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September 2021

Published by BandLab UK Limited. Uncut is the essential magazine about rock music, written by people who love that music as much as you do. Every month, it features the most comprehensive and trustworthy album reviews section in the world. There are in-depth interviews with the finest musicians of the past five decades, and with the exciting new artists who are following in their great tradition. Insightful, informative, passionate about extraordinary music – that’s Uncut.

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Do you consider yourselves retro? SHANNON SHAW: It’s always irked me. It oversimplifies our art. However, I don’t know another single word that could sum up our sound and vibe. No-one wants to be painted with one colour, or wear the same patterned suit forever! I’ve never sat down and said to myself, “Ok, time to write a song that sounds like a throwback, retro tune!” No way! What were you going for in terms of the instrumentation and references? CODY BLANCHARD: Lately I’ve been attracted to glam, baroque pop, disco, non-Beatles ’60s and ’70s Brit pop – the period where psychedelia was no longer cutting edge and had been digested and infused more broadly into pop. African and South American ’60s and ’70s pop stuff – the unpredictable reimagining and kind of…

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1 So Long Tomorrow 2 Old Enough For You 3 Shoes Too Tight 4 Nothing To You 5 On A Spanish Dune 6 Frank Bacon 7 I’ve Been Where You Are 8 No Time For Eternity 9 Give My World 10 Something Tender Produced by: Liam Kazar and James Elkington Recorded at: Foxhall and Nada Studio, Chicago; Flying Cloud, West Shokan; Refuge Arts, Appleton, WI Personnelincludes: Liam Kazar (gtrs, bass, keys, vocals), SpencerTweedy (drums), Lane Beckstrom(bass), JamesElkington (pedalsteel, perc), Andrew Sa (vocals)…

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What have you learnt from Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn? KAZAR: The biggest thing I’ve taken from Jeff and Steve is that writing songs and playing them is a wonderful and harmless way to live your life. I feel lucky to have toured with two folks who’ve been at it for some time and still feel like it’s a worthwhile venture. You have a strong relationship with Lane Beckstrom and Spencer Tweedy. What do they bring to the table? That’s where I started. First two people outside my family I played music with, when I was about 12. I knew they were great but then you meet new people and realise you’re lucky to have come up playing with musicians like them. There’s a deep shared musical language. I can talk through a…

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the specialist

JACKIE LEVEN Straight Outta Caledonia… The Songs Of Jackie Leven NIGHT SCHOOL/SCHOOL DAZE 9/10 Solo career-spanning set, long needed, by one of Scotland’s finest songwriters REVELATIONS come from the most unexpected corners. For Michael Kasparis, who runs Glasgow’s Night School imprint, the keys to the kingdom of late Scottish songwriter Jackie Leven were gifted to him by friend and label artist Molly Nilsson. “I instantly knew I was listening to a miracle,” Nilsson writes in the liner notes to Straight Outta Caledonia, of her first encounter with Leven’s music. “The best song ever written.” That song, “The Sexual Loneliness Of Jesus Christ”, long considered one of Leven’s greatest, leads Straight Outta Caledonia. The experience of hearing the song for the first time was so profound for Kasparis that he almost crashed his car. That’s a…

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“i have no idea what i’m doing”

“THERE would be riots if I didn’t play some Fleetwood Mac, but beyond that I have no idea what the set’s gonna be. It all seems so intangible to me because it’s been so long [ since I toured ]. I asked for a couple of extra weeks of rehearsal because I have no idea what I’m doing, I have no callouses, I don’t know how my voice will be under the duress of rehearsals every day – we’re about to find out. When I had the [ heart ] bypass they jammed this breathing tube down my throat and there was a period of time when I was talking like this [ hoarse ] afterwards. There was some question whether I’d be able to sing again, I was seeing…

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from let it be  get back to

MICHAEL LINDSAYHOGG: “Apple were worried I might throw a wobbly when they said Peter Jackson was interested in looking at the Let It Be footage – but I couldn’t be happier. Peter is a great filmmaker. What Peter said to me is that it is a very interesting job because he is making a documentary about the making of a documentary. “I am involved peripherally, not in any major way. It’s so much material you could make five different movies. The rough cut of Let It Be ran about 30 minutes longer. There was a feeling there was too much John and Yoko, and the other three didn’t want to emphasise that – it was meant to be about the four of them. I always hoped some sequences I had to…