that's life! Issue 42, 2021

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One of my old schoolfriends, Carol, posted on Facebook this week a picture of her very first grandchild. A new bub is always reason for celebration, so her mates piled in to shower her with congratulations and let her know that being a grandparent is just the best. Because, well, it is! But Carol did have a question. Did anyone have a good alternative to ‘Grandma’? I was happy to tell Carol that if she’s lucky, her new grandson will come up with his own alternative. For example, I’m a proud Nang Nang and my husband Simon’s first wife (and Mum to my lovely grown-up stepkids), Deb, is an amazing Ya Ya, which is of course the Greek name for grandmother. Deb doesn’t have a Greek bone in her body…

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we love you!

WINNERS are grinners Thank you that’s life! for two wonderful cheques. They both arrived in the post on the same day! Rae Moss, Bundaberg, Qld Saturday Auskick is a favourite with my sons Andreas, six, and Anton, five. Kylie Laugesen, Coburg, Vic Bored Princess is leaning against the verandah post waiting patiently for my granddaughter Sophie, nine, to finish her homeschooling – country style – so they can go off riding. Linda O’Neill, Brogo, NSW No matter how lovely she is, you should never let your niece cut your hair. Here’s Tiana giving it a go. Stuart Thogersen, Port Macquarie, NSW My daughter Saffron, five, is as excited as I am when the that’s life! magazine arrives in the mailbox. She is one smart cookie. Marlee Lyons, Lawnton, Qld My mum, Marilyn, loved her close encounter…

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aussie spirit love helped heal a town

Tiffany Duncan, 31, Tumbarumba, NSW Scrolling through my phone, I anxiously peered at the screen. They’re getting closer, I thought, worried. It was New Year’s Eve 2019 and, as my fiancé Sean, 32, and I were celebrating in sunny Noosa, Qld, my hometown of Tumbarumba, NSW, was in real danger. As I watched the NSW Rural Fire Service app closely, I saw the bushfires were creeping around the edge of the valley. While I’d moved to Noosa in 2018, my parents, Shirl and Warren, and brother Dustin all still lived in the gorgeous NSW wine region, and my sisters Nicki and Danni were visiting them. Sean and I were due to be married there in just over a month’s time, too. Then, Mum called. ‘I don’t want you to panic,’ she began. ‘But we can see the fire…

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deadly deception our sweet renae was killed by an online hoax

Teresa Marsden, 50, Sydney, NSW My girl Renae, 20, always had time for her family. The eldest of four, she adored babysitting her sister Monique, then seven, and spending time with her brothers Jake, nine, and Luke, 12. ‘Let’s go to lunch, Mum!’ Renae would beam, taking me out on her day off. ‘Wouldn’t you rather hang with your friends?’ I’d ask her, hesitating. ‘Of course not!’ she would grin back. Bubbly and chatty, it came as no surprise to my husband, Mark, and I when Renae decided to study to be a hairdresser. Our only concern for beautiful Renae was her relationship with her best friend, Camila. They’d met at school in Year 9 but, over the years, we’d seen Camila becoming possessive of Renae. Jealous, Camila didn’t like it when Renae spent time with other mates…

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the buzz

Signed , sealed , delivered… A Kiwi family woke up to a cute visitor – a baby fur seal! Bronwyn Trafford, from Te Awanga, said the seal was waiting at the front door one morning in July.‘We checked our video surveillance and saw it making its way up to our driveway at 11.30pm before it settled in its sleeping possie for the night in front of our doors,’Bronwyn told Hawkes Bay Today. The friendly seal eventually headed back to his nearby seal colony – but has returned several times to his new family for a visit. That’s so cheap! A Victorian man has tickled fellow Aussies’ memories after sharing a 35-year-old primary school canteen menu. Dave Drinkell shared the 1986 tuckshop list on Facebook, after it was found in the back of a…

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make-up magic just call me miley!

Evelin Costa, 24, Shepparton, Vic I fastened the brunette wig onto my head, smiling into the camera lens. As I looked at my own reflection, I even startled myself. I think that should do it! I smiled. It was the middle of Victoria’s 2020 COVID-19 lockdown and I’d just transformed myself into Kim Craig, the character played by Gina Riley in the iconic Aussie comedy show, Kath & Kim. By using a little bit of make-up and a cheap wig from Amazon, I became an entirely different person. I then posted a video on TikTok of myself lip-syncing to a Kath & Kim scene. I’m so proud of this! I captioned the clip, before wiping off the make-up. A few hours later, I was amazed to find my video had gathered over 100,000 views. And by the end of…