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VertdeVin Magazine Summer 2020

Vertdevin is an tri-annual English language wine magazine. Inside there are various sections : interviews, articles, a Buying guide and 800-1,000 Wine & Spirits reviews..

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domaine trapet

Domaine Trapet is one of the mythical family properties of Burgundy. With a history dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, it is also one of the oldest Burgundian houses still in the hands of the founding family. Known and recognized for its different cuvées in Gevrey but also in Chambertin, it currently covers around 19 hectares cultivated in Biodynamics and produces around twenty different labels. ”The way of the sweetness and the respect of my soil but also, of my vines allows me to walk towards the highest degree of expression of my soils. ” We invite you to go together to meet Jean-Louis Trapet, passionate and fascinating winemaker. Why did you choose to make wine? Jean-Louis Trapet: I think it was done in a confused way, in a tenuous way.…

3 min
château dalem

Château Dalem is a family property located in AOC Fronsac and more precisely in the town of Saillans. Even though the beautiful building dates back to the 18th century, the creation of the vineyard dates back to 1610. Currently the Dalem vineyards extend over 40 hectares. On a clay-limestone soil with, in places, the latter (note: limestone) more or less deep. Indeed, the vineyard extends over a few plateaus and hillsides, hence its small geological variations. It was in 1955 the Rullier family, already owner of Château De La Huste (Fronsac), acquired Château Dalem. Michel Rullier would then employ the next 40 years to awaken this ”sleeping beauty” by completely renovating the facilities and also the vineyard. Today his daughter, Brigitte Rullier-Loussert, is in charge of the family properties. Let’s go together to…

4 min
château noaillac

Château Noaillac is a Médoc family property classified Cru Bourgeois Supérieur, located in the commune of Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac in the North Médoc. It was acquired in 1982 by the Pagès family, at the time already the owner of Château La Tour de By. At the time, the vineyard was already called Château Noaillac. ”My grandfather and my father started to replant the vineyard. At the beginning they replanted 12 hectares to reach 37 hectares fairly quickly. In 1990 the will to enlarge arrived and another 14 hectares were replanted.” Today the Château Noaillac vineyard covers almost 50 hectares and the property produces around 350,000 bottles per year, divided into seven different cuvées: Noaillac, Cuvée Prestige, Moulin Noaillac, La Rose Noaillac, Noaillac Rosé, etc. Let’s go together to meet Damien Pagès, winemaker and owner…

4 min
château trapaud

Château Trapaud is a family property extending over 15 hectares around Saint-Etienne de Lisse, in AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. The vineyard has been managed in organic farming (AB) since 2009 but was not certified until 2012. Otherwise composed of 70% Merlot, the latter sees its share gradually diminished (currently 60%) in favor of Cabernet Franc which finds an ideal ground to fully express themselves. Currently Château Trapaud produces around 75,000 bottles per year divided into three labels (Château Trapaud, Château La Chapelle, La parcelle 784 and the white). Let’s go together to meet Béatrice Larribière, talented winegrower and co-owner of the estate. Why did you choose to become a winegrower? Béatrice Larribière: I come from a family of winegrowers and I am an only child, so it happened quite naturally. I didn’t know what…

6 min
domaines quié

Through this article we do not offer you to discover a single property, as usual, but two large Châteaux du Bordelais belonging to the Quié family: Château Rauzan-Gassies (Margaux, 2nd Grand Cru Classé) and Château Croizet-Bages (Pauillac, 5th Grand Cru Classé). The family has been present for more than a century in the wine economy. The two family vintages are currently managed by the 3rd Quié generation, Ms. Anne Françoise Quié and her brother Mr. Jean-Philippe Quié. “Paul, my grandfather was a merchant in Paris, at the general stores in Bercy, but he came from Bordeaux. He worked on the distribution of low priced wines made in Algeria. In the 1930s as his business was running well he wanted to have his own production. At that time, the valuation of vineyards was…

5 min
château de tracy

To present the Château de Tracy is to speak of one of the oldest properties but also of a historic family in Pouilly. Even though the property was founded in 1586 by the Assay family, who still owns it today, there are even older (1396) written records of vineyard exploitation on these lands by Benedictine monks. For the record, this same field worked at the time (the Champs de Cris) is still planted with vines. “My family, and more precisely four brothers, arrived in the region in the 16th century. They were Scottish archers who came under Charles VII to support him in his war. They were therefore part of the king’s close guard. They all found love here and were rewarded for their services by the king by obtaining land.…