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Issue 448

Unique Cars is Australia's premier magazine and marketplace for special interest, classic, collectible and performance cars. A veritable showcase of Australia's finest vintage, classic, sports, modified and luxury cars. With classic, luxury and performance car reviews (new and used), specialist car and club events as well as over 1000 cars for sale in gloss colour. Unique Cars is both a window shopper and buyer's dream. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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test run

YOU MIGHT be familiar with this syndrome. It happens when you go for the first proper drive in your ‘new’ toy. That is, new to you, but in reality a few decades old. This is the acid test, the time you work out whether it will be okay or, as you secretly suspect, you’ve just blown your dough. In some ways, there’s a great argument for paying someone else to do this for you. A proper shake-down run where the driver has no emotional investment. But then you’d miss out on the mix of fear and loathing (sounds like a book title…), mixed with joy and relief. Which is where we were the other weekend, spouse Ms M senior and I, pounding the pavement with our latest money-pit, the 1993 BMW 850Ci.…

1 min.
hispano leads luxo comeback

THOUGH THINGS may be tough for much of the world, there are still enough wellheeled enthusiasts out there to keep makers of custombuilt low-volume hypercars employed. One of the latest manifestations is this, the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne. Now if you're not right up with these ubermarques, the Spanish brand claims an automotive and aviation history going back to 1904. This all-electric monster claims an aweinspiring 820kW and a top speed of 290km/h. The body is coated carbon-fibre while the internal fit-out is done to the customer's specification. Build time is 12 months, and you'll need somewhere north of $2.6 million (plus taxes etc) to land one in the driveway. Hispano says it is making just 19 of the Carmen, of which only five will be this Boulogne edition. While this may seem…

1 min.
birdwood holden show

THE NATIONAL Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia, last month opened up a special exhibition called Holden Heroes, featuring many vehicles from what was the GMH historic fleet. The core of the show comes from GMH's own Holden Heritage collection. As we reported last issue, while some vehicles were sold off the majority have been kept and shared among several museums across the country. Birdwood's new show boasts 18 cars from the fleet with 12 concept cars. Among them are iconic exercises such as Efijy, the Hurricane and the GTR-X, The latter recently celebrated 50 years and was profiled in issue 447. Two grand-daughters of the late Sir Edward Holden attended the opening of the show: Joan Lyons and Didy McLauren. According to an ABC report, General Motors Australia and New Zealand Managing Director…

1 min.
seen something?

SUPER SUPRA I haven't seen one of these in ages. This Supra went a long way to help Toyota loose their cardigan. RIC STEWART - VIA EMAIL PRETTY TARGA Its funny how in a sea of modern metal with their bells and whistles, a beaut oldie from another era turns far more heads. BERNIE LOMAX - VIA EMAIL MOFFAT MUSTANG Yeah, it is a Mustang but dressed up in Al pal's 1977 XC Falcon colours. You know, the year he and Bondy went 1-2 at Bathurst JOE COLLLINS - VIA EMAIL EVOLUTION PAJERO THOMAS GREEN - VIA EMAIL I could not believe my eyes when I saw this Mistubishi Pajero in a carpark, these things are rare! Glenn Torrens would have had kittens…

1 min.
classic dakar

IT'S EARLY days and the entry numbers are modest so far, but the annual Dakar raid is for the first time offering a 'classic' alternative to the main event. Called Dakar Classic, the idea is you get involved in a reliability trial, rather than a flat-out rally, in your 1980s or 1990s rally-raid replica. The route mirrors what's happening with the main course, however it dodges some of the more destructive sections, such as the huge and car-swallowing sand dunes. According to the organisers, "The Dakar of the 1980s and 1990s was packed with images and stories that forged the DNA of the event. Although these historic vehicles are no longer competitive, they still have a lot to say and are now poised to step back into the ring." See Dakar.com/en/dakarclassic…

3 min.
vale john harvey

With the recent passing of John Harvey OAM, aged 82, the Australian motorsport pantheon lost one of its greats, not that the humble Harvey would ever have referred to himself as one. While he was a prodigious talent, Harvey was not a grandstander, rather he was a reliable and professional team player in a tough, competitive sport that has little room for pretenders and also-rans. Although overshadowed by his glamorous touring car teammate Peter Brock, Harvey was widely respected by all he worked with and raced against. Like many of his generation, he was the consummate all-rounder. In the late 1950s and early 1960s he honed his skills on widow-maker dirt track speedways winning three NSW Speedcar Championships and two Victorian titles. In 1964 he graduated to road racing, mostly campaigning Brabham…