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Vintage Rock Jan/Feb 2020

VINTAGE ROCK celebrates a time when music changed the world - 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Vintage Rock chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers - and why it’s still the best way to live. Spanning the dawn of the 50s to early Beatles (pre Eastern mysticism!), Vintage Rock covers a time of Mods and Rockers, crinoline skirts and blue jeans, rock star movies and screaming-girl concerts. This special magazine rejoices in the music and verve of Elvis, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and a host more, and speaks to a contemporary audience that relishes the vitality and flair of the era.

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Anthem Publishing
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welcome …

The big news on planet rockabilly as Christmas draws near is the recent discovery of four unreleased Carl Perkins recordings made in a tiny Tennessee studio way before he began his tenure at Sun Records (but more on that inside). Inspired by that incredible find, and fast-forwarding the clock just a little, this issue we’ve chosen to leave the well-told tale of Carl’s early days behind and instead retread his steps once Sam Phillips’ hallowed Memphis studio was behind him. After Blue Suede Shoes had showed so much promise tracking Elvis up the charts, a nasty road accident and the resulting personal tragedy meant Carl’s career slumped, and he was only able to watch on as his peers inhabited the Billboard on a weekly basis. But he was far from finished. Perkins would…

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tennessee walker

It’s hard to believe that, so many years later, ‘lost’ sessions from the greats of rock’n’roll past are still being uncovered. The most recent example of such an historical find came this year in the form of unreleased material recorded by the King Of Rockabilly, Carl Perkins, discovered by music historian Shawn Pitts and Sun expert Hank Davis and now available through Bear Family Records. Perkins may have come to prevalence via his 1956 breakthrough Blue Suede Shoes, but when he arrived at Sun Records’ door, he was far from a roughcut hillbilly. In fact, as these recordings underline, Carl had been busy perfecting his trade in a small studio in rural Tennessee. One need only listen to his take on Good Rockin’ Tonight for evidence, recorded around two years…

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rare rock’n’roll records

MEAN WHEN I’M MAD C/W ONE KISS (LIBERTY F-55070) EDDIE COCHRAN This jumpin’ early double header from ’57 was Eddie’s only original 7" released in a picture sleeve – finding one is surely one of the holy grails for collectors. MINT VALUE: £2,000 BILLY WARD AND HIS DOMINOES (FEDERAL 548) BILLY WARD AND HIS DOMINOES This wonderful 1956 LP features a very young Jackie Wilson – originally released on Federal in the US, a 10" LP was released on Parlophone in the UK and is also extremely hard to track down. MINT VALUE: £300 RHYTHM BLUES PARTY (PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL LP 1985) FRANK BALLARD Frank Ballard And The Phillip Reynolds Band from Jackson, Mississippi, were relative unknowns when Sam Phillips put out their LP in 1962 – this is a fantastic ‘proto-soul’ album full of dancers! MINT VALUE: £2,500 BRAND NEW CADILLAC C/W PLEDGING MY LOVE (PARLOPHONE…

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Neo-Mania: A Night Of Frantic Rockabilly! 25 January FEATURING The Blue Cats, Restless, The Deltas, The Uproars and DJ Rock Ape VENUE Fiddlers, Bristol BOOKING eventbrite.co.uk The Wreckin’ Ball 15 February FEATURING Batmobile, Frenzy, Epileptic Hillbillys, Long Tall Texans, DJ Rock Ape VENUE Fiddlers, Bristol BOOKING eventbrite.co.uk Nell’s Presents… The Polecats 22 February FEATURING The Polecats VENUE Nell’s, London W14 BOOKING seetickets.com Restless & Special Guests 28 February FEATURING Restless, Darrel Higham & The Enforcers VENUE 100 Club, London BOOKING seetickets.com; 0871 220 0260 The Western Stars… 21 March FEATURING Bob Butfoy And His Band, Rusti Steel & The Star Tones, The Bullets, The Deadshots, Delta 88 and The Retrobaits VENUE Paintworks, Bristol BOOKING eventbrite.co.uk The Hangar Stomp! Rockabilly All-Dayer 16 May FEATURING Sonny West, Darrel Higham, The Bluecats, The Polecats, Matchbox, Crazy Cavan And The Rhythm Rockers, Restless and more VENUE Hanger 42, Leicester BOOKING eventbrite.co.uk/skiddle.co.uk…

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day of the ted

Forty years ago, the film Quadrophenia ignited a revival of interest in the mod fashions of the 1960s. Now, a stylish new independent movie is to put the spotlight on the drape suits and quiffs of an earlier British youth cult: the Teddy Boys. “The Teds were the first antiestablishment youth movement in this country and vitally important to the youth of today,” says Andrew Games, the writer, director, producer and star of Dandilicious. “In post-war Britain everything was grey and gloomy. As far as most people were concerned, there was no future. But these teenagers said, ‘No, we’re not going to sit on our hands, we’re going to make some noise. We’re going to show that the youth is just as important as the elders. Our voices matter and we should…

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the strays

Stella Sonic, frontwoman of Cheltenham’s The Strays, grew up singing in the church choir, but upon hearing Imelda May and rock singers like Skin from Skunk Anansie and No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, she struck out in search of a less choral, more colourful musical identity. The Strays released their debut album, Drop Out Zone, on Alan Wilson’s Western Star record label, showcasing their blend of rock’n’roll, punk and whatever tickles their fancy. “I dip my finger in everything I find,” says Stella. What was your gateway to rockabilly and psychobilly? “It was probably down to my guitarist Sam [Cordery]. He loves Chuck Berry and Stevie Ray Vaughan, he grew up playing guitar because of him. His parents brought him up on Stray Cats and stuff like that, so he introduced me to…