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that's life! Issue 23, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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It was one of those days. The sky was grey, it was drizzling, and I’d missed my train by one minute. Ugh! I eventually arrived at work, late, and headed straight to a meeting, I was feeling less than cheerful. But that all changed when Bec, who works at our company’s reception, gave me a big smile. Then, in her fabulous sing-song voice, she crooned at me, ‘thaaaat’s liiife!’. I could only laugh and smile right back at her. Bec is one of the people we all get to see each morning, because she sits at the front desk. And we’re often wondering what she’s going to be wearing in her hair that day. You see, not only is Bec wonderfully cheerful, she always looks it too. As well as…

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your life!

Visiting Australia Zoo for the first time, I was in awe of the size of it, and the wonderful attractions, displays and shows. Can’t wait to go back! Christina Hatzis, Yokine, WA DON’T I KNOW YOU? Mary and I met Josh Taylor from the TV show LEGO Masters at a science exhibition. Eliza Mahoney, Wynn Vale, SA My mum Cheryl and I enjoyed solving that’s life! puzzles at the pink Hutt Lagoon, WA. Eliza Lenton, Asquith, NSW Arabella, Nathaniel and Lilli etched their names onto a bottle at the Stubbie House in White Cliffs, while we were touring around NSW. Denise Galbraith, Revesby, NSW Four generations, starting with me at the back, my daughter Tracey, granddaughter Jamie and great-granddaughter Maddison! Lyn Baldacchino, Barrack Point, NSW Our son Leon, six, absolutely loves being a big brother to his baby sister, Amelia Isabella. Dominic…

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my boy was born back to front

Christine Doulkeridis, 35, Ashwood, Vic The silence seemed to drag on forever, as the sonographer scanned my belly. ‘And there’s the heartbeat,’ she smiled, as the rhythmic sound finally filled the room. My husband, Nick, then 41, and I exhaled with relief. I couldn’t help feeling anxious. A couple of years earlier, I’d suffered a late miscarriage, at 17 weeks, with my second daughter. We’d had a proper funeral for our darling baby girl, Olivia, and she was always in our thoughts. My eldest little girl, Stephanie, was now three, and we’d since gone on to have Zoe, one. But now that I was pregnant a fourth time, I couldn’t help feeling terrified that I might lose the baby. So far, so good, though. I was having scans every three weeks, and at each appointment, the doctor told me…

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killer tradie buried bodies in our backyard

Wrapping my dressing gown around me, I pulled open the window. ‘Would you like some tea?’ I called out to the backyard. It was a cool morning, and our gardener Bruce was pottering about. ‘That’d be great, thanks!’ he smiled, so I left a steaming cup on the porch. Bruce was the brother of my friend Sandra, who I’d known for years. She had emailed me a few weeks earlier and asked for a favour. You have a double garage, don’t you? Would you mind if Bruce used half of it to store his tools? Bruce, a father and grandfather, had a landscaping business, but was tired of lugging his lawnmower up the elevator into his high-rise apartment. My partner Ron, 71, and I were used to helping people, often volunteering, so I didn’t think twice. And, if he…

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the buzz

Corgis galore Corgi in the Garden is a cafe in Thailand and it’s the pawfect place for dog lovers. The Bangkok cafe houses 12 adorable corgis, and, for $11, customers can spend up to an hour snuggling with Butter, Dean, Blossom, Bluebell, Quinn and more. The idea for the cafe came after owner Tanchanok Kanawaong’s two dogs had puppies and she wanted to share the joy with others. Something blue Blue pigments we use today are artificial – created in science labs. But the last new shade, cobalt blue, was created back in 1802. Fast forward to 2009, a team of chemists led by Mas Subramanian, at Oregon State University, accidentally developed a colour now known as YInMn Blue. More than a decade later, the hue is available for artists and designers to…

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aussie community spirit we bought our local!

Mandy Walker, 44, Bolgart, WA Fancy popping down to the Bolgart for a beer, love?’ my husband, Richard, asked. ‘Let’s do it,’ I grinned. Sipping a cold beer amid the pub buzz, I breathed a happy sigh. For the past four years, we’d lived in Bolgart, a country town in WA. With just a corner store and a pub – the Bolgart Hotel – we relied on our local watering hole to meet people. Over the years, we headed there for a frothy a few times a week. A couple called Dick and Deb had owned the pub for the past 15 years, but now, reaching retirement, they were looking to sell. The hotel had opened way back in 1916, so the Bolgart had been the life and soul of the town for more than a century. Couples had…