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March 2020

Trout & Salmon magazine has been the voice of fly fishing since 1955. Every issue, the world’s most respected writers and experts in salmon, trout and sea-trout fishing contribute inspirational articles, along with beautiful photography from the world’s finest game-fishing destinations. Learn from expert fishermen who describe the latest tactics and flies that are bringing success. Read our guides on the UK's best game fisheries. See what's being caught with our authoritative record documenting the state of Britain and Ireland’s wild game fisheries. And decide on your latest kit purchase with the best comparison tests in fly fishing.

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salmon for everyone

NEXT MONTH T&S WILL HAVE A facelift with more pages, better paper, a new look and added contributors and articles. It follows the closure of our sister title Trout Fisherman, which, after 40 years, ceases publication as a stand-alone magazine. Trout & Salmon is a magazine for all fly-fishers and we will be growing our stillwater and reservoir trout-fishing coverage on top of everything you already expect from T&S. The relaunched magazine will be published on March 5, just in time for the start of the new season. I’m sure T&S readers will welcome Trout Fisherman readers into the fold. It’s made me think hard about the false barriers that exist in our sport. In particular, there is a misconception among many trout anglers that salmon fishing is too expensive and…

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trout & salmon

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wish you were here?

RIVER THURSO, CAITHNESS The season has already started on this fine, fly-only salmon river and in March the main run of spring fish should arrive, keeping anglers’ hopes of a springer high until the end of May. As June is historically one of the better months, followed by a grilse run and the arrival of summer salmon, the Thurso can be one of the Highlands’ top performers with catches per rod exceeding many of Scotland’s more celebrated rivers. The Thurso flows out of Loch More in the bleak but beautiful Flow Country. It hosts 13 beats over its 26 miles: beat one is held for local anglers and members of Thurso Angling Association, but the remaining 12 two-rod beats are available to let on a rota and vary in length from just…

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angler's bookshelf

NO. 19 HUGH TEMPEST SHERINGHAM (1876-1930) H.T.Sheringham was angling editor of The Field from 1903 until his early death in 1930. He was an all-round angler, though much of his writing is about trout fishing, especially on the chalkstreams. He was a masterful storyteller, contributing much to the angling press and writing six angling books as well as numerous lesser publications and a few novels. He edited new editions of Scrope and Ronalds, and was at the helm of Where to Fish through the 1920s. If you have not yet read Sheringham dip into Tom Fort’s compilation - you have a rare treat in store! “H. T. Sheringham ranks among the finest fishing writers of the twentieth century … No fish escaped his interest, even if it did sometimes escape his creel…

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price guide

An Angler’s Hours. (1905) £80 to £150, depending on condition. Elements Of Angling. (1908) First edition £50 to £100. Other editions £20 to £50 An Open Creel. (1910) Around £100, but up to £200 in the scarce dust-wrapper. Coarse Fishing. (1912) Issued in a number of different bindings, the earliest being the most elaborate. Price depends on binding and condition but generally between £50 and £150. Trout Fishing: Memories And Morals. (1920) Around £50, but up to £100 in the scarce dust-wrapper. Fishing: Its Cause, Treatment And Cure. (1925) £40 to £60, depending on condition. The Book Of The Fly Rod. Edited By Hugh Sheringham & John C. Moore. (1931) Around £50, but up to £150 in the scarce dust-wrapper. There is also an inexpensive modern paperback edition, usually less than £10. An Angler For All Seasons: The Best Of H.T. Sheringham. Chosen and…

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care for your catch

Releasing a salmon quickly and preserving the memory with a photograph can be tricky. Follow these guidelines to make sure your fish has the best chance of survival. Before fishing a pool, identify where you can land the fish safely. Somewhere without sharp rocks or grit, which can harm the fish’s protective mucous and scales. Play and land fish quickly to avoid exhausting them. Using a net is preferable and keep the fish in the water at all times. Do not drag it up the bank. Use a net with fish-friendly knotless small mesh. Never lift the fish by its tail or gills. Ensure your hands are wet. Use long-nosed forceps to remove the hook quickly and minimise contact with the fish. If a fish is deeply hooked, near its gills, cut the line near the hook…