studded cast, and has plenty of very cool cars. Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines (Cage) is a former high-end car thief brought back into the fold when his younger brother, the greasy and ungrateful Kip (Ribisi), finds himself in deep shit with local gangster Raymond Calitri (Eccleston). Kip’s loose attitude has seen him fail to deliver a shipment of 50 specific cars for one of Calitri’s clients, and it’s now up to Memphis to steal these cars by a strict deadline, or Kip will be killed. Memphis reassembles his old crew – Donny (McBride), The Sphinx (Jones) and Sway (Jolie) – for the boost, using the resto workshop…

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Write to: Your Stuff, Street Machine, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Vic 3166 or email Make sure you include your address (not necessarily for publication). Keep it short and sweet! LETTER OF THE MONTH THE BEST MEDICINE EVER since my dad, Gavin, was young, he’s lived and breathed anything cars. He had a Holden Premier back when he was in his 20s. He also helped to rebuild a 1973 HQ Holden Kingswood wagon, and he wanted one since that moment. In his 30s he got the opportunity to buy the wagon he helped rebuild – that was a big deal for my dad! He took this car to shows and was in a car club in Rockhampton. He also let me use it as my wedding car, which was very special to me. My dad…