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The Railway Magazine November 2020

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The Railway Magazine has been published since 1897 and is now the UK's best-selling general interest rail title. Every month, The RM provides enthusiasts and professionals with authoritative and informed news coverage of the following: - Network Rail and the train operating companies - Locomotives, multiple units, carriages and wagons - Steam, heritage and the preservation world, inc narrow gauge- Metro and underground systems - In addition, the magazine carries frequent items of overseas interest. The Railway Magazine is also renowned for its wide-ranging and innovative feature coverage, encompassing up-to-the-minute developments as well as historical, nostalgic and foreign subjects. The magazine is also renowned for its award-winning photographic content.

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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passenger trains: we are heading down the ‘use it or lose it’ path

MORE than eight months into the pandemic, and with another massive rise of Covid-19 infection rates last month, it comes as no surprise there has been no improvement in the sparse number of passengers using any form of rail, although more are travelling for leisure than business. The Government is spending billions of pounds to prop up the rail industry, as well as many other sectors of the economy during the pandemic, but the bare facts are the costs are becoming unsustainable. Sooner or later, something will have to give. Government control of franchised train operators is now greater than at any time since Privatisation, so staff numbers and pay levels will be under very close scrutiny at a time when passengers and revenue have plummeted and the income/outcome gap is widening. Without…

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railcard ‘kick in the teeth’

THE decision by Government not to offer extensions or refunds to holders of all types of railcards is another kick in the teeth for rail passengers. Many holders of senior or disabled railcards have been shielding or trying to isolate, so have been unable to travel as they may have done normally. With passenger numbers at their lowest levels since the 19th century, the decision is counter-productive. Passengers with advance tickets, who then find an area in a local lockdown and have been denied refunds can get now get vouchers - but still no refund This shameful Scrooge-like stance will do nothing to endear passengers to travel by rail once the pandemic subsides and rail desperately needs customers. As I have said before, give passengers encouragement and incentives to get out and use…

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‘no photographing’ seems to be a problem – again

MANY readers are using their spare time to get out and about to photograph trains - very evident from a bulging inbox of pictures at The RM. However, a few of you have reported ‘exchanges of opinion’ with platform staff at some locations, who are adamant ‘you cannot take photographs’. There appears to be a lack of staff awareness for the Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts, which were launched 15 years ago as a result of such difficulties, and have not been suspended during the pandemic. From a couple of reports I’ve received, I hope it doesn’t signal the start of a new problem. It is a situation not helped when train operators do not have a copy of their guidelines from their website, as Network Rail and the BTP have. So, have you…

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work continues to rebuild line at hst crash location

REBUILDING of an embankment and bridge damaged when a ScotRail HST was derailed by a landslide south of Stonehaven on August 12 has been proceeding following the removal of the last of the damaged rail vehicles. Network Rail and its contractors have completed repairs to the bridge, rebuilding 70 metres of damaged parapet, and have also relaid more than 500 metres of track. A further 400 metres of telecoms cables are to be relaid. Teams have worked day and night over the past few weeks to effect repairs, and also remove the crane pad built over the Carron Water for the recovery of the carriages. A considerable amount of engineering work is also being undertaken to repair and extend drainage systems both on the railway and on land above the line (see picture). Water flowing…

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transpennine and northern to create additonal jobs

BOTH TransPennine (TPE) and Northern have announced recruitment schemes, which together will create 220 jobs. Northern is aiming to improve diversity levels within its workforce, and is recruiting 160 staff for a variety of roles, including station staff, drivers, conductors, engineering and support functions. The company is particularly seeking the next generation of black, ethnic minority, female and younger employees, especially people who have not considered rail as a career. Neil Stephenson, head of learning and talent at Northern, said: “Northern has many career opportunities, and last year alone we had nearly 54,000 applications for 600 vacancies. “As an industry we are keen to deliver a diverse workforce which represents the communities we serve and attract the next generation to rail. “Northern has made progress over the past few years, but there is more work…

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govia thameslink doubles number of applications from female drivers

GOVIA Thameslink Railway (GTR) has managed to double the number of female train driver applicants from 413 in 2019 to 825 in 2020 through a series of dedicated recruitment and marketing campaigns. Zoey Hudson, GTR’s head of talent, diversity and inclusion, commented: “We’ve invested heavily in a recruitment campaign packed full of programmes. "Our campaigns are aimed at debunking the stereotypes associated with careers in the rail industry, and humanising our brands, while demonstrating the huge versatility of roles available, with the intention of attracting a more diverse workforce. “We look forward to being the driving force behind the rail¹s mission to recruit more women.” GTR runs the Southern, Thameslink, Great Northern and Gatwick Express services.…