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Max Farago Photographer, “Mothers of Invention” (page 76) What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? An antique Persian ring that my wife bought for me in a shop we love in Venice. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Bringing my infant daughter to visit my elderly grandmother. New Year’s Eve: love or hate? I like the night before New Year’s Eve, when you end up partying with friends without any expectations for it to be the best night of the year. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Being more present. Michelle Lee Casting director, “The Long and Short of It” (page 96) What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? I adopted a dog for my brother. Her name was Sweet Potato. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Depends on who you ask. What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Having a beautiful dinner and going to…

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all in the family

I met the photographer Colin Dodgson 10 years ago in New York City. We were starting our careers and quickly became friends, doing lo-fi shoots at friends’ apartments around the city or at my mom’s house in Los Angeles. Once, when I was moving apartments, Colin used the empty space to stage a show of his work the day before I had to turn in the keys. In many ways, we grew up together in the fashion industry. When the team at W started thinking about who could shoot three of the biggest actresses in the world for our cover, Colin was the first person who came to mind. We wanted to do something unexpected with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, and I knew Colin’s pictures would present these…

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hint, hint

The Clementes Back in the early ’80s, when Alba Clemente, a costume and set designer, arrived in New York from Rome with her two little girls in tow, she was met with a loft in lower Manhattan that was bare save for a mynah bird. Her husband, the artist Francesco Clemente, had figured it would distract them from not having any furniture. “It shit everywhere,” recalls Alba, laughing. Nonetheless, the young parents ended up creating a magical home, full of art and friends who would drop in unannounced for Alba’s famous home cooking. “I think I’m a basic Italian cook,” she says. “But if you read Warhol’s diaries, I pass for a great chef!” Julian Schnabel made their dining table, Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring helped with the Halloween decorations, and…

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home at last

Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski had nearly finished her spring collection by the time she went on maternity leave at the end of April, more than four months before her designs would ever appear on a runway. As the creative director for women’s ready-to-wear for Hermès, she prefers coherency to chaos, a characteristic that suits her well at a house that is renowned for a demanding level of quality that is dependent on time-consuming craftsmanship. Only one silhouette still needed to be reworked, so she promised her team a sketch would be forthcoming when she set off to enjoy some time with her husband as they anticipated the arrival of their first child. “My due date was mid-June, and I was really flirting with danger,” Vanhée-Cybulski recalls. “It was funny because I was meant…

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past is present

Walking into the painter Luca Pignatelli’s cavernous home and studio in Milan is like contemplating history on a treadmill that goes backward, then forward, then backward again. His huge paintings are stacked everywhere. Many of them start with classical imagery—a statue of a Roman emperor or an antique marble bust—and lurch toward the present with a shove from Pignatelli. Why does that Roman emperor have a camera plastered to his breastplate? How come the Greek god Hermes has kitchen knives stuck into him? (The answer is, he has been transformed into Saint Sebastian.) It’s not just the artwork that feels steeped in history; the whole place looks like it’s been pieced together from the sediment of Italy’s past. Pignatelli found the hand-painted 17th-century ceramic tiles in Palermo. The pale blue 18th-century…

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block party

In the Zurich studio of the design duo Kueng Caputo, past the dust and rubble and chip-size samples of ceramic glaze, the site of today’s action is the kitchen. There’s a pot of vegetable soup with rosemary, carrots, and bacon simmering on a banged-up stove, and a massive bowl of spaghetti Bolognese sits on a table, covered by a ceramic dessert plate. “Everyone we work with is like, ‘No more vegetables! Where’s the meat?!’” says Lovis Caputo, offering me an elbow instead of her smudged hand to shake. Sarah Kueng, Caputo’s design partner of 13 years, is just around the corner getting her makeup done for the W shoot that’s about to take place. You get the feeling that this is not a daily occurrence when she bounds in, fresh-faced…