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The Australian Women’s Weekly Food Issue 41

The Australian Women’s Weekly FOOD magazine is all about food; how to create, make, bake and cook it. With masses of tips, hints, and useful ‘how-to’ pictures and videos, FOOD helps readers to cook with confidence.

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a letter from the editor

Remember back to when life wasn’t so complicated? You could dress up as Batman and role-play all day! As a child, I mostly grew up with plenty of time to entertain myself, as my older siblings were away at boarding school. We had a relatively large backyard that housed chickens, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Pal, a great mulberry tree, a large pool and a wooden cubbyhouse, where I used to make (and sell to make-believe customers) many a mud pie. My adventures would usually start straight after school, when I’d run out the back and into “adventure land”. I’d dress up in clothes from my cupboard in the cubbyhouse, jump on my pushbike and ride around the pool really fast, pretending to be en route to various make-believe friends’ houses…

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food bites

MULTI TASKER In our fast-paced world, many people are time-poor, leaving little space for the finer things in life – like healthy homemade dinners! Enter Kenwood’s kCook Multi Smart, which is empowering and inspiring busy people in the kitchen, while removing the stress of time and mess. kenwoodworld.com/en-au ON THE MOVE! Taking last night’s leftovers for lunch has never been easier, with the Genuine Thermos® Brand 470ml Stainless King™ Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Jar. The sleek construction and compact design keep contents hot for nine hours and cold for 14. thermos.com.au/product_details.aspx? ProdID= 2700&CatCode=FOOD SHARE YOUR RECIPES WE’D LOVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE COOKING AT HOME. For your chance to win a great prize, email us photos of your dishes so we can share them with other AWW Food magazine readers. Send to awwfoodmag@bauer-media.com.au with “Reader…

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what’s on

EAT, DRINK AND BE WELLY! Visa Wellington On a Plate will serve up hundreds of burgers, cocktails, set menus, pop-ups and food-filled events over three weekends from August 10 to 26. A highlight of the 10th annual festival is sure to be the traditional Hiakia Hangi. Book at visawoap.com BAKE FOR AN AMAZING ‘PAWS’ Monday, August 20, is RSPCA Cupcake Day, so get together with friends or colleagues and bake to fight animal cruelty. With 135,000 animals going through RSPCA shelters each year, you’ll be supporting a great cause and enjoying a treat while you’re at it! rspcacupcakeday.com.au IT’LL BE TEA-RIFFIC The Sydney Tea Festival on Sunday, August 19, at Carriageworks, will be a celebration of specialty loose leaf tea. You’ll be able to wander through the market, stop for a delicious bite from a…

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meet our experts

AMANDA KELLY-LENNON EDITOR, AWW FOOD MAGAZINE “My foodie journey began 28 years ago when I started training as a chef. I then shifted to magazines as a food editor, and now I’m editor of this wonderful magazine. I’ve always loved food and the adventures it creates.” KATHLEEN DAVIS SENIOR FOOD EDITOR, AWW COOKBOOKS “Working as a food editor for two decades, I’m fortunate to be able to immerse myself in my greatest pleasures - food and books. There’s always a new ingredient to explore and new recipe to try.” SOPHIA YOUNG EDITORIAL & FOOD DIRECTOR, AWW COOKBOOKS “After starting out as a chef, I moved to magazines and cookbooks as a food editor and stylist. It’s been fun! What drives me the most is to inspire readers by sharing recipes that will result in them cooking great food.” FRANCES…

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HOT SMOKING VS COLD SMOKING HOT SMOKING actually cooks food. Meat is generally smoked at 115°C and the smoke source is positioned close to the food. Hot-smoked foods can be eaten immediately. COLD SMOKING uses temperatures no higher than 29°C, which doesn’t cook food, so it needs to be salted/cured first. The food is placed far from the heat source, so it’s smoked long and slow. Cold-smoked foods are generally left for 24 hours for their flavour to develop before eating. SALTING THIS IS THE first step in the smoking process. Not only does salting season the food, but it partially dries it out, removing some of the moisture that microbes might thrive in. Salt is critical to the preserving process, so always use the amount of salt specified in the recipe. Even for cold smoking,…

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what’s your passion

PASSIONFRUIT & YOGHURT CAKE WITH ROSEHIP SYRUP PREP + COOK TIME 1 HOUR 45 MINUTES + STANDING & COOLING SERVES 8 220g unsalted butter, softened 1 cup caster sugar 3 eggs 2 cups self–raising flour 2/3 cup greek–style natural yoghurt 1/3 cup fresh passionfruit pulp ROSEHIP SYRUP 1 rosehip and hibiscus tea bag 1 cup boiling water 1 cup caster sugar ½ cup fresh passionfruit pulp 1 Make rosehip syrup. 2 Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan. Grease a 12cm x 23cm loaf pan; line base with baking paper. 3 Beat the butter and sugar in a medium bowl with an electric mixer for 6 minutes or until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, one at a time. Fold in flour, then yoghurt, in alternate batches. Fold in passionfruit until just combined. Spoon mixture into pan; smooth the…