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TV Soap 07 Dec 2020

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goodbye and farewell...

It seems not long ago at all that I received a phone call from a guy called Ben Mitchell, asking me to interview as feature writer for a television magazine dedicated to American daytime soap operas. That was 30 years ago and Ben Mitchell was the founding editor of what would become a big part of my life: TV Soap magazine. And what a wonderful and momentous life it’s been. When I took on the role as Editor in 2000, TV Soap went from being a monthly magazine to the fortnightly one you know and have loved for the past two decades. ... 20 years at the helm opened the door to many exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and so many stories, from visits to the sets of the shows in Los Angeles,…

5 min
breaking point

We’ve seen Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) mental state decline over the last few months on The Bold and the Beautiful. The combined traumas of childhood and young adult life have caused him to live in a space between reality and fantasy. As those around him have grown suspicious of his behaviour, Thomas has stepped up his game to hang onto his sense of reality, but it may be too late! Sure, Thomas is able to fool many around him, but he can’t trick Liam (Scott Clifton) into thinking that he’s okay. Liam was the first person to spy the Hope mannequin in Thomas’ apartment. Right away, he knew that something was up and something was ‘off’ when it came to Thomas. No matter how quickly Thomas came up with excuses, Liam refused…

5 min
minds matter

Viewers were initially stunned when they saw Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) talking to a mannequin in the image of Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) on The Bold and the Beautiful. The instant reaction from some was that the show might have been poking fun at the use of real-life mannequins on the show, which was necessary to keep personnel safe from COVID-19. However, it’s something far more serious than that… In fact, Thomas is struggling to maintain control of his life! “This isn’t a fetish storyline,” Atkinson explains. “It’s the story of a guy who has mental illness, what brings it on and why it’s here. We don’t know, but as it goes along, we’ll understand why this is happening to him.” Atkinson says he consulted with a psychologist after he learned Thomas was…

4 min
in memory of dina

Dina’s (Marla Adams) passing on The Young and the Restless was as tragic as it was inevitable given that she was diagnosed with the degenerative illness Alzheimer’s disease. Now her daughter, Traci (Beth Maitland), is poised to be the glue that holds the Abbott clan together. As viewers were reminded in classic re-airings of Y&R over the summer, Dina had walked out on her husband, John (Jerry Douglas), and children, Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Traci, decades ago. She returned sporadically over the years for family events, and made a more permanent return about four years ago. The Abbott kids stepped up and cared for their mother until the end, despite being abandoned in their formative years. “It’s complicated,” says Maitland. “It’s an interesting requirement of the Abbott children –…

3 min
frights in the night

After an arduous struggle to recover from his cerebral haemorrhage, John is finally well enough to be released from hospital and return home. However, his physical improvement isn’t matched by his mental rehabilitation, which continues leaving Marlena concerned as John’s angry and violent outbursts overshadow what should be a joyous occasion. All she can do is try and keep him calm, knowing his mental health will get better in time. Her caregiving skills on high alert, Marlena (Deidre Hall) has to take action when John’s (Drake Hogestyn) emotions fray during an unsettling conversation about Allie’s (Lindsay Arnold) rape at the Brady Pub. When an oblivious Roman (Josh Taylor) witnesses John’s agitation, Marlena quickly covers, suggesting that John takes painkillers to ease the pain from the hand wound he suffered from punching…

3 min
devil dad’s daring move

Lost in a grief-fuelled fog for several days since learning of Vincent’s claim that he fatally shot Ciara after she survived the car explosion at the airfield, Ben has only one thought on his mind. Having stolen Vincent’s gun, he caresses it intently as he robotically intones to a picture of Ciara that “the gun he used to kill you will send him straight to hell. Right where he belongs!” Preparing to leave for the kill, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) is startled when Marlena (Deidre Hall) interrupts to check on her patient’s psychiatric welfare. He is in no mood to talk and covers his angst to get rid of Marlena, only to remain rooted to the spot when a blackout sweeps across Salem. Alone in his darkened apartment, Ben reels to…