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Women's Fitness Australia September 2017

Women’s Fitness is Australia’s fastest growing regularly published magazine. With a “fitness that fits your life” philosophy, Women’s Fitness hits stands every month with the mission to put the FUN back into being healthy, with easy-to-adopt exercise, nutrition and lifestyle ideas. Forget fads and being a slave to the gym, Women’s Fitness is a trusted source of information and inspiration, and the ultimate get-fit guide for busy women who want to feel great about themselves, their bodies and their health without having to sacrifice the things they love, their friends or their social lives.

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expert panel

Libby Babet personal trainer bufgirls.com Dr Claudia Lee general practitioner sydneyim.com.au Caitlin Reid dietitian healthandthecity.com.au Blake Worrall-Thompson PT and wellness coach blakeworrallthompson.com Yolande Herring kinesiologist liveinbalance.net.au Steph Prem Pilates instructor premium-performance.com Kate Wood chiropractor healthspaceclinics.com.au Brad McIntosh physiotherapist sydneyphysiosolutions.com.au Belinda Kirkpatrick naturopath belindakirkpatrick.com.au Kate Kendall yoga instructor activeyogi.com.au Dr Lissa Johnson psychologist lissajohnson.com.au Bec Tippett reader ambassador @bectippett PHOTOGRAPHY DAVE WHEELER; KIT HASELDEN HAIR AND MAKE-UP SARAH DAMICHI/DLM; JACLYN HNITKO/THE ARTIST GROUP…

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spring into it

CUE THE JACARANDAS AND KALE – IT’S SPRING! And spring is a pretty good season to feel transformed, isn’t it? Maybe with a fresh haircut, a white sage cleanse or an updated Facebook profile picture. Or even better, by matching your workouts to a new outdoorsy season and giving your thoughts a spring clean. As we ditch our winter sloths, we’re welcoming in a time of transformations. I’m a terrible green thumb (RIP every herb garden I’ve ever touched), but I reckon it’s a time when we can be tending to ourselves just like a garden – planting new goals, sweeping away unwanted habits, letting the sunshine have its way with us. One dictionary definition of spring is to “jump rapidly upwards or forwards”. Two great directions to head in, right? So…

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asseenon insta

TAG ALONG Want to up your Insta followers? Try these hashtag faves on for size: #Love, #Instagood, #Me, #Cute and #Follow. IT’S A SMALL WORLD Take Aussie wheelchair basketball champ (@sarahstewartaus) and throw in her Lego mini-me and you’ve got your new obsession… RAW DEAL Salad sandwiches, fruit platters and sushi plates (complete with rice pandas) never looked so good. The raw-food creations by @rawcrush are the inspo you need to add colour to your menu. Let’s hang out together! Tag #womensfitnessmag and #WFloves to show us how you’re reading Women’s Fitness… WINNING! Congrats, @fitgret. You’ve won a PVC-free Eco Yoga Mat from Yogi Peace Club, valued at $129.99. Follow us @womensfitnessmag to catch up with the team and for a feel-good feed every day – promise! And we’re pretty great at keeping promises……

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get unsocial

You might think you’ll be in better spirits once your Insta post hits 100 likes, but UK scientists disagree. In fact, your popularity on social media has zero impact on your overall happiness, especially if you’re already down in the dumps. Want to know what can make a difference? These three science-backed hacks, so give them a go and up your positive feels. 1 GO EXPLORING Sniff this: A study published in Chemical Senses found that people felt happier after smelling mandarins, so buddy up to some citrus scents the next time you’re feeling a bit down. 2 GET SWEATY Just in case you didn’t know, exercise can increase your endorphin levels, which means spin class is a sure way to make you smile. 3 HEAD SEASIDE According to UK researchers, spending time…

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quick hits

Picture this Suck at drawing? Chances are you probably don’t, and even if you’re not a modern-day Salvador Dalí, science says it’ll still do you some good. A study published in the journal of The Arts in Psychotherapy found that when people doodle or free-draw, the blood flow in their brain’s prefrontal cortex increases. Since this area of the brain is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, actions and how we perceive rewards, it’s a sure sign that artistic pursuits can help boost your happy vibes. After the experiment, the volunteers also reported that they had more “good” ideas and were better able to solve problems, so in the name of finally winning pub trivia, it’s time to break out the pencils. Inner boost Fuel your bod with these nutritional buys Spatone 100% Natural Liquid…

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down to business

THERE’S NO DENYING TASH OAKLEY is one confident woman. Just take a look at her Instagram account for scroll after scroll of the Aussie beauty posing on the sands of the Amalfi Coast, the Hamptons, the Caribbean and every beach in between – in a bikini. The very wardrobe item that makes most Aussie women cringe, especially at the thought of facing the lens wearing one. It’s a confidence that Tash attributes to growing up on the beaches of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. “When you grow up in swimwear and you’re in a bikini every day you just naturally feel more confident. That is your uniform,” she explains. And this 26-year-old blogger and Instagrammer has made big business from it. Back in 2012, when Instagram was just an infant, Tash and best friend…