that's life! Issue 40, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Our What Would You Do question this week (page 26) caused a lively conversation among the tl! team. A reader wanted advice on how to get her adult children to help around the house. They keep saying they’re busy, she wrote. But so am I! Plenty of parents will sympathise. Until I left home to live in a share house, at 19, I did my best to help around the house. When I was 13, Mum showed my sister Lenore and me how to use the washing machine and told us that if we wanted clean clothes and bedding, then it was up to us to use it. Oh, the mishaps! One morning, with no clothes dryer and wet school socks we’d left overnight in the machine, we tried to…

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we love you!

WINNERS are grinners Thank you so much that’s life! for my skincare products prize! Kath Kaufer, Mona Vale, NSW Visiting Gibraltar Falls – a beautiful place in the ACT – to enjoy time in nature with my family; husband Stanley and kids Augustine, 13, Abigail, eight, and Allistair, five. Siaw Mei Kong, Karabar, NSW My grandsons Taj, eight, and Logan, five, all dressed up, looking much older than their years. Antionette Portelli, Werribee, Vic Luca, seven months, was a bit cold on a recent trip to the hinterland. Rebecca Brian, Nerang, Qld I love catching up with my granddaughters, Jannalia, three, and Chelsea, 21, and littl e Aries the cavoodle. Sandra Moyden, Inala, Qld ME and my PET My handsome son Mitch loves taking a selfie with our puppy Mango Moe. Kerrie McClelland, Narellan, NSW Travelling through WA, Alison (on the right) and I…

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why ellie’s losing loving her belly

Ellie Haines, 30, Christchurch, NZ This is what I ate today, I typed, uploading photos of my healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. And this is how I look now, I added, putting up a photo of myself in gym gear. Always a curvy girl, I was desperate to shed some kilos. At 23, I reckoned going public with my food intake was the perfect way to hold me accountable. So, I shared it all on my blog, Losing Ellie’s Belly. Some readers even joined me on my weight-loss journey. I’d always had issues with my size. An early developer, I had bigger hips than my mates and, aged 11, I wore a size DD bra. As a teenager, I tried every fad diet in a quest to look like a model. But whenever I dropped…

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driveway knife horror i fought for my life

Keana Ball, 21, Perth, WA Walking into the pub, I spotted my date, Mark. ‘Hi,’ I smiled. ‘Hey, let me get you a drink,’ he said. He seemed shorter than he’d made out on his Tinder profile and definitely looked older than his profile age – 25. Still, I wanted to give him a chance and the conversation flowed easily. I explained I had a baby son, but my mum, Glenda, was looking after him while I set up our new home. Mark told me he was a FIFO miner. ‘How old are you?’ I asked. ‘I’m 27, turning 28 soon,’ he explained – almost a decade older than me. I was a bit confused, but brushed it off. After an hour, I left to meet friends for dinner, and then our messages fizzled out. ‘You need to go. I…

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pandemic hero i’m the barbie doctor

Dr Kirby White, 38, Bendigo, Vic Sifting through our supply closet, I felt a sense of panic. How can we be running out of gowns already? I thought, frustrated. It was March 2020, just weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, and my newly opened medical practice in Bendigo, Victoria – a joint venture with Dr Nicole Lowe – was feeling the strain. Like many other rural GPs and hospitals, we were fast running out of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns and masks. It was crucial for us to have enough PPE to keep our clinic open for face-to-face consults, and to swab patients, but supplies were headed to big city hospitals. ‘What if we started sewing gowns?’ We needed a solution, or we’d have to close our doors when our community needed us most. ‘What if…

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he’s just no good!

Isobel, 28, Nowra, NSW* My cousin Alice was pretty, funny, intelligent and popular. But she had awful taste in men. She started seeing Rod when we were at TAFE. I didn’t like him from the start, so wasn’t surprise to learn he’d been to jail. ‘Ditch him,’ I pleaded. ‘He’s bad news, Alice.’ ‘He’s not. He’s reformed,’ she insisted. ‘And he genuinely cares about me.’ Before long, they were living together, and then Rod popped the question. To my horror, Alice accepted, thrilled. ‘He wants kids and a happy family life,’ she said. She even asked me to be her bridesmaid. I couldn’t help but scowl as a beaming Alice said, ‘I do’. Over the years, they had two daughters – and Rod got worse. He paid no attention to the kids, got drunk and went out every night. He was…