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The Australian Women’s Weekly Food Issue 37

The Australian Women’s Weekly FOOD magazine is all about food; how to create, make, bake and cook it. With masses of tips, hints, and useful ‘how-to’ pictures and videos, FOOD helps readers to cook with confidence.

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a letter from amanda

Growing up in Woy Woy, on the NSW Central Coast, if I was asked who the members of my family were, I would have said my grandmother, Mum and Dad, and my older brother and sister. During the week, though, I was almost an only child, as my siblings were away at boarding school in Sydney. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, running errands, buying takeaway sandwiches from Con’s café, or potato scallops from the fish shop next door, and eating junkets, because that’s all my business-minded grandmother could cook. Mum and Dad were often either working or in Sydney at a school event. But the weekends were completely different. The house was full and meals were generous. Mum always cooked a big meal for Sunday lunch –…

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meet our experts

PAMELA CLARK EDITOR-AT-LARGE, AWW COOKBOOKS “I’ve been working on The Weekly’s cookbooks since 1969 and my love for food hasn’t changed. From the concept to testing, tasting, photography, editing and production – it still gives me a thrill to hold a new book in my hand.” SOPHIA YOUNG EDITORIAL & FOOD DIRECTOR, AWW COOKBOOKS “After starting out as a chef, I moved to magazines and cookbooks as a food editor and stylist. It’s been fun! What drives me the most is to inspire readers by sharing recipes that will result in them cooking great food.” LOUISE PATNIOTIS FOOD STUDIO MANAGER, FOOD STUDIO “My love of good food has set the foundation for a career in food media spanning almost 30 years. What I love most about food and cooking is that it brings people together – it’s an…

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scones q&a

How do you knead the dough without over-working it? Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Flour your hands, then quickly, gently and lightly bring a little of the outside edge of the dough towards the centre of the dough, turning the dough as you knead. Once you’ve done the full circle (about four to six turns), turn the dough over and it should be smooth. If it’s not smooth, do a couple more kneads and turns. Why all the panic about barely handling the dough? Scone dough should be handled quickly and lightly. The more the dough is handled, the more the protein (gluten) in the flour will develop, and this will cause the scones to toughen. Is there one tip for making great scones? There’s one big tip but, like most…

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food bites

ELEVATED ENTERTAINING Go to new heights and lengths when you entertain, with Ladelle’s 45cm-long Tapas Plank. Made from acacia wood, which is native to Australia, the Ladelle Plank – along with the rest of the Tapas range – is an entertainer’s dream. To add extra flair to your table, visit ladelle.com SPRITZING Jacob’s Creek has added a new flamboyance to that aperitivo moment, with its new Prosecco Spritz. Enhanced with zesty blood oranges and botanicals, such as cinchona and liquorice root extract, this ready-to-serve drink is chic, but with a twist! Available now at leading liquor retailers. HIGHLY CULTURED Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Jalna has taken its Yoghourt to an irresistible new level, with Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt. Featuring the same great taste and pot-set purity, the lactose-free range,…

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what’s on

ORANGE F.O.O.D WEEK Head to “the food basket of NSW” for Orange F.O.O.D Week, April 6-15, when the region’s finest produce and cool-climate wines will be showcased. There’ll also be markets, foraging sessions, brunches and a F.O.O.D train. Visit orangefoodweek.com.au MEATSTOCK Dubbed the music and barbecue festival, Meatstock will be held at Sydney Showground, Homebush, on the weekend of May 5-6. There’ll be butcher wars and barbecue school, plus great music. Check out meatstock.com.au/sydney/ NOOSA FOOD & WINE Returning for its fifth consecutive year, the Noosa Food & Wine Festival will be back May 17-20. Soak it all up as the heart of Noosa is transformed into a festival village with great food, wine, music and entertainment. Find out why this has become one of Australia’s leading culinary destinations at noosafoodandwine.com.au If you have a food…

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classic hits

BUTTERMILK SCONES PREP + COOK TIME 35 MINUTES MAKES 16 2½ cups (375g) self–raising flour 1 tablespoon caster sugar ¼ teaspoon salt 30g butter, chopped 1¼ cups (310ml) buttermilk, approximately, plus extra, to glaze ¾ cup (240g) strawberry jam 300ml thickened cream, whipped icing sugar, to dust 1 Preheat oven to 220°C/200°C fan. Grease a deep 20cm square cake pan. 2 Sift flour, sugar and salt into a large bowl; rub in butter with fingertips. Make a well in flour mixture; add buttermilk. Using a round-bladed knife, in a cutting motion, mix the buttermilk through the flour mixture to form a soft, sticky dough. Add a little more buttermilk only if needed. 3 Briefly pat dough out on a floured surface until 2cm thick. Using your hands, press dough out evenly until 2cm thick. Using a 5cm round floured cutter, cut…