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that's life! Issue 26, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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One of my favourite TV commercials of all time is the one where a little boy sitting in the back of the family car asks his dad, ‘Why did they make the Great Wall of China?’ The dad, clearly bamboozled, comes up with the fanciful – but very funny – response that it was built to keep the rabbits out because there were too many rabbits in China. Parents, grandparents and carers around the country will empathise with this father, stumbling to find an answer for his trusting son, with no option to turn to Google! My eldest grandson, Harley, four, keeps me and his grandad on our toes with his endless curly questions. On a sleepover recently, he’d climbed into our bed in the wee hours, and decided that…

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your life!

ME and my PET My granddaughter Jannalia and my little dog Charlie are great friends. Sandra Moyden, Inala, Qld I had a fun getaway to the Hunter Valley with sisters. Elizabeth P, Sydney, NSW I love looking at this pic of our honeymoon in Hawaii. Amy Macfarlane, Cheltenham, Vic Ella celebrated her second birthday! Her big sister Lexie, four, loves matching with her! Ashlee Diemar, Corlette, NSW DON’T I KNOW YOU? The lovely singer Conrad Sewell happily posed with my mother-in-law Inge and me when we ran into him at a cafe. Karen Jahn, Kings Langley, NSW Marion had a lovely day out at the Maritime Museum in Fremantle with her grandkids, Logan, 12, and Olivia, 15. Amy Chatterton, Carramar, WA WINNERS are grinners Thank you that’s life! for the leather bag prize! Trevor Collings, Oxenford, Qld Sybel on a break from a buggy ride at Granville Harbour,…

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drowning horror saved by his cousin

Chloe Farrell, 25, South Hedland, WA The sun was shining and sausages were sizzling on the grill. I was at a family barbecue with my three kids, Telillah, seven, Jordan Jr, five, and Marshall, three. Their aunty, Casey, 30, was there with her daughter, Zahara, 10. There were about 20 of us gathered for an afternoon of fun – and swimming. My three had jumped straight in the pool the moment we got there! Checking on them now, I saw Marshall was having a whale of a time, floating on a pool noodle. I was glad he was feeling better. He’d had a runny nose that morning and I’d planned to leave him at home with his dad, Jordan, 25. But Jordan had been called out to work, so Marshall came along with me. His limp…

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i found my long-lost family after 60 years

Dawn Spencer, 70, Hervey Bay, Qld My mum, Gwen, then 45, pottered around the kitchen, as I watched on. Aged 13, I was enjoying high school and loved learning new things. ‘A girl in my school said she was adopted today,’ I told Mum. ‘Do you know anyone who was adopted?’ I added, curious. Mum slowly turned around to face me, taking a deep breath. After a long pause, she finally answered. ‘You’re adopted, Dawn,’ she told me gently. ‘Your mum had you in the hospital but we took you home.’ I was adopted? But thinking about it, it made sense. I looked nothing like my big sister, Joyce, who was five years older than me – and who, Mum explained, was also adopted. She had olive skin and dark hair, while I was fair and blonde. Plus, I towered…

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my best friend vanished walking to school

Dyamai Hillard, 22, Melbourne, Vic Tucking into the spicy Thai food, my eyes watered. ‘It’s so hot!’ I said, downing a glass of water. My best friend, Bung, then 13, burst out laughing. ‘It’s not even that bad,’ she giggled. ‘You just can’t handle it.’ Bung had moved from Thailand to Australia four years earlier. Now, we were at her mum Vannida and stepdad Fred’s place. Bung and I often tucked into delicious leftovers at hers after school. We’d first met when Bung joined our school in fourth grade, and we soon became inseparable. Super happy, Bung always walked around with a huge smile on her face. I still message her Facebook page, telling her I miss her She loved dancing, and the two of us often made up routines together. Then, one day, on June 2, 2011, Bung didn’t…

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i stole her man

Maddy, 38, Sydney, NSW* My best friend, Julia, had started going out with a guy named Matt. ‘He’s everything I ever wanted in a man,’ Julia enthused. ‘I can’t believe I finally met a decent guy!’ ‘That’s great Julia,’ I said. Both in our mid-30s, it seemed every nice man we met was already taken. A few months later, a friend invited us over for a barbecue, and Julia promised to bring Matt. Being single, I made an effort to look nice. You never knew who you might meet. Julia was already there when I arrived. ‘Maddy, this is Matt,’ she said, beaming. ‘Lovely to meet you,’ Matt said, smiling at me. ‘You too,’ I said shakily. He was gorgeous – no wonder Julia had kept him to herself for so long! While Julia was busy talking to other guests, Matt and…