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that's life! Issue 24, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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There are many people in our lives that we can’t do without. Our partners, family and friends for a start. Then there are all the health and essential workers – nurses, police, firies… the list goes on. But there is another group that may not be so visible, but are just as vital for our wellbeing as a community. They’re the millions of volunteers who live and work among us without any pay and, mostly, without fanfare. Our most recent census, five years ago, showed that 3.6 million Aussies had volunteered in the community in the previous year. That figure was half a million more than the previous census, in 2011. It’s highly likely that when our next census comes around, in just a couple of months, it’ll show there…

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your life!

Evelyn and Sylvia hugging a calf on their farm at Welshpool, Vic. Margaret Nicolson, Warrnambool, Vic With plans to renovate our bathroom in marble, can you imagine my surprise when I received this awesome marble-patterned amenities prize from that’s life! Janet Ballard, Broadford, Vic Zoe, three, was spoiled on her birthday with a little pawty. Lindsey Cowan, Mossman, Qld Cheyne and I had a relaxing weekend at Byron Bay. Elizabeth D, Bondi, NSW On a weekend drive, we passed through Williams, WA, and were welcomed by these sheep. Mary Blyth, Canning Vale, WA Arlo, two, enjoyed reading that’s life! magazine so much, he fell asleep with it in his hand. Simone Treacher, Upper Hutt, NZ Coralie has so much love for her niece Harper, six months. Susan Campbell, Birdwood, SA Nanny and Pa were very proud of granddaughter Annabelle, 17, who shone at her…

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little casper big dreams

Daisy Broadway, 27, Melbourne, Vic Squeezing my partner Justin’s hand, I felt a rush of excitement. It was our 12-week scan, and everything was going well. But then I saw the sonographer’s face fall. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘You need to speak to your GP,’ he said. We had an anxious wait, but a few days later, we finally sat in his office. There, we were told there was a possibility the baby might have Down syndrome. ‘We’ll do a test to see,’ the doctor explained. But when the results came back, they were negative. ‘It must have been a false alarm,’ Justin said. Still, our baby wasn’t measuring as it should, so the doctor recommended an ultrasound every week. Justin and I got excited – buying clothes and decorating the nursery. ‘You’re going to be a big brother,’ I told…

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i caught my husband abusing our girl

Glancing around the dinner table, I felt so lucky. It was April 2018, and my husband, Jon*, and I were celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary, so we’d taken our kids to the local RSL for a meal. Diagnosed with autism, they all struggled to communicate at times. I was especially worried about our teenage daughter, Jay*, who kept to herself and didn’t have many friends. After we found out she was being picked on at school, Jon had insisted our girl did distance education from home. He worked nights, so he helped me keep an eye on her during the day, and made sure she was on top of her schoolwork. One afternoon that August, we decided to watch a movie together as a family. While I gathered the younger kids in the lounge room, Jon took…

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rosie’s life-changing road trip

Trene Jones, 50, Auckland, NZ We can’t just leave her behind,’ I said, gazing at our tiny Maltese, Rosie, dozing on the sofa. ‘Of course not,’ said my husband Richard, 56. We were about to embark on the holiday of a lifetime – a six-month caravan trip around New Zealand. I’d recently been made redundant, while Richard was a self-employed electrician. We were both itching for some excitement and adventure. But how on earth would poor old Rosie fare, travelling with us? Almost 11 years old, she’d been the runt of the litter when we’d adopted her as a puppy, and was still small. We soon discovered Rosie made a perfect model Timid and reserved, Rosie was hardly a natural adventurer. Often, we’d carry her on walks, as she got tired easily. And, as she had barely any…

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when three’s not a crowd

Lilly, 32, Townsville, Qld* My sister Lucy and I are identical twins. We’d always been close and shared everything that we had. Over the years, we’d each had boyfriends, but it wasn’t until I met Rob, at 23, that I fell in love. Introducing him to Lucy, Rob was amazed. ‘It’s like seeing double!’ he cried. Luckily Lucy approved. ‘He’s perfect for you,’ she told me. A year later, I fell pregnant, and Rob swiftly proposed. We were thrilled when our twin boys arrived. One year after that, Lucy announced she, too, was pregnant. ‘How does your boyfriend feel about that?’ I asked, knowing they’d been a bit rocky for a while. ‘I broke up with him,’ she said. ‘I’ll do this on my own.’ Lucy also had twins – a boy and a girl. As we didn’t live far apart,…