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The ShedThe Shed

The Shed July-August 2018

The Shed is Eclectic, informed and always fascinating, there is something to interest everyone in The Shed. Aimed at those with a few tools and perhaps a few clues, this is the magazine for real sheddies. Packed with ideas, projects, advice and peeks into other people’s sheds.

New Zealand
Parkside Media
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6 Issues


3 min.
the penny has just dropped

I have only been the editor of this magazine since last June so, to be honest, I still have an awful lot to learn. I take advice and direction on what articles should be published in The Shed from our readers first, of course; then our great team of writers; and my friends and colleagues. I’m not sure that anyone can be an expert on everything shed-like but frankly, almost all of our crew of writers are pretty well clued-up on a wide range of subjects. The ex-publisher of this magazine, Jude Woodside, seems to be totally clued-up on everything shed-related because anytime I have a query on almost anything, he has the answer. Impressive. We are very grateful for his continued involvement in The Shed as a writer and our technical…

4 min.
from injury to   inspiration

When builder Steven Price suffered a severe neck injury at work he turned the accident into an opportunity. The Whanganui sheddie no longer mounts scaffolding; instead he designs and constructs much smaller buildings. His timber birdhouses tickle the imagination, but they won’t fly away or fall apart because he draws on his many years of experience in the building and construction industry to make them solid and durable. As a stimulus for his design ideas Steven browses books in the library then takes his pencil to the drawing board. The Treehouse Masters television programme is another source of inspiration. He has designed and built birdhouses inspired by windmills, medieval castles, and log cabins. Some also suggest an Asian influence, but Steven says that the designs all come out of his head. To…

2 min.
under construction

On the kitchen table a hexagonal tower with an annex is taking shape. Steven has designed it with reversed battens, windows with pointed arches, and balconies with little braces. He made the six panels up flat on the table and got his girlfriend to hold them in place while he screwed the panels onto the plywood floor structure inside. The valleyed truss roof of the annex is quite intricate. “If I wasn’t a builder by trade I don’t think I’d be able to do them. I put it together as a truss roof. If I hadn’t, I imagine it would’ve gone all higgledy-piggledy and dodgy as. So I found a way to make trusses and worked from there, making the ridges and valleys. Once I’ve formed the roof I get a piece…

2 min.
shed power

There’s something to be said for the power of numbers. It seems that sheddies will be an even more vital part of their communities in the future if sheer numbers are anything to go by. By 2020 there will be more New Zealanders over the age of 65 than under the age of 15. By 2036 this group will constitute 22 per cent of the population, as against 15 per cent today. Menzshed members throughout New Zealand attending a recent conference heard how the growth in the senior population and extended life expectancy are redefining what it means to be old. “We are all ageing. It matters to all of us that New Zealand is a place where we have the opportunity to age positively and well,” Diane Turner, director of the…

1 min.
the shed online

What’s happening online at theshedmag.co.nz? Every week we upload new content on The Shed website joining the 100s of articles and videos already on the site for readers to discover and enjoy. The past two months’ new uploads include: • an article by John Stichbury on making model engines and spark plugs • a short video of Oamaru stone carver Sean Briggs at work in his mobile shed • the launch of our Build a Useless Machine competition • four introductory articles on understanding Arduino. These are just some of the new uploads to our website these past two months. Visit theshedmag.co.nz to enjoy even more.…

2 min.

Letter of the MONTH Rainwater suggestions Having depended on rainwater for many years I think there are better ways to improve the quality of water captured from a roof without buying a range of off-the-shelf products that cost quite a bit of money (The Shed, Issue No. 77). Normally, if it’s all of the roof water being captured, the downpipes link up to one 100mm diameter pipe which will either surround the house underground or perhaps run through the crawl space. This pipe feeds up the side of the tank and into the inlet. The simplest way to ensure the first flush is diverted is to simply install a diversion valve in the pipe as seen in the picture of our tank. All I do is leave the valve open so if there’s…