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Wilderness February 2020

Each issue of Wilderness takes its readers to the most beautiful areas in New Zealand, whether by foot, mountain bike, sea kayak, raft, pony or dream.

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turning back

ONE OF OUR most popular stories last month was ‘The courage in turning back’, in which trampers detailed experiences where they had decided it was simply too dangerous to continue on. In the story, we said: ‘Giving up is one of the hardest decisions a tramper can make, but knowing when to turn back is what makes a good tramper’. Over the summer, I’ve been thinking about that story especially in light of my own decision-making in the hills. One trip in particular sticks in my mind and I can’t decide if I had passed or failed the ‘knowing when to turn back’ test. Last winter, I accidentally walked the Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk when I had intended to only walk a section of the, much shorter, Tongariro Alpine Crossing. My plan…

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pigeon post

THANKS FOR SHARING RED I’d like to thank Wilderness and especially Wayne, Bob, Martin, Deb, Liam, and Jillian for the diverse pastiche of crimson geology featured in your January issue article ’Red rocks of New Zealand'. I think Pitt Island is the reddest of the reds, and so (being from Pittsburgh after all) I shall make a point about trying to get there in person one day. Thanks again for helping me feel more at home in this colourful, wonderful landscape. - Matt Kambic, Raglan TAMPONS DON’T COMPOST In the article ‘Wilderness readers confess ‘leave no trace’ sins’ (September, 2019), a reader said she left a tampon under a rock while she was tramping and went back to check on it two years later and it had ‘composted into nothingness’. I believe she got the wrong rock,…

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letter of the month

THE HUMBLE RUBBISH BAG Recently I read about how day walkers are the most vulnerable in survival situations as opposed to those going on longer overnight or multi-day tramps. One of the things mentioned, as expected, was the fact that those going on a day tramp are more likely to pack their camera than extra clothes (to which I admit to being guilty). One piece of advice mentioned was to always pack a warm jacket and a large rubbish bag when going on tramps. I found it a really useful tip as it is such a light, easy, cheap and practical idea which I have never thought of. It got me thinking of all the potential uses of a large black rubbish bag and with the help of Google, I came up with…

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your trips, your pix

Get your photo published here to receive a double pack of BPA-free, biobased plastic Sporks worth $13. Learn more about Sporks at ampro.co.nz. Last Weekend submission criteria can be found at wildernessmag.co.nz…

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walk shorts

WANAKA DRONE USE ON THE RISE Drone operators are flying in the face of aviation laws in Wanaka. Despite a local ban, three unauthorised drones have been reported to the DOC hotline at the popular Roys Peak Track since Christmas. DOC staff have also interacted with drone operators flying near Siberia and Aspiring huts within Mt Aspiring National Park. “I personally spoke to an operator behind the Wanaka visitor centre last week, in sight of a helipad,” senior ranger Annette Grieves said. Due to high visitor use and the proximity to aircraft flight paths, recreational drone use is not permitted around Wanaka. Users need to get a permit to fly a drone in a national park and other conservation areas. Drone use is managed by DOC field staff and signage – including signs at the beginning…

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the prizes

GRAND PRIZE A FOUR-DAY RABBIT PASS ALPINE TRAVERSE worth $2350 with Aspiring Guides Located in Mt Aspiring National Park, this four-day alpine crossing links two of the region's major river valleys. This spectacular area is surrounded by high glacier-covered peaks, waterfalls and lakes and is home to many rare and endangered species. You will not find a better way to experience the stunning alpine scenery of New Zealand, surrounded by unspoilt forests, alpine meadows, huge waterfalls and alpine lakes. An Aspiring Guides’ professional guide will help you safely explore this remote and seldom-visited area. Find out more at www.aspiringguides.com. SECOND PRIZE A TWO DAY BREWSTER GLACIER TREK worth $1480 with Adventure Consultants The Brewster Glacier Trek is a true alpine trekking adventure in Mt Aspiring National Park. Tucked into the eastern corner of park, the Brewster…