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TV Soap 23 Nov 2020

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from the editor

New battle lines are drawn and a love quadrangle begins to simmer on new, exciting episodes of super soap The Bold and The Beautiful! Check out our cover story this issue. We chat with the show’s headwriter/ executive producer Brad Bell, who gives us his insight on that much talked about mannequin being used on the show. Feast your eyes on our telenovela special with our picks of what you must watch. There’s lots of new content coming up on all streaming platforms, including the new season of The Crown. Keep up to date on what’s ahead on Days of Our Lives, Neighbours and The Young and The Restless, plus the best of the UK soaps. Enjoy the issue and stay safe.…

4 min
let’s get physical!

“Why is Hope taking Thomas’ side regarding his bizarre new obsession?” Actors may be keeping their distance on the B&B set, but the characters on the canvas are getting up close and personal with each other as their lives unfold in dramatic fashion over the next few weeks! In My Sister’s Shadow Sibling dynamics have been a part of B&B ever since the show started. The tradition continues as Paris (Diamond White), Zoe’s (Kiara Barnes) sister, has made the scene. Her arrival will most likely turn the Zende (Delon de Metz)/ Zoe/ Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) triangle into a full-fledged quadrangle! Just as Zoe found Zende intriguing and attractive upon meeting him in the flesh, Paris will likewise make a connection with the handsome designer. In fact, the two appear to have some kind of…

5 min
circle of friends

The sparks are flying between Zende (Delon de Metz) and Zoe (Kiara Barnes) on The Bold and the Beautiful, but neither of them wants to hurt Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), whom Zende sees as a big brother. TV Soap recently chatted with de Metz about how he’s adjusting to life on B&B and Zende’s state of mind. Read on for the scoop! TV Soap: You’ve really hit the ground running… How’s it been going? Delon de Metz: Thank you. I think the feedback has been good. I’ve become more comfortable as this has become part of my daily life. I still get the rush, and it feels like I’m at summer camp, but I have become more accustomed. I’ve been forming rapports with my scene partners. When Zoe and Zende first met, they told each…

4 min
a question of consent

“Tripp denies the paternity charge, insisting that he and Allie never had sex!” Amid the ongoing brouhaha over Allie’s pregnancy, baby Henry’s subsequent birth and the custody tussle for him between Sami and Nicole, the issue of who fathered the child was a question that went unanswered. Although Allie much preferred that silence was golden on that issue, the sudden reappearance of Steve’s son, Tripp, in Salem has changed all of that. Rattled to have set eyes on him, Allie finally confessed that it was Tripp who seduced and impregnated her in London. Sensing that there’s much more to the conception story than Allie (Lindsay Arnold) is divulging, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) gently encourages her niece to confide in her, but she is stunned when Allie admits she got drunk and passed out…

2 min
titans at war

By installing Xander and Philip as co-CEOs of Titan Industries, Victor always knew there would be much more than blood spilt as the cousins’ mutual hatred for each other inevitably boiled over. Sure enough, the guys were jockeying for position and it soon took an ugly turn when Xander manipulated Jan Spears into having Philip arrested for threatening to kill her! Anticipating that the arrest is a decisive nail in Philip’s (Jay Kenneth Johnson) proverbial coffin, Xander (Paul Telfer) smugly reads the news reports of his enemy’s legal troubles until Philip arrives, eager to wipe the smirk of his face. He promises he will wriggle out of the criminal charges now that he has Belle (Martha Madison) acting as his attorney. Infuriated that Xander had him arrested, Philip slings insults at…

4 min
a hidden enemy

“After she was almost killed in the elevator fall, Chelsea tells Billy she wants to spend time with their son, Johnny” In ordering Alyssa Montalvo to write a sordid exposé that would unleash all of Adam’s crimes and misdemeanours for public consumption, Billy knew he would provoke a reaction that was far worse than taunting the bull with the proverbial red rag. Sure enough, Adam vowed to kill Billy for his journalistic destruction, but showing initial restraint, he filed a lawsuit to rob Billy and Chancellor Communications of the wealth they were deriving from their story of smut on him. Dealt a blow when the judge dismissed the case, Adam roared that Billy had created a monster in him, and when Chelsea tried to calm down her lover, Adam made things…