Street Machine June 2021

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HOW about Rockynats, eh? I didn’t get there myself, but after reading and hearing all about it from plenty of people who did, it seems like it was an absolute party, despite some very challenging circumstances. It must have been a real pressure-cooker situation for organisers, with the Queensland coronavirus outbreak threatening to derail the whole kit and kaboodle just days out, so congratulations to the Out There Productions crew for keeping the throttle pinned and making the inaugural Rockynats happen in a COVID-safe manner. DESPITE THE QUEENSLAND COVID OUTBREAK THREATENING TO DERAIL THE WHOLE EVENT JUST DAYS OUT, ROCKYNATS WAS AN ABSOLUTE PARTY There’s a bit of a Rockynats theme this issue, actually. Aside from the meaty feature on the event itself from page 42, this issue’s cover car, Graham Miller’s…

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drag challenge gets zapped!

WITH A record 294 entries, this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge will be the biggest ever – and it’s set to get even bigger. Legendary Western Australian drag racer and 11-time national Doorslammer champion, John Zappia, has thrown his hat in the ring! Yep, that John Zappia. Needless to say, John won’t be strapping a set of plates to Zap’s Rat and heading over to Calder. While he might get away with that at Hot Rod Drag Week, it probably wouldn’t go down too well here in Oz. He will be bringing the race car across for some east coast events after DC, but his chariot during our five-day street car torture test will be a VP ute that he’s owned for some 20 years. “It started off as a hot 308…

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hot gossip

HOT WHEELS WINNER! CONGRATS to Shannon Heraud, whose blown 253-powered Escort was chosen to be Australia’s representative in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour semi-finals. The Esky will now go head-to-head with cars from around the globe for the honour of being inducted into the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends – and being turned into a die-cast model! The Kiwi winner was Mark Strawbridge and his race-style Mazda 616. You can watch the judging at CUSTOMS 4 CANCER CAMARO AFTER successfully acquiring and raffling off the ex-Cooper Zahabi Chevy Nova to raise much-needed funds for the good folk at the Cancer Council, the gang at Customs 4 Cancer has teamed up with Moits Motorcars to build their next giveaway car from scratch! It’s a super-exciting project, too – a first-gen Camaro underpinned by…

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nsw classic vehicle scheme explained

IT HAS been five years since NSW Roads & Maritime Services introduced a new form of conditional registration tailored to modified classic cars. While it doesn’t suit everyone, it is a great thing for our sport, allowing street machiners to register their cars for 60 days a year at a hefty discount. Previously, drivers of stock-standard historic vehicles were catered for, as were street rodders. Street machiners, however, were stuck in no man’s land. Now, we can save around $1000 a year on our rego if we choose – winning! Nevertheless, the scheme is still the subject of significant confusion, so let’s put some of that to bed right now. For starters, some folks have trouble getting their heads around the difference between the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and the Classic Vehicle Scheme…

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dave sultana

DAVE Sultana’s LJ Torana coupe was one of the cleanest cars to be found at the South Coast 660 in Portland earlier this year. Between Dave’s runs in the Super Sedan class, we found time to chat about the car’s build process and its racing career so far. How did you come to own the LJ, Dave? I’ve had the car for 10 years. I bought it as a wreck out of somebody’s front yard with the intention to just make it a stockie, but once I started opening doors and looking under the carpet, I found lots of rust. And the more I looked, the more I found! So I decided to change direction. What did that entail? One thing led to another. First, we put the car on a rotisserie and sandblasted…

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mark parsons

LAST issue we delved into Mark Parsons’s formative cruising years in the late 1970s and early 80s, but this time ’round we explore the later 1980s as Australia’s street machine scene was really coming of age and Mark’s builds evolved with the styles of that time. But wait, there’s more! Yep, Mark reckons we haven’t even got to the good stuff yet, which we will cover in the ensuing months. 01: “I DON’T know why I built this; it kind of happened by accident,” Mark says of his one-of-a-kind MkII Cortina. “I was working at Gordon Leven Tyre & Mechanical in Sydney and stumbled across a 186S engine lying out the back. An old mechanic who worked there said he had race pistons and conrods, a Yella Terra head and all…