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The Book of Mario

The Book of Mario

This fantastic new book celebrates gaming's biggest star with classic articles from Retro Gamer as well as brand-new features that cover everything from Mario's many spin-offs to his latest adventure, Super Mario Odyssey. If you're a fan of Nintendo's platforming superstar you'll find our latest book to be unmissable

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welcome to the book of mario

When Shigeru Miyamoto created Jumpman for his new platform game, Donkey Kong, it’s highly unlikely that he realised he was creating the most recognisable gaming character of all time. That’s exactly what happened though, and after a quick name change to Mario as well as a change in job professions (he started off life as a carpenter) the mascot to end all mascots was born. Unlike his biggest competitor, Sonic, Mario has rarely starred in a duff platformer and while he’s not immune to the odd turkey (Mario Is Missing, we’re looking at you) his core platforming adventures have always been regarded as some of the best around. Everyone remembers the first time they discovered the princess they were rescuing was in another castle, or their first encounter with Bowser. They…

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the greatest super mario moments

Mario is easily one of gaming’s most iconic and recognisable figures. While he’s been around since 1981 in the guise of Jumpman, it wasn’t until he became super in 1985 that gamers really started to take notice of the mustachioed plumber. When Shigeru Miyamoto created Super Mario Bros he also effectively recreated the platformer, creating a template that would not only shape the later Mario games for many years, but also platformers in general. Nintendo would again change the goalposts in 1996 with Super Mario 64 and while other contenders have come close, no current developer is making 3D platformers that can compete with the likes of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World, in short Mario is the king at what he does and it’s a fact that’s unlikely to…

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super mario bros

» PLATFORM: NES » DEVELOPER: NINTENDO » RELEASED: 1985 Your trek through the first few stages of Super Mario Bros has taught you the basics – there are stages above ground and stages underground. There are Koopas and Goombas trying to get you, and if you fall down a hole, you’re dead. But stage 1-4 is altogether different – the large castle is far more dangerous, filled with pits of lava and spinning fire barriers. Even the music suggests that this place is not to be trifled with. As you make progress through the stage, fireballs start to shoot in from the right of the screen. Finally, you meet your nemesis for the first time, Bowser. He’s a formidable foe – much larger than the standard-issue grunts, and his jumps and fireballs…

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super mario bros: the lost levels

»FAMICOM DISK SYSTEM »1986 »NINTENDO World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros is a masterclass in level design. It teaches you all you need to know about the game, from how to squash Goombas to jumping as high as you can to reach the end-of-level flag. World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels does something similar, but with a twist. It’s an unforgiving gauntlet showcasing that the game’s infamy is true: it’s hard as balls. The first power-up is hidden in a brick block, and must be dexterously bounced so Mario can grab it. The second pick-up, the Poison Mushroom, subverts the whole power-up concept, hurting the little plumber rather than making him grow. The rest of the level is a demonstration that the developers weren’t interested in crafting a gentle…

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mr. videogame   the complete history of mario

MR VIDEOGAME: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MARIO 1985 SUPER MARIO BROS 1986 SUPER MARIO BROS THE LOST LEVELS 1988 (USA) SUPER MARIO BROS 2 1988 SUPER MARIO BROS 3 1989 SUPER MARIO LAND 1990 SUPER MARIO WORLD 1992 SUPER MARIO LAND 2: 6 GOLDEN COINS 1995 SUPER MARIO WORLD 2: YOSHIS ISLAND 1996 SUPER MARIO 64 2002 SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE 2006 NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 2007 SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2009 NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII 2010 SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 To fully appreciate why Mario is still the videogame industry’s most recognised, popular and enduring character, you have to look back to the early days of videogames. Mario remains the poster child for a time where everything about them felt fresh, innovative and new, and these newfangled virtual worlds sought only to be linked to ours through the computers and consoles that projected them and the talented visionaries who imagined them. With realism and trends now sitting where fun…

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professions of a plumber

CARPENTER Donkey Kong 1981 Mario’s first ever job was as a mallet-wielding carpenter in Donkey Kong. It’s likely that his profession was inspired by the everyman-type scenarios on which Nintendo based many of its Game & Watch titles. PLUMBER Mario Bros 1983 After a two-year stint working as a carpenter, Mario turned his talents to plumbing – as well as the odd bit of pest extermination too – for Mario Bros. He kept the role for the subsequent Super Mario Bros series. UMPIRE Tennis 1984 Mario earned extra cash at weekends working as a tennis umpire. Later in life he decided to take up the sport himself when he realised that more money was to be had playing than interfering. REFEREE Punch-Out!! 1987 Following a successful spell as a tennis umpire, Mario caught the eye of the…