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that's life! Issue 31, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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There are times when I’m reading our wonderful mag that even I say to myself What? That can’t be possibly true! But then I check myself immediately, because we are all about real life and of course it’s true! But after you’ve read the opening paragraph in this week’s Ms MoneySaver column on page 70, tell me if you’re not even just a tiny bit incredulous. Oh, alright, I’ll save the suspense and let you know right now that Christmas is almost upon us – yes, it’s only about 20 weeks away. I mean, it feels like we only just got into 2021, but already we are well over half way through. So that’s a big ‘Eeeek!’ from me. It’s also been a challenging year for lots of people going…

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we you!

Thank you that’s life! for my Yacht Man eau de toilette prize. It arrived just in time for my husband’s birthday. Janiene Carroll, Coonamble, NSW Celebrating Christmas in July with friends! Rach W, Bondi, NSW I spent a week in Broome, WA, and had to bring a copy of that’s life! to read. This is at Cable Beach and it’s absolutely beautiful! Leanne White, Canning Vale, WA My niece Sophia, eight, enjoyed her day at the local aquarium. Belinda Mouk, Girrawheen, WA Back in 2018, I was at a festival in San Antonio, Texas, US. I was shocked when I was asked for ID when buying alcohol! Kym Dempster, Kingsley, WA Bryden and Castiel, his companion dog, love relaxing on a hammock together. Tamra Bennett, Sebastian, Vic Luca, 15 months, and Sienna, six, enjoyed some muddy play in Iluka, NSW. Rebecca Brian, Nerang,…

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my butterfly children

My husband, Aidil, 35, squeezed my hand as the sonographer ran the wand over my belly. ‘Congratulations,’ she said. ‘You’re having a boy.’ Six months pregnant with our first child, I was just happy to see a healthy baby in the scan. I could tell Aidil was delighted though! Living in Malaysia, we’d met through friends four years earlier and had always said we wanted a family. In February 2012, our beautiful 2.4 kilo baby was born. ‘It’s a girl!’ the midwife said. I started to laugh, thinking about what Aidil, who’d had to wait outside, would say. Many babies don’t survive the first hours after birth But when I saw my sweet baby girl, she was bright red and her skin looked raw. ‘Don’t touch the baby,’ a doctor said. ‘Something’s wrong.’ Still losing blood from the birth, I…

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horror at the servo i was blindfolded and raped

Looking forward to a night out with my friend Chrissy, I was so proud of how far I’d come. Growing up, I’d been painfully shy. But aged 19, and two years into a psychology degree, I’d finally broken out of my shell. I’d made good friends, landed a casual job and was living life to the fullest. Now, I was driving home after dropping Chrissy at work, and that night we were going out dancing. A baking hot day, I stopped at a car wash to give mine a scrub. As I was rinsing off the suds, a man suddenly appeared behind me. In agony, my traumatised brain seemed to switch off Covering my mouth with his hand, he held a knife to my throat. Was a friend playing a sick joke on me? But hearing his deep,…

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winter wonderland

Cheesy honeycomb A pasta recipe that needs a cake tin may seem odd. But in a now-viral video, TikTok chef Anna Rothfuss shared her dish’s secret. Filling pasta tubes with cheese, she puts them in a cake tin in a honeycomb shape, then adds sauce and more cheese. With over 17.2 million views, opinions are mixed. Some love the simplicity, but others say there’s too much cheese! Approved by kids The 13 things to do before you turn 13 – as decided by Aussie kids – have been revealed in a recent study by Wotif. It’s not surprising that ticking off the Gold Coast theme parks in Queensland has come out on top. Other must-do activities include spotting crocodiles at Kakadu, NT, and sleeping underground in Coober Pedy, SA Rise of the poddy The habits…

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he forgot i was his wife so we wed again

Standing on the beautiful beach, in front of our families, I couldn’t have been happier. I was swapping vows with my soulmate, Peter. Since we’d started dating, life had felt like one big honeymoon. We’d met back in 1996 when he and his family moved in across the street from mine. My then-husband and our children – Thom, then 12, Sarah, seven, and Zachary, five – and Peter, his then-wife, and their kids – Sam, two, and newborn Sarah – soon became friends. We went on trips to the beach and camping, but after five years Peter and his family relocated. Then a few months later, Peter called. ‘I’m getting divorced,’ he told me. Going through the same thing myself, it was nice to talk to someone about it. Peter came to stay, and we got along so well. I…