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Australia's favourite tech mag, packed with the hottest kit, latest reviews, and in-depth features. Whether you're looking to make a purchase or just read about the latest developments in tech, T3 is an essential read. Our motto is 'Life's better with T3', and we genuinely believe that.

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editor’s letter

The summer warmth is here and 2020 is nearly over. Always good to start with the positives, isn’t it? Setting aside the weather and looking past this madhouse of a year, we’ve been scouring the undergrowth to find all the delectable audiovisual treats you need to see you through in our new home cinema guide. Whatever your dream setup is, we’ve got you covered. Replicate the true cinema experience – sans sticky floors and COVID risk – with an 8K projector and 7.2.4 surround system. Upgrade your setup with the latest OLED TV and a Dolby Atmos soundbar. Or complement the next-gen console you’ve pre-ordered with an 120Hz, variable-refresh-rate screen. Sort yourself a new tablet or phone, and get something you’ll love without busting the budget. We’ve got guides for those, too. My…

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t3 ’s mission

T3’s mission is to help you find the best products for every area of your tech lifestyle. From traditional gadget buys like phones and TVs to connected home security and sports sensors, if it can make your life better, we’re here to make sure you get the right one for you. The products we feature are chosen by our expert writers, with years of experience in their key areas. We wouldn’t recommend something we wouldn’t be happy to live with ourselves – the tat is filtered out long before we print a page. This goes for reviews too – you won’t us wasting your time with products you don’t need to know about. More than that, our aim is to make sure you get the most out of the things you buy,…

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1iPHONE 12 From $1,199 (iPhone 12 mini) $1,349 (iPhone 12) apple.com/au Leave it to Apple to go big. Where Google’s Pixel 5 elicited, if we’re honest, a bit of a shrug, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 12 – and its attendant mini, Pro and Pro Max variants – caused a stir for all the right reasons. Reasons like the company bringing the ludicrously fast A14 Bionic processor from the iPad Air 4 into a phone form factor, or finally (finally!) giving the iPhone 5G capabilities with, suggests Apple, cover for more 5G bands than any other phone. Reasons like the seven-element rear camera, and the return of Apple’s MagSafe branding in the iPhone 12’s auto-aligning, extra-efficient Qi charging setup. The flat-edged design more than hints at the classic metal frame of the iPhone…

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the hottest timepieces right now

RESERVOIR, IDEC SPORT EDITION 2020 Every one of these robust and eye-catching 24 limited edition watches will be installed in the toolbox of the LMP2 IDEC Sport racing car as it competes in Le Mans 2020. $TBA, reservoir-watch.com CHRISTOPHER WARD, C65 SUPER COMPRESSOR Featuring a complex case design that increases in strength and integrity with depth, becoming even more water-tight as you dive, this is the first true Super Compressor made in nearly a half-century. $859, christopherward.com TISSOT, SUPERSPORT CHRONOGRAPH TDF 2020 This chronograph features the official colours of the Tour de France, and its four large hands make it easy to tell the time... even when racing along at high speed riding a top-of-the-range bike. $572, tissotwatches.com SWATCH X BAPE, TOKYO MULTI CAMO Bathing Ape provides its disruptive and unconventional flair, while Swatch brings in its innovative watchmaking skills.…

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premium trail running gear

ADIDAS TERREX SPEED LD The Adidas Terrex Speed LD has a breathable and abrasion-resistant dope-dyed mesh upper. Underfoot, the Continental outsole provides a grip and responsiveness on varied terrain. $180, adidas.com.au ROCKAY RAZER TRAIL SOCKS For every Rockay Razer purchased, the company removes 125g of plastic waste from the ocean. Also, if you get blisters running in them, Rockay will either refund you or replace the socks. $40, rockay.com NIKE AEROBILL TAILWIND RUNNING CAP The Nike AeroBill Tailwind Running Cap features laser perforations for ‘optimised breathability’ on the front and side panels and it is also made from at least 50% recycled polyester fabric. Get in. $35, nike.com…

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ticker time

Everyone knows it’s important to look after their mental and physical health but, up until very recently, monitoring heart health and sleeping disturbances required multiple trips to the GP and carrying a wearable ECG device. It all changed with the advent of health smartwatches, making the process way more convenient than ever before. Developed by cardiologists and sleep experts, the Withings ScanWatch (from $450, withings.com) is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to detect both atrial fibrillation (AFib) and overnight breathing disturbances. AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm that is often underdiagnosed, while sleep apnea affects up to one billion people worldwide. As well as monitoring heart health and sleep disturbances, the Withings ScanWatch can also track parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, workout routes (via GPS) and…