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Australia's favourite tech mag, packed with the hottest kit, latest reviews, and in-depth features. Whether you're looking to make a purchase or just read about the latest developments in tech, T3 is an essential read. Our motto is 'Life's better with T3', and we genuinely believe that.

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The 1959 Porsche 356 Speedster is one of history’s most-loved sports cars, and this handsome boat is modelled on the look of that iconic Porsche, as well as ‘Gentleman’s Runabout’ boats from the 1930s. The Hermes Speedster fits five, and will glide through water up to a maximum speed of 45mph. The boat is crafted by architect Nicolas Politis and team in Greece, and has a convertible roof to protect you during different types of weather. If you’ll be driving it through colder months, you have the option of adding heating too. The Hermes Speedster has a low centre of gravity to boost stability on open water, and can carve through the water with a 72-degree access angle. That, combined with a hydrodynamic underwater hull, keeps the boat powering smoothly…

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the 2020 good news

After spending a red hot week at the famous Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, the T3 team was easily able to put together this issue’s main feature. Joyously easy, in fact. Our Gadgets Wishlist is a fine and hopefully inspiring list of gear and goodies that we’re especially excited about. We’ve tried very hard to spread things around and include bits that cover many different types of gadgets, as well as a whole lot that we don’t mind admitting we don’t actually need – but very much do want! And I wonder. Was CES 2020 the last actual tech event that the T3 team will attend this year? We were all hyped for the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona (which everyone else on the team seems to have been…

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t3 ’s mission

T3’s mission is to help you find the best products for every area of your tech lifestyle. From traditional gadget buys like phones and TVs to connected home security and sports sensors, if it can make your life better, we’re here to make sure you get the right one for you. The products we feature are chosen by our expert writers, with years of experience in their key areas. We wouldn’t recommend something we wouldn’t be happy to live with ourselves – the tat is filtered out long before we print a page. This goes for reviews too – you won’t us wasting your time with products you don’t need to know about. More than that, our aim is to make sure you get the most out of the things you buy,…

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1 LENOVO THINKPAD X1 FOLD From $3,700 (approx), lenovo.com Lenovo is preparing to launch what it’s touting as “the world’s first foldable PC”. The result of a four-year collaboration with LG Display, and first unveiled as a prototype last summer, the ThinkPad X1 Fold is a (literally) flexible device that marries advanced multimedia capability with smartphone portability. Built with lightweight alloys/carbon fibre and sheathed in a smart leather cover, it can be folded out flat into tablet form, its vivid 13.3-inch OLED display and Dolby Audio technology making it a dream for watching movies or box sets on the go. Or, if you need to do some work, you can fold it into a right angle, flip down the optional Fold Stand and use it like a laptop, Lenovo’s mode-switching software automatically adapting…

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dog walking gear

MUCK ORIGINAL ARCTIC OUTPOST LACE-UP BOOTS Vibram’s Arctic Grip soles stick to icy and slippery surfaces with aplomb, leaving you free to enjoy long strolls with your furry friend. $390, muckbootcompany.com TRACTIVE GPS TRACKER FOR DOGS No owner enjoys the sight of a rapidly-vanishing pooch. Keep tabs on your dog by attaching this sub-30g waterproof collar, rendering them fully trackable via the app for up to five days. $95, amazon.com.au OSPREY TROPOS With 34L of space there’s more pockets and spaces in the Tropos than you could possibly have things. Plus it’ll swallow a mega 17in laptop. There’s an Airspeed ventilation system to keep things cool plus an integrated kickstand. The Tropos is everything you need in a daily commuter or weekend hiker. $169, osprey.com/au/en…

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scarpa arpia

$239, www.outdooragencies.com.au Shoes are the most important piece of climbing kit to get absolutely right, and are basically all you need to get started in the sport. Usually they’re hilariously expensive, as they need to work naturally acting essentially as a robust, rubber-clad skin for your foot. The Scarpa Arpia nestle themselves in that lucritive space between beginning and intermediate climbers who are comfortable on the wall, and are looking to build on learned skills to push themselves further in their first “performance” shoes. For the most part, the Arpia deliver well. Build quality is classic Scarpa i.e. bombproof. There’s a micro-fibre and suede upper to keep everything comfy, while the V-Tension active band and Velcro Wave-closure keep the shoe form-fit and as snug as you like. For performance, there’s a…