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Issue 12, 2021
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Woman is a place where real women are celebrated and uplifted, a community that reflects us – where we feel like we belong. Woman is a relatable and reliable source of information and inspiration. Featuring powerful stories, shared experiences, engaging entertainment and advice that connects and empowers women. Woman’s content pillars include stories about women, culture, recipes, health & wellbeing, home & garden, fashion & beauty, te reo Maori, books and entertainment, as well as puzzles, star columnists and more.

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New Zealand
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2 min.
editor’s letter

nā Sido I’m a grown-up. I’ve just turned 50, so I think I can now say that with confidence. So, if I’m so mature, why was I totally loopy about Friends: The Reunion? I laughed, cried, gasped and grinned like a loon. I hushed my husband as he clanged in the kitchen, rewinding the show so I could hear every single word. In a world where I rarely watch “normal” television, I was gripped by 104 minutes of totally and utterly commercial TV. I’m not exactly proud to admit it, but I loved it… and watched it again in the weekend. To be honest, I’d been ambivalent about watching the reunion at all. My 12-year-old son Darcy and I have been bonding over Friends re-runs for the past year, and we love the…

11 min.
wives of windsor

On May 11, with a stirring blast of trumpets and a ceremonial doffing of hats, the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch, just turned 95, went back to work after the death of her beloved husband. The State Opening of Parliament is one of those showpiece occasions close to the Queen’s heart, and as the day passed with reassuring smoothness, it was tempting to imagine that little had really changed. Outwardly, it hadn’t. Dressed in a smart, pale blue outfit, the Queen accepted the traditional rituals of allegiance, delivered her speech to the assembled Houses of Lords and Commons, walked confidently back through the magnificent halls of Westminster, and left in a black Rolls-Royce. Those who had last seen her a month earlier – a tiny, solitary figure at her 99-year-old husband’s funeral –…

8 min.
courageous fortune

There are reasons why Robyn Malcolm might not feel so great about life right now. At 56, she has a lot going on. She’s in the grip of menopause and it hasn’t been pretty, her work and personal lives were upended by the pandemic last year, and she has just come through a major house renovation while launching her first business. You could forgive her for feeling a little overwhelmed by all that. But chatting over coffee in her Auckland villa, Robyn seems as vibrant as the colour scheme, and that is very bright. Pink, coral, lemon and green on the exterior, striking wallpaper and even more colour inside – this is the home of a woman who isn’t interested in being boring. And in a long career that has seen her…

14 min.
how bumble made whitney the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire

When I first met Whitney Wolfe Herd four years ago, Bumble HQ was a humble two-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas. A fresh-faced team of just 10 – with a further 20 in London, New York and Los Angeles – plus Whitney’s elderly golden labrador, Jack, were crammed into the tiny space, and the entire second bedroom was a store cupboard of bright yellow Bumble-branded merch. Whitney, then 27 and undeniably impressive – polished, passionate, articulate, driven – had founded the dating app that forces women to make the first move just two-and-a-half years earlier. She had recently made the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list, alongside actress Margot Robbie, bestselling author Emma Cline and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. In the four years since, she’s been busy. She got married to 33-year-old Texan…

3 min.
flaws of attraction

You may have had more sense – though I doubt it – but in my youth, I admit I believed the truly most important test of any male’s worthiness was the arrangement of his face and his ability to wear fashionable clothes with confidence. I reduced teenage boys to sex objects. Whether they were pretty or not shouldn’t have mattered, but I was a young idiot. I paid the price for that as I ran a mental tape measure over young males in my orbit – and those I worshipped from afar – in my investigations. If that was primitive biology at work, my life would have been one long snore. You learn from teenage skirmishes how boring pretty people can be. You either learn that, as many men fail to do,…

11 min.
rock stars

Stacey Leilua was at a cafe minding her own business when she got the most surreal call of her life: Dwayne Johnson and his mother wanted to meet with her on Zoom. That’s Dwayne Johnson as in The Rock. As in, former pro-wrestler and all-around Hollywood superstar. “I mean, what do you do? You know how you just have these moments where you’re like, ‘What the hell is happening?’ I was incredibly nervous,” recalls Stacey. The Auckland actor met the star and his mother, Ata Johnson, after landing the role of a lifetime, portraying Ata in the new US TV series Young Rock, now streaming on Neon. After a hugely successful theatre career, this is Stacey’s first major screen role, and going straight to international prime time with the star power of the…