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August 2020

Successful Farming magazine serves the diverse business, production, and family information needs of families who make farming and ranching their business. Get Successful Farming digital magazine subscription today and learn how to make money, save time, and grow your satisfaction in the farming business. True to its name, Successful Farming magazine is all about success. Every issue is packed with ideas readers can take right to the field, barn, shop, and office to increase their profit and to position their farming business for growth and success in the competitive and global industry of agriculture.

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alexa, open "successful farming live"

If you want something, just ask. In these smart, always-on days of innovation, we’ve gotten used to asking Siri a question. Get “Successful Farming Live” from Alexa here. Get the Google Home version of “Successful Farming Live” here. Voice activation like this is all around us. Today, more than half of Google searches are done by voice on a smartphone. That’s one reason why Successful Farming has been so focused on delivering audio content to you for years: through our weekday Successful Farming Radio program; on our two podcasts; in an Amazon Flash Briefing; and now, we’re delivered a new way to get commodities prices. It’s called an Alexa Skill, or with Google Home, it’s called an Action. It’s as simple as asking your smart speaker, "Alexa, open Successful Farming Live." On Google, you…

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they said it

“Scouting is becoming more important.”Weather volatility makes it difficult to predict which diseases will be a problem, p. 30“SO FAR, WE’VE BEEN VERY FORTUNATE TO MAKE CROPS AND STAY IN THE HUNT.”Auburn University graduate farms with his dad in northern Alabama, p. 9“NO ONE WANTS A PIECE OF PIE LIKE THAT.”Other types of tillage cause more soil disturbance than does the clean slice of vertical tillage, p. 34“With a drone I can spray soon after it rains, while a big ground rig cannot.”Also, using aerial imagery, you only spray the trouble spots, p. 29“I am extremely grateful that the fair went out of its way so we could still show off and sell our projects.”Local fairs work out ways for youth to complete their work with show animals in 2020,…

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ranveer chandra

A few years ago a study looked at a number of sectors and where they were in digital transformation. “It was clear agriculture was lagging,” says Ranveer Chandra, chief scientist, Microsoft Azure Global. “One of the biggest reasons it has been lagging is because it doesn’t have the right data to drive the transformation.” With its approach, Microsoft tries to bridge the gap. “We can push the boundaries with initiatives like FarmBeats to drive agriculture’s digital transformation,” he says. Successful Farming sat down with the computer scientist to learn more about the tech giant’s growing presence in agriculture. SF: Why is Microsoft becoming more visible in agriculture? RC: Many of the grower’s decisions are based on guesswork today. By capturing large amounts of data from the farm and then using artificial intelligence (AI) and…

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jessie hobbs

Jessie Hobbs raises more than a half dozen different crops in Alabama and Tennessee with his family. He and his wife, Amanda, are raising their four children at the family farm’s headquarters in Elkmont, Alabama. SF: Tell me about your farm. JH: We’ve increased in size a little bit, maybe 5% or 10% over the last few years. Our area has had a huge expansion with the auto industry. There’s a $300 million facility going in in the southern part of the county, so that’s going to make land prices go up higher, as well as rent and everything involved. But that’s all part of it. We still try to do a three-way rotation of corn, cotton, and wheat. We always follow the wheat with double-crop soybeans. So far, we’ve been very fortunate…

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consider these august financial chores

In the western Corn Belt, some farmers head to northern Minnesota in August to fish. It’s a good time to escape. The crops are maturing and usually need no attention from you. But before you go on vacation, you may have important financial chores to finish. Earlier this summer, Iowa State University farm management specialist Steve Johnson pointed out two key trends for the corn crop. First, in one marketing webinar he featured a slide of a bear wandering through an eastern Iowa field. That illustrates the fundamental forces in the corn market pretty well: burdensome old-crop stocks, an economy not burning enough corn ethanol, and a huge new corn crop mostly escaping drought. Second, when Johnson showed his estimates of corn costs and returns for the 2020 crop, roughly $95 an acre comes…

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plugging along

Bolstered by billions of dollars in coronavirus cash from the USDA, fewer farmers are worried about the impact of the pandemic on their farms at the same time rural lender CoBank says rural America may have the advantage over cities in recovery from the economic slowdown. Job losses were smaller and lockdowns shorter in rural areas. Coronavirus cases per capita in rural areas were roughly half the urban rate. “Low population density is now vital for economic resilience in the face of COVID-19,” said CoBank vice president Dan Kowalski in a July report. The pandemic “dealt an economically devastating hand to nearly the whole country – metro and nonmetro alike. But economic recovery may now favor rural communities for the first time in many years.” A Purdue poll released last month found…