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Vogue Australia epitomises the finest in fashion, design and journalism. It enlightens, entertains and inspires by focusing on its position as the authoritative voice in Australian fashion. Vogue Australia combines a modern mix of glamour, style and intelligence presenting the ultimate in fashion, beauty, health, and the arts.

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vogue editor’s letter

Back in 2019, we started noticing questions on Vogue’s social media asking why Melbourne raised K-Pop phenomenon, Rosé, was not on the cover. By the release of a Netflix documentary focused on her Korea-based girl group, BLACKPINK in 2020, the scale of her following was searingly obvious: a mega-star had been born. For the uninitiated, this claim may seem over the top, or even premature. Only a few times as an editor have I seen the youngest members of our staff, and my teens at home, truly in awe of a cover, or rather, the idea that we might have spoken to – even know – their pop idol. Billie Eilish had the same impact when we ran her first Vogue cover in July 2019. Images from our photoshoot with 25-year-old Park…

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vogue contributors

Rumbie Mutsiwa “This was the first time I have styled editorially, solely using our own Rumbie & Co Curly hair care line, and to say I was thrilled was an understatement,” shares Zimbabwe-born entrepreneur and hairstylist Rumbie Mutsiwa, who was tasked with showcasing model Sabrina Dhowre’s natural curls for the fashion feature ‘Ray of light’, from page 128. “I immediately wished my mum was there for me to share and celebrate with her. She struggled with the idea of me being a hairdresser and not the expected doctor, lawyer or engineer,” says Mutsiwa. “I hope she sees this now.” Julia Stone “I hope the piece I’ve written is a part of normalising conversations around mental health,” homegrown singer-songwriter Julia Stone says of her first person feature for ‘Vogue Voice’, on page 38. The…

5 min.
julia stone on changing course

It was the final day of production rehearsals in March last year when I remember hearing echoes of a virus in Wuhan. I was due to fly to Europe to shoot the cover for my new album Sixty Summers, then to Mexico City for a one-off show, then back to LA for a photoshoot. I called my friend Louise, a doctor who works with medical organisations around the world, who responded directly: “I strongly recommend that you don’t get on that flight.” And just a few days later, borders around the world closed one by one. As our government attempted to control the situation, I was very aware that the entertainment industry and arts would suffer. I’m a huge advocate for the arts – a civilisation can’t thrive without it –…

1 min.
can you feel it?

JOY Ode to extravagant volume and ballooning shapes that express optimism: this is expansive fashion with a positive outlook. Bulbous gowns (Halpern, Simone Rocha, Loewe) with a surreal quality reminiscent of couture masters of the 20th century were a headline but can be translated in the everyday via puffball silhouettes, on sleeves and skirts. CREATIVE The romance of a brushstroke’s gestural arc the unpredictable unfurling of a pigment-loaded line – each capture the happenstance of human creativity as the mind’s wanderings are transferred to canvas, or fabric. Embrace artful patterns, scrawls and graphic prints in a cacophony of colour splashed this way and that on dresses, separates and accessories. SPIRITUAL: Toggle into a slower mode through a vein of sensitivity that ran through the collections. Fendi led the way in tissue-thin sheers that let the…

2 min.
in her stride

Designers were unanimous this season: louche tailored trousers are meeting our hankering for comfort, utility, and a feeling of being put-together. From Chanel, to Balenciaga to the doyennes of distillation, the Olsen sisters at The Row, the varietals catered to every occasion. Twenty-two-year-old model Shimma Marie is a deft hand at relaxed pants. “I feel powerful when I wear them, like I can conquer the world and feel comfortable doing it,” she says. She imparts her knowledge on how to style the modern building block. “When it comes to finding the right pair of trousers, I look for a number of things,” she says. “Firstly, the cut: I find the most flattering pants for a woman’s body cinch in at the waist; a thick waistband does wonders for this. Then, I…

7 min.
alber elbaz from a-z

I’ve talked with so many women in the past five years and after really listening to them I started to understand,” Alber Elbaz explains via Zoom from his new office in Paris. It’s only a few weeks after his lauded return to fashion with his new venture AZ Factory. “I said to myself that if and when I do it, I will work differently,” he continues, reflecting back on his shock ousting from Lanvin in 2015 at the height of his stellar 14-year tenure as creative director. “So in the five years that I didn’t work, I think I did the best work of my life, because I was so bored,” he smiles. “I realised the boredom was the most essential thing for creativity.” The first and last letters of his…