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 / Food & Wine
Taste of the South

Taste of the South

March/April 2020

Taste of the South helps you savor the unique dishes, cooking personalities and culinary destinations of the South - and now you can enjoy every single page on your tablet! For readers who love Southern cooking or simply experimenting with new flavors, this magazine is a guidebook. Taste of the South is for those who have a passion for good food, at home and on the road. Every issue is a guide to Southern lifestyle.

United States
Hoffman Media
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8 Issues


1 min.
taste of the south

EDITORIAL EDITOR Daniel Schumacher MANAGING EDITOR Whitney Durrwachter FOOD EDITOR Sarah Ward ASSOCIATE EDITOR Georgia Clarke SENIOR COPY EDITOR Rhonda Lee Lother COPY EDITORS Meg Lundberg, Barbara McCarthy EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Daniel Dubuisson CREATIVE DIRECTOR/PHOTOGRAPHY Mac Jamieson SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER John O’Hagan PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Bathie, William Dickey, Nicole Du Bois, Stephanie Welbourne Steele SENIOR DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Delisa McDaniel DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Clark Densmore GROUP CREATIVE DIRECTOR Deanna Rippy Gardner ART DIRECTOR Cailyn Haynes SENIOR STYLIST Sidney Bragiel STYLISTS Caroline Blum, Courtni Bodiford, Lucy Finney, Mary Beth Jones, Melissa Smith, Dorothy Walton CONTRIBUTING STYLIST Beth K. Seeley TEST KITCHEN DIRECTOR Irene Yeh FOOD STYLISTS/RECIPE DEVELOPERS Laura Crandall, Kathleen Kanen, Tricia Manzanero, Vanessa Rocchio, Elizabeth Stringer, Taylor Franklin Wann ASSISTANT FOOD STYLIST/RECIPE DEVELOPER Anita Simpson Spain CONTRIBUTING FOOD STYLISTS/RECIPE DEVELOPERS Christina Brockman, Melissa Gray, Kellie Gerber Kelley, Erin Merhar DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING DIRECTOR Kristy Harrison MARKETING COORDINATOR Vicky Lewis SENIOR ONLINE EDITOR Courtney duQuesnay DIGITAL DESIGNER Stephanie Lambert ADMINISTRATIVE HUMAN RESOURCES…

2 min.
editor's letter

This will not come as a surprise for those who have been following Taste of the South lately: I am not an avid baker. I’m an enthusiastic consumer of baked goods, from biscuits and cornbread to simple Bundts and splendiferous layer cakes. I love them all, but cakes—particularly sheet cakes—are the sort of thing I will, from time to time, whip together. Sadly, I can’t claim to have baked the hulking behemoth pictured above. This essentially perfect carrot cake slice weighs in at about five pounds (50 for the whole thing), and for now you’ll have to travel to BRQ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to try it for yourself. If you’re not up for a road trip, don’t worry. We have plenty of baked goods in this issue, including a memorable Cream…

2 min.
dishing with kristen essig

Since moving to New Orleans, Louisiana, from Florida in the late 1990s, Chef Kristen Essig has worked tirelessly to forge deep connections with not only the city but also its rich and diverse restaurant culture. Her passion for Southern cuisine has brought about unique opportunities to join forces with other local stars, like her partner in business and life, Michael Stoltzfus, fellow owner of Coquette on Magazine Street. In partnership with Michael, she’s finally opened the doors to their highly anticipated new concept in the Lower Garden District, Thalia. Tell us a little bit about how you and Michael started working together. That’s actually more of our love story, if I’m honest. He had opened Coquette, and I was the executive chef for a large restaurant group in town. We used a…

1 min.
tastes & tools

1 SOUTHERN SOCKS ABCS OF SOUTHERN FOOD From fried chicken and cornbread to iced sweet tea and peach cobbler, 26 of the most iconic regional classics make an appearance on this Kentucky company’s “ABCs of Southern Food” poster. And if you weren’t hungry before, one look through them all would make any stomach rumble. Make it a gift for a youngster or even your favorite foodie. $30; southernsocks.com 2 QUEEN & COLONY BEE COMPANY TAMPA BAY RAW HONEY These Tampa Bay bee fanatics know that honey in its purest form is something to admire and savor. The natural pollens and enzymes in every batch make this raw honey a healthier and more delicious alternative to many store-bought varieties. $13.99 for 12 ounces; queenandcolony.com 3 VIRGINIA GOLD ROASTED PEANUT OIL Every bottle of this Virginia-made peanut…

3 min.
new + noteworthy

FIESTA | San Antonio, Texas | April 16–26, 2020 In 1891, a group of people paraded in central San Antonio to remember the momentous battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Over the past 120 years since, Fiesta has become one of Texas’ signature events, with more than 2.5 million people from around the world making their way to San Antonio each April to join in on the celebration of the city’s rich and diverse history. fiestasanantonio.org LA COSECHA | Washington, D.C. This massive new marketplace opened up in the acclaimed Union District Market, and it’s committed to celebrating and sharing Latin American culture in the South. Inside, you’ll find pop-up restaurants with menus representing all types of Hispanic cuisine, as well as a few vendors offering wines, clothing, and home goods. La…

6 min.

CARROTS grow throughout the South during two seasons—spring and fall. Growing during the cooler months means the plants will likely be hit by frost before harvest. This dip into icy temperatures encourages the plants to store sugars for later use, making the carrots sweet. While various hues of carrots—purple, red, yellow, and white—are commonly available in markets these days, orange are by far the most popular variety. Carrots get their rich orange color from high amounts of beta-carotene. This brightly colored part of the plant we most commonly eat is the taproot, though the greens are edible and make a delicious pesto or mixed greens salad. Smaller carrots are usually more tender and sweeter in taste, perfect for glazing or snacking. Larger carrots can be more fibrous and are best…