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that's life! Issue 30, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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A few months ago, I was watching one of my favourite TV shows, Australian Story on the ABC. I love how they tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s exactly what we do at that’s life! every single issue. But this particular week, as I settled in with a cup of tea to watch, I thought to myself the woman on the screen, Veena Sahajwalla, looked vaguely familiar. I couldn’t imagine how I would have ever come across a brilliant scientist who specialises in recycling rubbish in my everyday life. Then the show mentioned that Veena had been a judge on another one of my favourite TV shows, although long since gone, The New Inventors. Every week, clever people with great ideas would put forward their product for…

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we you!

Thank you that’s life! for the $250 prize I won from your Mega Monthly. I love the puzzles in your mags as they keep my brain alive. Rosemary Richardson, Butler, WA Nasire, aged two, was concentrating very hard on the tl! puzzles. Margaret Williamson, Taranaki, NZ Helen and John enjoyed their 54th wedding anniversary and 84th birthdays, only days apart, in beautiful Margaret River. Christina Hatzis, Yokine, WA Me with my dogs, Layla and Stella, at the Tulip Farm located in Wynyard, Tas. Ali Stone, Penguin, Tas My wife, Wendy, and I are very proud of our granddaughter Annaliese, 14, who lives in Tassie. She won her soccer team’s Players’ Player award and has been chosen to train with the women’s premier league team! Ron Rose, St Clair, NSW Celebrating Cheyne’s birthday weekend at the Blue Mountains. Elizabeth D, Bondi, NSW My…

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our boy’s insides... were outside!

Gazing at the monitor, my husband Mark, then 34, and I were excited. At 12 weeks along, we were seeing our bub for the first time. Worryingly, the scan found an issue though. ‘Your baby has a small bowel obstruction,’ a doctor told us. ‘It’s easily fixed with a quick surgery after birth.’ Mark and I were both concerned, but it seemed like our baby would be fine. Then, another scan four weeks later revealed a more serious problem. ‘Your baby has a very rare condition called omphalocele,’ a specialist explained. ‘It’s where the abdominal wall doesn’t close. The liver, spleen, gall bladder and bowel are growing through their belly button, outside their body.’ But there was more… ‘We think they have Edwards’ syndrome, which causes severe disability,’ he added, gently. ‘Most babies don’t survive birth, or…

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$300,000 mission i conned my conman!

Emma Ferris, 38, Otago, NZ Typing Andrew Thomson into Google, I hit search. Andrew, then 37, and I were chatting on a dating app, and I was curious about him. You won’t find me online, he’d said. After being a victim of ID theft, he’d wiped himself off the internet. He was right – I couldn’t find him. That’s weird, I thought, but I didn’t see any harm in meeting him for coffee. Greeting Andrew at a cafe in October 2018, I noticed he had a nice smile and seemed kind. Chatting easily for three hours, he talked about his trucking business and other ventures, and I told him about my work running a health-related business. After that, we met for dinner and long walks. Soon we were dating. ‘He seems too good to be true,’ my sister Sarah…

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trapped and alone 36 days in croc-infested wilderness

Soaring above the trees, I flew my plane 3000 feet above the ground. Down below were endless kilometres of untouched Amazonian forest in Brazil. An experienced flyer, I still felt a pang of worry contemplating the extraordinary views. If something happens here, what do I do? I thought. It was so remote. And ferrying fuel for work, I was flying solo. Then, mid-flight, the engine suddenly stopped cold. As the plane spluttered along, adrenaline charged through my veins and I clutched the controls. I tried to revive the engine with an injection of fuel. But it didn’t work – I’d lost too much height. ‘Mayday, Mayday!’ I cried into the radio. Desperately, I searched for a spot for an emergency landing. To my left, I noticed a small valley with palm trees. They grow near water, I recalled. Deadly snakes lurked in the rivers The…

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my winning secret!

Michelle, 49, The Entrance, NSW* I straightened the new rug in my lounge room. My house was beautifully furnished. We had lovely linen, lamps and curtains. We also had every kitchen gadget imaginable – and four fridges! What nobody realised was, I’d won it all. The prizes kept coming in and what we didn’t want, I gave to family, friends or charity. ‘You give such generous gifts,’ everyone marvelled. I didn’t admit I’d won them. It all started when I won a vacuum cleaner. ‘Wow,’ my hubby Steve said. ‘Our luck’s changing!’ Lady Luck hadn’t been on our side. I couldn’t work because I had MS and, five years ago, Steve had a stroke. We downsized our house and both went on disability pensions. I started entering competitions. After I won the vac, I was hooked. One day, the…