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Trail October 2020

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If you love to sling on a backpack, head for the hills and do some wild camping, Trail Magazine is for you. Each issue is packed with: - Routes with full OS mapping - Reviews of the latest outdoor kit - The UK’s best outdoor writing - Exclusive picture and video content As the UK’s biggest and best-selling hillwalking magazine, we specialize in the most beautiful, most spectacular and most challenging regions of Britain and Europe – and inform you about all the tools you need to explore them. If you want adventure you’ll love Trail, and Trail will love you.

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learn from the pros

The word ‘expert’ is very overused. When it comes to mountains, I’m certainly not one. I could tell you where a lot of them are, what it’s like to walk up and gaze off the top of them, and how happy/knackered/inspired you’ll feel afterwards, but that’s your lot. When it comes to proper mountain experts, I’m talking about qualified professionals whose job it is to take your experiences to the next level, whether that’s by showing you hidden local secrets, guiding you on your first scramble or teaching you how to navigate properly. Ever wanted to know how to explore off- path, pack the right kit, react in an emergency, plan your first family adventure, take epic mountain photos, or simply know how to identify symbols on your map? Then…

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base camp

DARTMOOR YES TOR When is a mountain a mountain? Or not a mountain, for that matter? Well, despite scraping over the oft quoted mountain threshold of 600m above sea-level, 619m Yes Tor doesn’t feel like much of a mountain. It isn’t really, although it feels significantly more ‘peaky’ than Dartmoor’s highestpoint, the 2m higher High Willhays. What it is, though, is remote, wild, and a cracking adventure – just some of the reasons Yes Tor makes it onto the Trail 100 list while itshigher neighbour doesn’t. The landscape here is ancient; heavy with history, both natural and human, and laden with myth and legend. Yes Tor’s summit is the site oftwo Bronze Age burial cairns, and while the definite etymology of its name is disputed, one theory is that its 13th century…

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beyond possible

I’ve always wanted to test myself at the highest level. At 15 years old I was training as a Gurkha and I would get up at 2am and go running for 30km, making sure I was back before 5am so no one noticed. Gurkha training was really tough, but the British Special Forces selection was a different league. We spent a lot of time in the Brecon Beacons in sideways rain, and in mist that meant nav had to be spot on. The British mountains are great for training, and even on these smaller hills you have to be bob-on or you could die. Hooked by mountains Over the years I started to wonder what was humanly possible. In December 2012 at the age of 29 I went to Everest Base Camp.…

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trail picks

VIEW WITH A ROOM DUCHRAY CASTLE LOCH LOMOND NATIONAL PARK Deep in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, nestled between Ben Lomond and Ben Venue, is a castle straight from the pages of a fairy tale. Best of all, it can actually be yours for a week or two. Not only will you have your own mini loch, spiral staircase, turrets and vaulted dining room, but the hillwalking opportunities are endless. Wildlife here is abundant and heating is provided by a renewable bio-mass heating system. We’ve done a few calculations, and sleeping a group of eight in the four bedrooms works out at £64 per person per night. Need a smaller option? The separate West Wing sleeps four but still gives you access to these, frankly, amazing surroundings… duchraycastle.com Pub of the month After a blast…

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our rare and protected valkyries of the sky

If, when you’re in the mountains, you catch sight of something in the sky that looks as big as a barn door, then there’s a good chance you’re looking at a white-tailed eagle. At the beginning of the 20th century, the white-tailed eagles (WTE) were persecuted by gamekeepers and fishery owners until they became extinct in Britain. Then it was just the golden eagle that was left to represent the noble eagle family. So 45 years ago a project was started to reintroduce the WTE to Britain. Now we have a self-sustaining population of these huge raptors and they seem to be spreading. Over the last ten years, whenever I’ve been in the west of Scotland, I’ve normally been lucky enough to glimpse that familiar looming presence of a WTE in the…

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green exercise

The pressures of COVID-related lockdown have placed a huge strain on the mental health of millions of people, but outdoor exercise is one of the few things we’ve all been able to do regularly. Trail looks at some of the many reasons walking is a fantastic way to manage your mental wellbeing. 65% of people have spent time outside to cope with the pressures of lockdown 56% have been exercising regularly for the same reason 94% of people who take part in outdoor activities say it benefits their mental health *Statistics provided by Mind, the mental health charity Stephen Buckley, Head of Information at Mind “Spending time in nature, particularly exercising, can be great for your mental and physical health. Activities like walking or hiking have many positive effects. These include allowing you to get away…