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Australia's favourite tech mag, packed with the hottest kit, latest reviews, and in-depth features. Whether you're looking to make a purchase or just read about the latest developments in tech, T3 is an essential read. Our motto is 'Life's better with T3', and we genuinely believe that.

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editor’s letter

Thanks to the economic wonder that drives this modern world, pretty much every new day sees gadgets and tech toys and tools released upon the free market, for you to buy and use until they break, get lost, or are superseded. T3’s function in all this is to appraise it all and report to you, our dearest reader, just what to chase down like a hound on a fox, and what to avoid like a face mask in Florida. It is a noble and often arduous endeavour, and we’re as addicted to cool new gear as you are, so the symbiotic circle is complete. Thus, in the following pages are hundreds of the finest mostly electrically powered things that are nice to own. Almost all we have personally tested, so you can…

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t3 ’s mission

T3’s mission is to help you find the best products for every area of your tech lifestyle. From traditional gadget buys like phones and TVs to connected home security and sports sensors, if it can make your life better, we’re here to make sure you get the right one for you. The products we feature are chosen by our expert writers, with years of experience in their key areas. We wouldn’t recommend something we wouldn’t be happy to live with ourselves – the tat is filtered out long before we print a page. This goes for reviews too – you won’t us wasting your time with products you don’t need to know about. More than that, our aim is to make sure you get the most out of the things you buy,…

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1 PHILIPS 9636 PREMIUM $TBC, philips.com.au Philips’ TV division has been growing fast in recent years. The company’s patented Ambilight tech allows it to offer something completely unique to the market, its partnership with Bowers & Wilkins adds solid audio offerings to its TV lineup, and there’s no shortage of exploration in the design department, which is something of a rarity in a sea of black rectangle TVs. Now Philips seems to be placing itself directly ahead of the curve: its latest LCD TV salvo, due in the summer alongside a raft of OLEDs, totes mini LED tech. Dropping at two sizes, really big (65-inch) and probably too big (75-inch), the top-end 9636 Premium (to be released alongside the same-sized but slightly downgraded 9506 Premium) certainly packs in the features, pairing the mini…

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the bomb squad

1 REISS WARREN WOOL BLEND ZIP UP JACKET A tailored bomber that passes as a smart overshirt. Reiss has crafted it from a sumptuous blend of wool-infused fabrics, with a heavier weight to rest over jumpers. $475, reiss.com 2 OLIVER SPENCER FUNNEL NECK BOMBER JACKET Patterned bombers are a hot ticket for spring, but if bold prints bring you out in hives, play it safe with this toasty-warm, basket-woven wool camo bomber. $600, oliverspencer.co.uk 3 SHEARLING-TRIMMED COTTON-BLEND TWILL JACKET We love the warm, snug collar on this jacket. The overall look is smart and crisp, but navy isn’t as severe or dressy as black, so this will work with jeans too. $525, mrporter.com 4 TED BAKER UTILITY BOMBER JACKET Nab Ted’s bomber and you’ll be nailing two big spring trends in one: utility and bombers. It’s windproof and water-resistant, with…

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the hottest timepieces right now

ZENITH, CHRONOMASTER REVIVAL A385 One of the most emblematic El Primero chronographs, the A385 made headlines in 1970 when it was strapped to a Boeing 707’s landing gear on a flight from Paris to New York. $12,200, zenith-watches.com ROLEX, OYSTER PERPETUAL 41 The Oyster Perpetual range has been completely revised, with a new 41mm model featuring a silver, sunray-finish dial graced with hands and hour markers in 18ct yellow gold. $11,000, rolex.com MAURICE LACROIX, AIKON AUTOMATIC LIMITED EDITION LABEL NOIR Developed in collaboration with Geneva-based watchmaker Label Noir, the piece plays with shades of black and anthracite, and features a lacquered matte grey dial. $TBA, mauricelacroix.com Q TIMEX, MARMONT 1975 REISSUE Featuring a stainless-steel case, plated gold-tone finish, and unique case design, this is a refined watch retaining every ounce of soul and character from the era that inspired it. US$169,…

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money no object

Ageing skin is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down. LED face masks have been a thing in America for quite some time, but now they’re infiltrating our shores with promises of plumper, more supple and less crinkly skin. One of the latest LED face masks to whip folks into frenzy is the Boost LED Face Mask, winner of Selfridges’ prestigious Best Beauty Gadget award 2020 (we have to say though, it does look like something Michael Myers might wear). Strange looks aside, the Boost LED Face Mask is designed to deliver clinically-proven red and near-infrared wavelengths that help plump, hydrate and calm your skin. In other words, your skin should appear younger and more dewy, and feel less dry and irritated.…