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TV Soap 31 Aug 2020

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from the editor

How great is it to have new storylines from The Bold and the Beautiful? I’m personally loving Tanner Novlan as Dr Finnegan... what a great addition to the cast and especially into Steffy’s life. Our US correspondent, Michael Maloney, caught up with head honcho Bradley Bell for an exclusive preview on what’s coming up on B&B. There are plenty of blockbuster episodes ahead... check out all the details in our cover story from page 4. Plus, there is so much good Aussie drama to watch in the coming fortnight, including Halifax FP: Retribution, Wentworth, Neighbours, Home and Away, Between Two Worlds and the new ground-breaking mini series Hungry Ghosts. And streaming is bursting with new content and old favourites. Enjoy this issue and stay safe.…

6 min
the inside scoop

“Steffy’s been involved with all the Spencer men... now she’s breaking free with a young, handsome doctor!” The Bold and the Beautiful is back and the drama has never been more powerful! Will Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) handsome new doctor, John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) be able to save her from a prescription addiction? And how will Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Shauna’s (Denise Richards) marriage affect the Forrester dynasty? Can Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill’s (Don Diamont) marriage survive? Brad Bell, B&B’s executive producer/head writer, chatted with TV Soap to answer these burning questions and more now that BOLD is back! TV Soap: Congratulations on not only being back in production, but also for leading the way in Hollywood on how to produce a drama series in the era of COVID-19. Bradley Bell: Thank…

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telling stories in a covid-19 world

TVS: Writing scenes with only two people in them, to make it safer for the actors, may make things more efficient, but hasn’t this genre always been about putting two characters in a room and having them talk? Bell: Yes, I think there are advantages to the new normal now. We use a smaller crew and cast and fewer people in scenes, which allows for an intimacy that you can’t get into in group scenes. That’s part of the reason I’m very excited about our upcoming shows. We’re playing out the intricacies and complexities of interpersonal relationships. That’s more of what soap operas have always been about. That’s not to say we won’t have [group scenes]. We had a big meeting about a remote location we’re planning to shoot in the…

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wedding woes bridal crasher

Pleased to put aside the decades of heartache that have long prevented them from being together, Nicole and Eric are keen to seal their love with a wedding to remember. When Eric proposes that they hold the ceremony at the Brady Pub, Nicole joyously agrees, believing that Eric’s beloved deceased grandparents Shawn and Caroline will be able to be present in spirit. On the morning of his wedding, Eric (Greg Vaughan) definitely feels as though the elder Bradys are with him as he dresses for the ceremony. Stunned when Roman (Josh Taylor) hands him a letter that Caroline wrote before she died, a tearful Eric reads how Caroline always saw him as a special person who deserved to experience the same deep and abiding love she shared with Shawn, and that…

4 min
nuptials explosive

Blissfully happy ahead of their upcoming wedding, Ciara and Ben aren’t prepared for an onslaught of obstacles that threaten to derail their big day. The bride-to-be even puts aside her suspicions that Claire recently tried to ruin her wedding dress and encourages Ben to give her once-unstable niece a second chance to redeem herself for past actions, by allowing Claire to help Ben pick out a proper engagement ring for Ciara. However, it appears that Ciara (Victoria Konefal) may regret her decision when Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) surprises her with a proposal on bended knee, only for them to discover the engagement ring is missing when the box is opened! Suspecting that Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) stole the ring so she could ruin their wedding, Ben accuses her of theft, leaving Claire…

6 min
truth be told

Melody Thomas Scott’s life, both on and off the screen, in her newly released memoir Melody Thomas Scott, beloved as Nikki Reed Newman on The Young and the Restless, has already delved into her personal life for a couple of big Y&R events over the years (think, the 1998 time-capsule dedication to Y&R, and the set-side celebration last year in honour of her playing her character Nikki for 40 years), but now she’s going all in with her memoir, Always Young and Restless, which is due out on August 18. “It took many years to get the guts to sit down and start writing it,” Scott tells TV Soap. “I had to unlock a lot of emotional things in my mind.” The book is a record of both Scott’s professional and personal…