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Women’s Fitness is Australia’s fastest growing regularly published magazine. With a “fitness that fits your life” philosophy, Women’s Fitness hits stands every month with the mission to put the FUN back into being healthy, with easy-to-adopt exercise, nutrition and lifestyle ideas. Forget fads and being a slave to the gym, Women’s Fitness is a trusted source of information and inspiration, and the ultimate get-fit guide for busy women who want to feel great about themselves, their bodies and their health without having to sacrifice the things they love, their friends or their social lives.

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hello, sunshine!

THERE’S A LOT TO LOVE ABOUT SUMMER – longer days, outdoor workouts that don’t suck and mangoes, for starters. But for me, the best perk of the season is the happy vibes it brings. Maybe it’s the fact that a brand new year is around the corner, or maybe it’s because we no longer need to drag a jacket everywhere just in case, but when the sun is playing favourites with our corner of the earth it can feel like anything is possible. All that optimism in the summer air is pretty seductive. It’ll have you swapping after-work gym sessions for a cool round of sundowners in a heartbeat – and you know what? That’s totally okay. As our resident PT Libby Babet points out in this issue, you don’t have…

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as seen on insta

CUTENESS ALERT! If your feed is missing anything, it’s a tiny hedgehog enjoying the good life, right? Introducing @lionelthehog. FROM THE HEART THE TOP EMOJI USED ON THE ’GRAM? THAT’D BE THE LOVE. AND WHO SAID ROMANCE WAS DEAD?! SURF STAR We’re a bit in love with @littlebantamsurftrainer – sustainable, pro surfer-approved workouts for everyone, with plenty of foodie goodness, too. Let’s hang out together! Tag #womensfitnessmag and #WFloves to show us how you’re reading Women’s Fitness… WINNING! Congrats, @mel_hipwell! You’ve won a Clémence Organics Travel Essentials pack, worth $89.95. Follow us @womensfitnessmag to catch up with the team and for a feel-good feed every day – promise! And we’re pretty great at keeping promises……

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friendly hire

Just in case you needed one more reason to start an online business with your #workwife or recommend that your boss hire your bestie for that new job opening, science has your back. A recent review of 26 studies by Ohio State University showed that groups of friends did better at smashing out tasks together, compared to groups made up of acquaintances. The researchers believe it’s because close mates are well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which makes it much easier to divide up tasks according to what each person does best. Plus, having fun together also increases productivity. The only caveat? The researchers point out it can be harder for friends to come up with solutions when disagreements arise – but that’s nothing a couple of glasses…

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quick hits

What your walk says about you Even before you say ‘hi’, the way you walk has given others an insight into your personality. A recent study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that extroverts, and those who are conscientious and compassionate, tend to walk faster than introverts. Personality also affects your gait over time, too, with those who display higher levels of neuroticism showing a greater decline in walking speed as they age. See, worrying won’t get you anywhere fast! But no matter your personality type, make sure you clock those 10,000 steps a day. Totes pretty Say a very stylish ‘no’ to plastic bags with these cute carry-alls 41 8,400kJ The amount of extra kilojoules consumed each year by mindless snacking at work. Yikes! TRY THIS… Tropical ‘nice’ cream Cool down with…

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fit diary

Walt Disney World Marathon, Florida, USA January 7 Realise your childhood fantasies by taking on the full 42km at the happiest place on earth. The race’s 25th anniversary is in 2018, so expect extra joy. rundisney.com Strongman Run, Burgdorf, Switzerland January 27 Want to add a dash of snow to your obstacle race? Enter the winter Strongman Run in Switzerland, which starts at an altitude of 1976m. strongmanrun.ch The Chocolate Race, St Catharines, Canada May 13 For all of you chocaholics who believe the sweet stuff fuels your workout, now’s your chance to prove it! thechocolaterace.com The Gildan Underwear Run, New York, USA June 29 Run around the iconic Central Park in your undies at this annual 2.7km fun run. It’s limited to 500 participants. nyctri.com Naked Run at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark June 30 - July 7 If you’re not ready to bare…

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love your liver

When you’re out living your best life this summer (read: eating burgers and drinking one too many frosé’s), your liver will be working even harder to keep you going. Show your detoxifying organ some TLC with these tips. ADD KALE TO YOUR BREKKIE BOWL: Green veggies such as broccoli and kale contain a compound called glucosinolates, which protect your liver and help it eliminate toxins. DRINK ALL THE WATER: Rehydrate and flush out the nasties with plenty of H2O. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to activate the liver and digestive system. TRY MILK THISTLE: This herb is said to reboot liver function and help it regenerate damaged cells. Try it in a supplement such as LivaTone Plus, $35, cabothealth.com.au…