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Australia's favourite tech mag, packed with the hottest kit, latest reviews, and in-depth features. Whether you're looking to make a purchase or just read about the latest developments in tech, T3 is an essential read. Our motto is 'Life's better with T3', and we genuinely believe that.

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HP OMEN 17 Over the last year, the sheer elation and escapism of gaming has really come into its own. But components shortages have made building your own gaming rig nigh on impossible. Fortunately, gaming laptops have become a great alternative, combining top-tier specs with portability. Case in point: the HP Omen 17. Available with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, it will make any AAA title gleam, while its max 32GB of RAM and Intel Core i7-11800H processor will absolutely shred any task you can think of. Additionally, its 165Hz QHD display with 3ms response time and Wi-Fi 6E compatibility make lag virtually non-existent – helping you waste any opponent. And HP isn’t only thinking about the short term: its RAM and SSD are easily upgradeable, while its keyboard…

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editor’s letter

Aaaand... it’s lockdown. Again. Oh great. As the nasty Delta variant sends us back to our home-prisons, what is a tech fan with worsening cabin fever to do? How about this - dive deep into this fabulous issue of T3 and figure out just what goodies inside you need to make life a bit more interesting. I’m talking about the T3 Awards. We’ve spent the last few months testing all of the outstanding devices available, from tremendous top-tier TVs to superb smartphones, all so we can bring you the absolute gold-standard of gadgets. And, for the first time ever, we’re also celebrating the products transforming the way we work with our Working from Home Heroes. Everything here is, we do very much believe, the best of the best. Choosing what won was a…

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t3 ’s mission

Our mission is to bring you the clearest recommendations we can – and that means a great deal of hard work happens before a product even reaches our pages! Because we only feature products the T3 team would happily use ourselves, we end up discarding a significant number of options in each category before settling on a final shortlist to review. We select only the best of the best for our Tested section; the gear we know you’ll want to seriously consider purchasing. And that should mean an end to you having to undertake hours of painstaking research and product comparisons. You won’t see any duff products, but you will come away with clarity on which one is the best in its category or for a specific task: our awards badges (see…

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1 SAMSUNG GALAXY BOOK PRO From $2,000, samsung.com Every so often a company looks at an established market sector and asks why it is the way it is. With the Galaxy Book Pro, Samsung has narrowed its eyes at laptops, and determined that these things just aren’t mobile enough by half. And that doesn’t just mean portable; with the Galaxy Book Pro (and the Pro 360, its flip-top cousin) Samsung is tapping into its considerable experience with smartphones and transferring some likely technology across. This is not a hybrid as such – the ARM CPU of the thin and light Galaxy Book S is gone, replaced by a slightly more Windows-friendly PC processor – but the DNA of phones is there in the super-thin AMOLED display, in the incredibly skinny case design, in…

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more dyson deliciousness

DYSON OMNI-GLIDE While the V15 Detect is hardly hefty, this is the lightest and most manoeuvrable Dyson has ever made. It zips around like an eel, cleaning surfaces and flooring with aplomb. Your hard-to-reach places are now… not so hard. $599, dyson.com.au DYSON PURE HOT + COOL FORMALDEHYDE The brand’s latest and greatest fan is also an air purifier, is also a heater. And, as the name unsubtly suggests, it can also deal with formaldehyde. This noxious gas is given off by plastics, paints and cleaning products and is notoriously hard to detect. $999, dyson.com.au DYSON 360 HEURIST An older bit of Dyson tech, this robot maps its way around your home with its one Cyclopian eye. Cleaning power is noticeably stronger than most robots and the full-width brush bar means it’s a true edge lord. $TBC, dyson.com.au…

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fighting the invisible enemy

Dyson has several new vacs in the shops right now but the one everyone is talking about is the V15 Detect ($1,399, dyson.com.au), aka ‘The one with a laser in it’. Contrary to what you might think, this laser is not there in order to give a disco nightclub vibe to your cleaning. No, it is there to detect dust and, we have to say, it works almost too well. As usual Dyson has decided to go the extra yard by using a laser rather than a headlight. We’ve been using the V15 Detect for a month now and it definitely is more effective at making hitherto invisible dust, dirt, filth and scum all too visible. The shimmering green laser that Dyson has fitted out the hardfloor-cleaning, ‘fluffy’ head with not only…