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that's life! Issue 38, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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One of the great tips in this week’s Brainwaves (Page 46) is something I was glad to be reminded of. Reader Fiona, from WA, suggests repeating the name of a person you’ve just met to help you remember it. Oh Fiona, I try, I really do, but sometimes, you know, I just… forget. Names are like that aren’t they? There are times when I spot someone on the street that I’ve barely met, and confidently walk up to them with a cheery, ‘Hello John/Jan/Jenny’. And then there are times when I run into someone I’ve known for years, and break into a cold sweat as I desperately try to remember their name. Within the tl! team there are people like Beth, who might struggle to remember the movie she watched…

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we love you

WINNERS are grinners Thank you so much that’s life! for my first prize from my favourite magazine. Winning $1000 from the Mega Monthly couldn’t have come at a better time. Michelle Faull, Greenway, ACT Noah, five, and Elijah, 11, were so excited it snowed that they made Olaf the snowman. Missy Abbott, Cygnet, Tas I was intrigued by how quickly Uluru changes colour at sunset during a recent visit to the Northern Territory. Natasha Seiter, Huon Creek, Vic My grandson Rhemi enjoys eating watermelon in our community garden. Mary MacKinlay, Tallangatta, Vic Earlier this year, my partner Lukas and I finished our favourite puzzles at the bowlo. Teagan Hyman, Young, NSW After cancelling our wedding date due to lockdown, we were fortunate to finally marry in November 2020. Our children, Austin, six, Molly, 10, Lillian, 13, and Jacob, 10, made our…

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88kg gone i’m half the woman i was!

Claire Burt, 28, Timaru, NZ Sitting in the bathroom, I tried to stifle my tears as I dialled my mum Kate’s number. ‘Can you please come over, Mum?’ I asked, my voice shaking. At 170 kilos and a size 26, I wasn’t even able to go to the toilet by myself. It was humiliating, but my amazing mum came to the rescue. ‘It’s okay, love,’ she kept saying, as she helped me. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. But aged 27, my size stopped me from doing the simplest of tasks. I couldn’t tie my shoes or put on underwear without a struggle. At 182cm tall, I’d always been the ‘big girl’. In primary school, I was taller and a little bigger than the other girls. Now, I used food as an emotional cushion whenever I felt sad or lonely. A binge…

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groomed from four my stepdad stole my innocence

Malika Elizabeth Reese, 50, Port Kembla, NSW Kissing me goodbye, my mum, Andree, picked up her suitcase. ‘Be a good girl,’ she said. ‘Listen to Peter.’ Peter and Mum had recently started dating. But my grandmother Olivia, who lived in Los Angeles, US, had suffered a heart attack. Mum had to drop everything and go, so I was staying with Peter. Aged four, I loved to sing and dance. A friendly and well-respected musician, Peter had promised to teach me to play the recorder while Mum was away. There were some strange things at his house though. Copies of nude magazines were lying around. And sometimes he would put a movie on, but there’d be adult scenes in it. ‘Oh, I didn’t know it was this kind of a movie,’ he’d laugh. So young, I didn’t understand. When Mum came home…

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my runny nose was cancer

Steph Ogden, 19, Brisbane, Qld Waking in the middle of the night, I was covered in sweat. It was February this year, and I’d felt fine when I’d gone to bed after hanging out with some friends at their place. Now, though, my nose was runny and my throat was full of phlegm. I must be coming down with the flu, I figured. Aged 18, I was rarely sick, and usually shook bugs off quickly. Working at McDonald’s around studying to be a nurse, I didn’t have any shifts rostered over the next five days. If I just lie low, I’ll be back to normal in no time, I thought. Still unwell two days later, I bought some cold and flu tablets from the supermarket, and curled up on the lounge to watch movies with my mum,…

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my fake boyfriend

Kaitlin, 39, Kensington, Vic* I was the Bridget Jones of my family. My sisters were married with kids, but by my late 30s, I’d still not found the man of my dreams. And I dreaded family get-togethers. ‘When are you going to settle down, Kaitlin?’ asked my oldest sister Nina, wiping chocolate off her son’s face at Mum and Dad’s one day. ‘You’re not getting any younger,’ added my little sister, Dani, bouncing her tot on her knee. ‘I have found someone, actually,’ I lied. I hoped that’d shut them up but it did the opposite. ‘Who is he? What’s his name?’ barked Nina. ‘What does he do? How old is he?’ demanded Dani. ‘Okay! All in good time,’ I said. ‘I don’t want to jinx it.’ ‘We would like to meet him,’ said Mum. ‘Yes – bring him to…