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Tactical Life August/September 2021

TACTICAL WEAPONS is the complete source for military, law enforcement and general shooting enthusiasts firepower - past, present and future. Published four times a year, each issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS is packed wiith exclusive guns-of-the-elite reviews on shotguns, combat handguns, battle rifles and long range precision weaponry, SWAT and personal defense tactics, reports from the front lines of GWOT and US Border Patrol, high-tech hardware and much more. TACTICAL WEAPONS is an absolutely essential piece of kit to keep you well armed, well informed and completely ready for duty!

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welcome patriots

We’re glad you’ve joined us for our latest issue of Tactical Life, the magazine for hard-core gun enthusiasts and self-defense practitioners like you who want the very latest news and reviews on weapons, training and accessories. We think we’ve put together an eclectic mix of editorial and hope you enjoy the time you spend with it! In our continuing effort to always honor those who serve in our military and law enforcement, check out Rob Garrett’s “Road Trip” to the National Infantry Museum on page 18. It’s the Army’s largest museum, featuring three levels and six incredible galleries—all honoring those who bought our freedom through their hardfought efforts in the Army Infantry. We also give you a behind-the-scenes look at the U.S. Army’s top Rangers in Fred Mastison’s “Best Ranger 2021”…

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gear up!

COLT ANACONDA After a lengthy absence, Colt has brought back the big snake. The Anaconda is a six-round, large-frame, U.S.-forged stainless steel double-action revolver chambered in the potent .44 Magnum cartridge. The revolver’s iconic profile comes from the full-lug, ventilated rib barrel, available in 6-and 8-inch lengths. The leaf-spring action provides a non-stacking, smooth-as-glass trigger pull, and Hogue overmolded grips are interchangeable with all Colt Python grips. Additionally, the sights are elevation and windage adjustable, and interchangeable with a simple Allen key. (colt.com) BROWNING RECOIL HAWG Browning touts their new Recoil Hawg muzzle brake as one of the best in the industry. According to company literature, the brake devours felt recoil and muzzle jump, having been shown to reduce recoil up to a whopping 73 percent (depending on the caliber). Specially designed directional…

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silence of the guns

First developed by Hiram Percy Maxim in 1902, the suppressor gained instant popularity. Marketed as a “silencer,” the device’s sole purpose was to protect shooters from hearing loss and to reduce noise pollution. In the early years, the silencer was a mail-order hearing safety device and available to anyone. This drastically changed during the late 1920s and early 1930s due to the rising violent crime rate. Sadly, Maxim’s silencer became known as a “gangster weapon” to facilitate silent murders. Federal regulations were introduced in 1934 requiring registration and a $200 tax for each silencer sold to decrease sales and reduce crime. Sales drastically declined as very few people could meet such an astronomical cost at the time. In recent years, suppressor ownership has skyrocketed. As of February 2021, more than 2…

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the national infantry museum

“FOR OVER TWO CENTURIES I have kept our nation safe, purchasing freedom with my blood. To tyrants, I am the day of reckoning, to the oppressed, the hope for the future. Where the fighting is thick, there am I. I AM THE INFANTRY! FOLLOW ME!” This article is deeply personal to me. Not only is the National Infantry Museum in my hometown, but I have been directly involved in many memorable and historic events there. First, I must give credit to Michael Lewis who wrote an article in the Army’s NCO Journal in March of 2010. He titled his article, “Experiencing the Smithsonian of the Army.” I don’t think there are any better words to describe this “best in class” military museum. SOME HISTRY In order to fully appreciate the NIM, it is necessary…

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hotspots to hit

GREAT EATS Columbus is blessed with many eating establishments that deserve mention. However, space limits me to two of my favorites. MaBella Italian Steakhouse is one of three restaurants owned by entrepreneurs Buddy Nelms and Tom Jones. Located in an old telephone exchange building, it features an elegant atmosphere, an excellent bar and five-star service. Not only do they serve excellent Italian entrees but they also have the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. Dinglewood Pharmacy has been a Columbus fixture since 1918. As with many southern pharmacies, it features a “soda fountain” that serves the world famous scrambled dog. It was invented in the 1950s by head “chef” Lieutenant Stevens—his formal name, not a military title. It is a hot dog served in a dish and topped with chili, pickles, onions, cheese…

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tactical disneyland

“This is a training event that happens to also be a product launch!” With this statement, Bill Dermody, the marketing guru for HK-USA, kicked off a very unique event for the media. We were at West Orlando Firearms Training, a unique training facility located outside Groveland, Florida. Dermody had invited 12 or so media representatives to participate in a threeday training opportunity. What followed was a combination of fun, intense experiences and learning. THE 411 ON W.O.F.T. W.O.F.T. is a 20-acre facility that was founded by Philip Toppino, a self-confessed training junky, with a mission to keep him and his family safe. For several years, he traveled the country training with many of the most respected instructors in the industry. This gave him a broad experience in what was being offered, as…