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Tactical Life April/May 2021

TACTICAL WEAPONS is the complete source for military, law enforcement and general shooting enthusiasts firepower - past, present and future. Published four times a year, each issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS is packed wiith exclusive guns-of-the-elite reviews on shotguns, combat handguns, battle rifles and long range precision weaponry, SWAT and personal defense tactics, reports from the front lines of GWOT and US Border Patrol, high-tech hardware and much more. TACTICAL WEAPONS is an absolutely essential piece of kit to keep you well armed, well informed and completely ready for duty!

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usa and 2a strong

“THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS.” Thomas Paine’s words seem as relevant today as they did back in 1775. As gun owners and general Constitution-respecting Americans, we seem to be under attack in nearly every aspect of our lives. To compound that, we are now suffering though political turmoil, complete with a new anti-gun administration sure to push its gun-control schemes for the next four years. It can be overwhelming to even the strongest among us. But faith still exists. We will undoubtedly still face challenges, but we are strong enough—both as individual gun owners and Americans—to weather them. We know that the anti-gun crowd is far from done with their attempts to diminish our rights, yet we still fight them at every turn. This applies to challenges to other…

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gear up!

5.11 TACTICAL RUSH 2.0 BACKPACK The Rush 2.0 Transition backpacks from 5.11 tactical come in three sizes and feature a padded laptop compartment, a concealed carry compartment and a larger eyewear/tech compartment. The exterior is made of rugged 1050D nylon in either black, doubletap, kangaroo or ranger green. The Rush12 has 24-liter capacity, the Rush24 has 37-liter capacity and the Rush72 has 55 liters of capacity. (511tactical.com) ALPS RENEGADE X Alps Outdoorz has expanded its line of X-series products for backcountry hunters with the introduction of the new Renegade X compression stuff sack. The Renegade X was developed to provide maximum water protection and content compression for backcountry adventurers to keep gear dry and secure. Constructed of 70D nylon ripstop, the Renegade X features a special Air Control bottom fabric that allows air…

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queen rei

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT THE SHOOTING SPORTS AS A WHOLE IS A MALE-DOMINATED SPORT. As time progresses, and likely most evident in precision rifle shooting, that male domination has definitely become one of physical numbers more so than of skill, capability and knowledge. With many years of pistol and carbine training under my belt, starting back in 2005, I became accustomed to the Boy’s Club. And, with the extensive knowledge I garnered and skills I developed, I enjoyed being able to perform at high levels, if not higher than average. While that was the norm many years ago, it’s light years from that way now. Now I have to accept that if I decide to show up at a precision rifle match or training, the likelihood of a 13-year-old girl…

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may the force center be with you

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the first open-house event for one of the largest privately-owned tactical training facilities in the Southeast United States, FORCE Center. The FORCE (Forward Operational Readiness Center) comprises the former 1,200-acre Hendry Correctional complex located in Immokalee, Florida, which at one time housed just over 1,000 inmates. In June 2011 it was purchased by a group of investors and converted into a state-of-the-art tactical training facility. Early 2019 is when FORCE was created, and a new team of investors and defense industry professionals came together to put this place on the map and re-invest into the infrastructure that this facility deserves. The open-house event held, in late August, was just that, designed to show off all of the improvements, infrastructure advancements and to meet the…

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performance duty pistol

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 11 years since Walther launched their popular PPQ pistol. I am dating myself, but I remember working with it just before release and thought it was a pretty darn solid shooter. A decade and change later, Walther has taken all their customer feedback, mixed it with their engineering prowess and created the Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) 9mm. Using the PPQ as a base, Walther has launched three versions of the new gun—4-, 4.5- and the one I am most interested in, the 5-inch-barrelled model. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the new PDP full size during the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Driggs, Idaho. Walther brought a variety of guns to peruse, but I only had eyes…

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b&t’s apc9k pro

Since WWI, organized crime, anarchism, terrorism, wars and other forms of violence have presented ever more complex and difficult challenges for personal security in a world that has become increasingly overpopulated and urbanized. Sadly, great grandpa’s .38 revolver just doesn’t have the deterrent value or firepower to deal with many of these threats. To confront these challenges, firearms manufacturers have developed smaller-size enhanced personal firearms (EPFs) to meet the need for greater effectiveness in close-range engagements. EPFs are high-capacity pistols and carbines chambered for pistol cartridges. They offer a higher ammunition capacity and greater effective range than most sidearms. Early EPFs like the German MP18 submachine gun were used to clear trenches late in WWI. A generation later, EPFs like the MP40, the Sten Gun, the PPS 43 and the M3…