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Women's Fitness Australia February 2018

Women’s Fitness is Australia’s fastest growing regularly published magazine. With a “fitness that fits your life” philosophy, Women’s Fitness hits stands every month with the mission to put the FUN back into being healthy, with easy-to-adopt exercise, nutrition and lifestyle ideas. Forget fads and being a slave to the gym, Women’s Fitness is a trusted source of information and inspiration, and the ultimate get-fit guide for busy women who want to feel great about themselves, their bodies and their health without having to sacrifice the things they love, their friends or their social lives.

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best practice

FULL DISCLOSURE: I NEARLY HAD A MELTDOWN IN THE MAKING OF THIS ISSUE. There was an unusually tight deadline, a poorly timed heatwave, multiple communication breakdowns and good ol’ Mercury retrograde messing with every bit of tech we work with here at WF. And while each issue was really only a minor drama, they all managed to send me directly to stress city. It’s especially frustrating because in this job, I get to talk to experts every day about the importance of meditation, taking time out, stepping away from digital devices and generally going easy on yourself when the pressure hits and bad stuff happens. I’m great at doling out calming advice to friends and family and reminding them to see the bigger picture, but when it comes to implementing it…

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undercover care

1 Get up for an early morning workout – yep, even though you’re tired and your bed is SO cosy. Try the plyometric workout on page 60 for a quick energy boost. 2 Choose the healthy option You could have the greasy pizza but your future self will thank you for the salad. May I suggest the delicious recipe on page 84? 3 Turn off your phone. Overnight, on the way to work or for a Sunday afternoon. It will be hard at first, but you can definitely do it. Fill the space with some of the suggestions on page 128.…

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DAILY QUOTA Fill your feed with lovely thoughts. Follow @quotes for daily mantras to power and sweeten your day. #INSTATRAVEL HEADING BACK TO WORK AND NEED TO KEEP THAT POSTHOLIDAY GLOW ALIVE? CHECK OUT #WANDERLUST FOR ALL KINDS OF GLORIOUS TRAVEL INSPIRATION. FOODIE FRIEND Healthy food inspo with a side of cute doggo? Yes please, @cookieandkate. Pup Cookie even eats kale salad. Aww! What you love These WF posts got you double-tapping on the double! Don’t forget to follow @womensfitnessmag for a feel-good feed, every day. Let’s hang out! Tag #WFloves on Insta to show us how you’re reading Women’s Fitness. Our fave pic of this month’s issue will score a sweet prize.…

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puppy love

You might intuitively know that having a dog around is good for your heart, and now science shows that you’re absolutely spot-on. A Swedish study of more than 3 million people over a period of 12 years found that those with a four-legged bestie were less likely to die during the follow-up than those who lived in a fur-free household. People with pooches who lived solo also showed reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, with terriers and retrievers the breeds linked to owners with the healthiest hearts. If you’ve been thinking about getting a fur baby but haven’t yet, score double the good vibes by adopting a rescue pup from a place like petrescue.com.au…

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quick hits

Go on, take your lunch break And by this we mean actually leaving your desk and going out for a walk for 30 whole minutes! Don’t worry, your work will still be there when you return, but you know what will have changed? Your “future disease burden” – aka your risk of shortening your number of healthy years due to living with an illness or injury. Brisk walking for 30 minutes, five days a week could decrease this risk by 26 per cent, according to a recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. If your boss has an issue with this, we suggest you casually leave this page opened on her desk… Good bytes Fresh downloads to upgrade your life CHARITY MILES (free, iTunes and Google Play) Earn money for charity with each…

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fit diary

Melanoma March, National March Join this charity walk in your nearest city and do your bit to fight melanoma, the most common cancer to affect 15-39 year olds. There are 23 events happening across the country, making it easy to get involved. melanomamarch.org.au Inverell Toughen Up Challenge, NSW 9-10 March This northern NSW town will host challenges like running log carrying, tyre flipping and monkey bar-climbing. Choose from competitive or non-competitive categories. inverelltoughenup.net Sydney Coastrek, NSW 16 March Grab three of your girlfriends and discover hidden coves and secret bush trails over this 60km or 30km walk from Manly or Kirribilli to Bondi. You’ll be raising money for The Fred Hollows Foundation, too. sydney.coastrek.com.au 2018 Yoga Australia Conference, Vic 16-18 March At Melbourne’s Crown Conference Centre, passionate yogis can learn about yoga for mental health, sutras and chanting plus get tips…