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Women's Fitness Australia October 2017

Women’s Fitness is Australia’s fastest growing regularly published magazine. With a “fitness that fits your life” philosophy, Women’s Fitness hits stands every month with the mission to put the FUN back into being healthy, with easy-to-adopt exercise, nutrition and lifestyle ideas. Forget fads and being a slave to the gym, Women’s Fitness is a trusted source of information and inspiration, and the ultimate get-fit guide for busy women who want to feel great about themselves, their bodies and their health without having to sacrifice the things they love, their friends or their social lives.

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feast your eyes

I LOOOOOOVE PIZZA. AND FRIES. AND BURGERS. And all of the food we’re told not to over-consume. Sure, I indulge. I have popcorn dinners at the movies; sometimes I smash a big bag of cheese and onion chips in one sitting. But I’m also pretty good at nourishing when I need to be nourished. Ultimately, I feel my very best when I’m treating my body to a smorgasbord of nutritious mid-week dinners, healthy desk snacks and homemade lunches. I have more oomph, I snooze better and I’m pretty sure [read: 100 per cent positive] that I run waaaaay faster, too! An affinity for “naughty” foods, however, means my Google search engine gets a good workout. I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes to counteract, or healthier ways of preparing and…

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asseenon insta

INTO THE WILD With shots of everything from horses mid-gallop in Mongolia to the sprawling expanse of the Great Wall of China, secret water holes in Queensland and the ochre cliffs of the Western Australian coast, Aussie photographer @elisehassey has your adventure inspo sorted. ON POINTE Go behind the scenes of The Australian Ballet with principal artist@amber_e_scott. Warning: tutus, costumes and tiaras beyond this point. GLOBAL DOMINATION The most popular city for Instagram stories? Nope, it’s not Paris or Tokyo – it’s Jakarta, with Sāo Paulo, London, New York and Madrid in the top five. Let’s hang out together! Tag #womensfitnessmag and #WFloves to show us how you’re reading Women’s Fitness… WINNING! Congrats, @cripps_and_bloods. You’ve won a Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask, valued at $69.90, so you can score a lit-from-within glow this spring. Follow us…

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win! a billabond swimsuit a day

HOW TO ENTER STEP 1 Like the ‘Women’s Fitness Australia’ page on Facbeook or follow @womensfitnessmag on Instagram to find out the daily offering. STEP 2 Head to womensfitness.com.au and fill out the entry form. Competition opens 4 September 2017 and closes 5.00pm AEST 4 October 2017. Open to Australian residents only aged 18 years and over. Colour and style will be subject to availability. For full terms and conditions, visit womensfitness.com.au/categories/win. Please see Contents page for location of the Women’s Fitness privacy policy. The promoter is Citrus Media.…

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friends with benefits

Hot tip: If you want to up your wellbeing and lead a happier life, pay more attention to your loved ones. According to a study by the London School of Economics, it’s not so much how much money you make that matters, but whom you spend your time with. Researchers found that increases in income or education had little effect on people’s overall happiness, but social relationships did. In fact, the pros discovered that a large percentage of people’s misery is caused by failed relationships rather than economic woes, so instead of bailing on your BFFs to catch up on work (again), maybe you should say yes to that girls’ weekend away.…

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quick hits

Shine on Are your vitamin D levels up to scratch? If Canadian researchers have anything to say about it, they’re probably not. After an extensive study, scientists found that nine out of 10 indoor workers had lower than recommended amounts of vitamin D in their systems, with most being deficient in the vitamin. Since our bods depend on UV exposure to create vitamin D, it’s essential you soak up your fair share of rays, so instead of eating at your desk or in the break room, why not head outside and eat in the sunshine? Your bones, immune system and energy levels will thank you. Snack pack Curb your hunger the right way with these nutritious prods NUTRIENT HIT Sunwarrior Classic Plus in Chocolate, from $37.90, sunwarrior.com.au PROTEIN PUNCH Huon Salmon Premium Gin and Kaffir Lime Cured…

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the sweetest thing

SOMETIMES, IT SEEMS AS THOUGH SHANINA SHAIK is living a magical life. From glam photo-shoot backdrops to floating around Coachella with the It-crowd, this 26-year-old Melbourne-born, New York-based model (you may have heard of a little thing called the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…) hasn’t let any of it go to her head though. The rumours are true; she’s quite shy. She’s polite and softly spoken. There’s no diva behaviour here. Sure, she’s genetically blessed (that mix of Lithuanian, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian genes should be bottled), but her endearing and personable nature is what really has me enchanted. As we cruise down California’s Pacific Coast Highway, leaving our Malibu beach set behind us, I ask Shanina what she likes talking about in interviews. “My message is just always remain your unique self,”…