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Vintage Rock Nov/Dec 2018

VINTAGE ROCK celebrates a time when music changed the world - 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Vintage Rock chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers - and why it’s still the best way to live. Spanning the dawn of the 50s to early Beatles (pre Eastern mysticism!), Vintage Rock covers a time of Mods and Rockers, crinoline skirts and blue jeans, rock star movies and screaming-girl concerts. This special magazine rejoices in the music and verve of Elvis, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and a host more, and speaks to a contemporary audience that relishes the vitality and flair of the era.

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How times have changed. When Elvis returned to live performance for his eponymous 1968 ‘Comeback Special’ – albeit a live performance in an elaborate made-for-TV special – he’d not really been out of the spotlight. He’d been a movie star. True, he hadn’t actually performed live for seven years… but these days, that’s not particularly unusual. But back then, there was a serious worry in the King’s camp – given the giddying pace of cultural change that occurred in the mid-60s – that Elvis Presley’s time may actually have been over. We all know how Elvis answered that, and you can read an unrivalled blow-by-blow account from ‘Comeback Special’ producer/director Steve Binder and others, starting on page 22. It remains a pivotal moment – or rather, year – in the…

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chas hodges 1943–2018

Vintage Rock was saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Nicholas “Chas” Hodges on 22 September. It was only in Vintage Rock 36 that we had spoken to Chas, hopefully highlighting a unique career in rock’n’roll that was often underappreciated or simply unknown to many music fans. Chas & Dave, his enduring partnership with bassist and co-vocalist Dave Peacock, was of course Hodges’ ticket to fame in the 70s and 80s: but his career stretched back to the early 60s as a consummate musician, and a session player who rubbed shoulders with the best. He played with Heads Hands & Feet, Cliff Bennett, alongside Bill Haley, and many others. Hodges made his first recordings in the early 60s with The Outlaws, supporting Mike Berry, who was a protégé of Joe Meek.…

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three steps for eddie

A new memorial to Eddie Cochran has been unveiled in Chippenham. Paid for by crowdfunding donations to The Eddie Cochran Memorial Project led by local fan Adam Gittings, the new ‘three steps to heaven’ stone and plaque replaces the older, smaller damaged one at Rowden Hill on the A4. The road is where the taxi carrying Eddie, girlfriend Sharon Sheeley and Gene Vincent from Bristol to London crashed in April 1960: Cochran died a day later in a Bath hospital. At the event, Dave James played some solo renditions of Eddie’s tunes in front of a sizeable gathering of fans, and the new memorial has the blessing of the star’s family in the US. “I’m really happy,” said Gittings while Jon, a visiting fan, said the new memorial was “overdue… it’s…

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comeback ’68: elvis

Steve Binder’s Comeback ’68: Elvis (Meteor 17 Books) is both a memoir of the events surrounding the famous Elvis Presley TV special he directed and atonement for his previous work on the subject. “I did it just as a favour to a friend,” Binder says of 68 At 40, published in 2008. “I didn’t put a lot of effort into it. I think they only printed about 1,500 copies and most of them went to Australia. My publishing partner Spencer Proffer saw it and said, ‘This does not do you justice. I would recommend strongly that you sit down, really get into it, increase the text and we’ll put it into a 14"x14" format.’ He brought in this brilliant graphic artist, Hugh Syme. It took me three years.” The book features…

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just can’t help believing…

…it really is Elvis. Yep, impersonators have been a dime-a-dozen for decades, but Travis LeDoyt is something else. Promoter Ritchie Gee has booked LeDoyt for the Wildest Cats In Town 2018 Xmas Special and is effervescent about his skills. “I first heard of Travis LeDoyt in 2004,” Ritchie tells Vintage Rock. “I was on a cruise ship with five of the original 1955 Bill Haley’s Comets!” Gee, who went on to be promoter for The Comets, was shown a video of LeDoyt by Marshall Lytle, Haley’s original bass player. Fast-forward years, and Gee has seen LeDoyt perform in the flesh a number of times but has only now secured his booking on his Wildest Cats Xmas show. “Having seen hundreds of Elvis Presley singers over the years, Travis LeDoyt is the one…

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the big beat goes on

If you like the look of Big Beat Records’ Jailhouse Rock CD+LP package (see reviews on page 78), Big Beat have also issued similar packages for Ricky Nelson (Rock And Roll Anthologie), Vince Taylor (The Big Beat Years Vol 1) and France’s own Johnny Hallyday (Rock’n’Roll Hits Vol 2), not to mention another Elvis release, Elvis Rocks The Blues. No space to review them all, but we like these for their retro sleeves and quality design. Have a browse at www.bigbeatrecords.fr/…