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August 2021

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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It’s been a long time coming, but live music is beginning to return. Rehearsal rooms are opening for business, bands are booking tours, and, at a grassroots level, live shows are once again happening and on the rise. Guitarists who used to gig regularly now face getting themselves gig-ready again, but what does that entail? Well, for me, my gear needs a little attention. Guitars benefit from regular setups, after all. Pedalboards need thorough checks for dead batteries, correct output levels, damaged patch cables, and if, like me, you’ve dismantled your ’board or bought new pedals during the pandemic, you’ll probably need to experiment to set them up again. With your rig up and running, there’s the issue of relearning your repertoire and getting your playing back up to speed too.…

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being a money player

Though live he usually uses thick plastic picks, on record the peso is as much part of Billy Gibbons folklore as Pearly Gates and his facial hair. “It’s the stridency of the coin,” he says. “There’s no give.” Billy has his pesos machined into the shape of a standard plectrum, but if you can’t find a peso, then try any other coins, those with a non-serrated edge work best. You’ll be sacrificing speed for tone here – you’ll need a catering pack of new strings if you’re going to try to tremolo pick or, harder still, alternate pick with a coin. But much like Brian May with his sixpence, this stridency/lack of give results in a lot of attack, volume and that satisfying metal-on-metal clunk when striking the strings. Such…

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“people love live music because it’s not perfect”

Justin Hawkins is more than a little excited about getting back on stage with The Darkness. His only concern is that it might prove a little too exciting. “Life has been so boring without live music,” the high-singing, guitar-slinging frontman says. “So it’s going to be a real culture shock when gigs start up. Nothing can prepare you for the thrill of seeing all those faces. So you need to prepare purely on a medical level, especially when you get to my age... 28! I might explode, you know?” Justin is speaking to TG from the place where The Darkness record and rehearse - the studio at the Sussex home of his brother Dan, the band’s rhythm guitarist. Here, a new album, titled Motorheart, has just been finished. It’s also where…

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open-mic songbook led zeppelin going to california

In 1971 Led Zeppelin were poised to become the biggest rock band in the world. It was the year they released their magnum opus, the untitled ‘Led Zeppelin IV’. In amongst big hitters like When The Levee Breaks, Black Dog and Stairway To Heaven is this month’s track – the album’s penultimate song, written while the band were recording at Headley Grange with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. With no drums, the arrangement consists of just a mandolin (delivered by bassist/ keyboardist John Paul Jones) and two guitar lines – an acoustic six-string and an overdubbed 12-string part, both played by Jimmy Page. Going To California is played in double drop D tuning (DADGBD), so you will need to retune your guitar before you start. The song is a great introduction…

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on lockdown

The double-locking tremolo design is owned and licensed by Floyd Rose and it divides player opinion, but the association with shredders, tricky string changes and fiddly tuning is somewhat unfair, to say the least. We’d argue it’s simply a matter of getting used to the change and then enjoying the greater tonal and practical flexibility offered here. The idea of the locking system is to remove any tuning variables from string winds at the tuning pegs; each string is locked at each end, with a locking nut preventing the machine heads from being used, and a ‘floating bridge’ held and balanced against the string tension via a spring design that locks at the other end.…

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fender mustang micro £89.99

Gear is subjective – we all gravitate to different things, sometimes surprisingly when it’s something we didn’t expect to like. But there’s a fundamental question we like to ask about new guitar gear; is it going to make a lot of people want to play more? “IT WILL MAKE YOU PLAY, AND ENJOY IT, EVEN MORE” Fender have recent form for breaking new ground to answer that question with an affirmative; Fender Play successfully tackles the question of how to keep new players... playing. Even the Acoustasonic series bridges the worlds of electric and acoustic in a fresh way that’s inspiring to experience. But the Mustang Micro’s appeal is far more universal than that. It’s something every electric guitar player would benefit from owning. The Mustang Micro takes some of the modelling tech…