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that's life! Issue 33, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Our gorgeous Warm Fuzzies page never fails to give me, well, the warm fuzzies. But this week (Page 74) it delivered me, and the tl! team, a bonus burst of nostalgia. We all just loved the item about the old school desk from the ’60s inscribed with Benny + Linda, and the fact that Benny was found all these years later. I won’t spoil the story, but I can tell you it has a happy ending. And while I’d never condone defacing someone else’s property, we all fondly remembered our own school desks, similarly engraved – all those scratched-in names and dates that made us think about the kids who’d gone before us. Mari told us about the time she came home from primary school and, over dinner, brightly asked…

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we love you

The Yerong Creek water tower art project is coming together nicely. Jeff Stien, Wagga Wagga, NSW Three generations – me, my granddaughter Charli, and daughter Sarah – riding Segways in Coffs Harbour. Helen Savage, Niddrie, Vic Two-year-old Ruby had a blast at Movie World! Stefanie Wilson, Bateau Bay, NSW My husband Mike enjoyed our road trip to outback Queensland, especially the Qantas museum at Longreach. Martina Cotton, Boondall, Qld Thank you that’s life! I was thrilled to receive this knife block prize. Lyn Osborn, Springfield, NSW Cuddling up to my pet husky, Hunter. Paige Glover, Sydney, NSW Kai, five months, is feeling happy and free in his new walker. Ally Bennett, Engadine, NSW My daughter, Nicole, gave me a wonderful present for my birthday – a subscription to my favourite magazine, that’s›life! Margaret Flood, Tea Gardens, NSW email: thatslife@aremedia.com.au write: AUS: GPO Box 5245 Sydney NSW…

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miracle makai my bub and i both fought cancer

Megan Kareko, 36, Dargaville, NZ Listening to the doctor in his office, I felt terrified. ‘Just about the worst case scenario for you would be to get pregnant,’ he explained. He’d just told me my stage-three breast cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. I needed an urgent mastectomy followed by aggressive chemotherapy, and he was making it clear that surgery and treatment posed a risk to any unborn bub. ‘I’m not going to get pregnant,’ I replied. My partner Conrad, then 37, and I had been trying for a sibling for my daughter Amani, then six, until I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer a month earlier. After that, we’d focused on my health instead. Back home, though, I felt sick, and the doctor’s words rang in my head. So, I did a pregnancy test, just to make…

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forbidden love they killed her mum to be together

Henry and Chara Bryant were reunited sweethearts. As a young couple, the pair had split before going on to have families with other people. But after several years apart and multiple failed relationships, their love for each other eventually drew them back together. Between them, they had four children – Brooklyn, Austin, Madison and Caitlin – and they raised their blended family together in a small town. It was a second chance at happiness. But there was one problem the Bryants were battling. Chara’s daughter, Brooklyn, 16, had a boyfriend – Christopher Evans. And, in April 2017, Henry and Chara found out she’d been keeping a secret about him – his age. At 22, he was six years older than Chara’s teenage girl. After reading Brooklyn’s text messages, they’d also learned the two were in…

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i gave birth to my own sister

Standing in my bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, I anxiously caught Mum’s eye. I’d taken one with her help before, in 2016. Now, in 2020, here we were again. Last time, we’d sobbed for joy because I was pregnant with my daughter, Arwen. When this second test read positive, we cried again. But it wasn’t my baby I was having… My mum, Faye, and I had always been close. I was the middle child, with Hannah two years older, and Harry three years younger. My biological dad wasn’t in the picture, so Mum was both parents in one. And she did an amazing job! When I was 12, and Mum was 36, my stepdad Andrew, then 33, came into our lives. It’s lovely to see Mum so happy, I thought. They wanted a baby, but Mum had been…

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keeping up with the joneses

Jane, 36, Chatswood, NSW* Do we have to go to this soccer meet and greet?’ I sighed. ‘It’ll be fine,’ my husband Tom said. ‘And Nathan’s really keen.’ Tom and I were poor artists living in a unit in a posh area. Tom’s cousin had let it to us cheaply when he got a job overseas. ‘Let’s go, Mum,’ said Nathan, five, excitedly. When I’d enrolled him at the local school, I was amazed to be told there was an older boy called Nathan Jones already at the school – and unbelievably, his mum was also called Jane! Would they be like us? To be honest, I was intrigued. We bundled into our old car and headed to the park. When we got there, a woman came up to us. ‘Raffle ticket?’ she said, shaking a bucket at me. I…