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that's life! Issue 37, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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These days, everything seems to have a special day, week, month or year. For example, I recently discovered there’s an International Dog Day. When I told my dog Dizzy, he just rolled over and asked for an extra-long tummy rub. Every day is Dog Day to him! Most of the special ‘weeks’ are designed to raise funds and awareness, but also to make us pause and think about a certain cause, issue or group in our community. This week, I’m delighted to say, we’re celebrating the fabulous people that work in and run all our local newsagents. National Newsagent Week runs from September 11-18 and their slogan is Your community heartbeat, which I think is lovely. I know a lot of you, our amazing readers, get your weekly that’s life!…

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we love you!

WINNERS are grinners Thanks so much that’s life! for my perfume prize, which arrived just after my birthday. I was so happy. Carole Grieve, Arrawarra, NSW Tyson, six, is a devoted fur-brother to two-month-old Macey. Kym Dempster, Kingsley, WA I can’t wait to travel again and visit scenic places like this – the Grand Canyon, US. Sarah Lee, Lidcombe, NSW Enjoying a day at the zoo with my mum Jean. Jennifer del Mundo, East Maitland, NSW Being a responsible Aussie with my hat for sun protection and mask for safety. Lana Gryparis, Nowra, NSW My granddaughter Harper, seven, cannot wait to attack the Kiduzzles, whenever she comes to stay. Tonia Bowerman, Seven Mile Beach, Tas Amaya, 14, loves Geocaching. She enjoys following the clues to find the hidden cache. Penny Spreitzer, Cordeaux Heights, NSW DON’T I KNOW YOU? It was the 18th anniversary of when my…

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nine years... but a lifetime of love

Stephanie Edney, 36, Palm Cove, Qld In the middle of a snowy forest, I felt like I was in a fairytale. ‘It’s so beautiful,’ I breathed, turning towards my boyfriend, Dale. Suddenly, he was down on one knee with a red rose in one hand, and a diamond ring in the other. ‘Stephanie, will you marry me?’ he asked. ‘Yes!’ I squealed. We’d met four years earlier, when Dale had travelled from Melbourne to Zurich, Switzerland – where I’m from – as an exchange student. Just 16, it was love at first sight, and for nine months we were inseparable. When Dale had to return to Australia, I was heartbroken. ‘There is zero chance of you falling pregnant’ We wrote to each other, but deep down, I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. Then, four years later, aged 21,…

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holiday horror how caroline’s aussie dream lives on

My little sister Caroline just radiated sunshine. Always cheerful and talkative – she was also born with itchy feet. ‘I’m going to see the world,’ she announced to my mum Marjorie and me one day, when she was a teen. We weren’t surprised. Mum worked in Italy in her 20s and our dad, Alan, had lived in the US when he was younger. Travel ran in her blood! Intelligent, Caroline planned to study to be a psychologist – perfect for her curious mind. Before she got a job, though, my sister wanted to go backpacking. So, in 2002, Caroline, then 19, prepared to set off for a gap year in Australia with her best friend Sarah, also 19. To us living in rainy York, in the UK, Australia was a paradise. ‘You’ll love it,’ Mum told her. ‘Travel’s the…

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precious echo trapped in a wall for 12 days

Meghan Randell, 34, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW Echo!’ my two-year-old son Lincon cooed, eyes wide with delight. Our new pet, a mini fox terrier cross cavalier spaniel, wriggled in his arms. I’d just adopted Echo as a companion dog for Lincon, who has disabilities and uses a wheelchair. The pair became inseparable. Echo was loyal and full of energy. And he loved his forever home with Lincon and his older brother Elliott then aged three. When my daughter Evah came along, she adored him too. As the years went by, Echo was an incredible support for Lincon. ‘Where’s Echo?’ he’d ask after school, hunting around the house for his pal. Then, in June this year, while the boys were at their dad’s for a few days, I popped out for lunch with Evah, six As always, we…

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stitched up

Rosie, 46, Toowoomba, Qld* I loved sewing and made most of my own clothes. I even made my wedding gown when I married my fiancé Jack. ‘What a lovely dress,’ gasped my new sister-in-law Jessica at the reception. ‘It must have cost you a mint!’ ‘Actually I made it myself,’ I said proudly. ‘You’re kidding me,’ Jess cried. ‘How fantastic that we have a seamstress in the family. My clothes always need their hems taking up!’ ‘Bring them over,’ I smiled. Jack and I were just back from our honeymoon when Jess was on our doorstep, holding up a new dress. ‘Could you take this up for me tonight, Rosie?’ she asked. ‘I’ve got a function to go to tomorrow.’ ‘Sure, come in,’ I smiled. As I started pinning up her dress, Jess, who worked in property development, started talking…