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Woodcarving Illustrated

Fall 2021 (Issue #96)

Woodcarving Illustrated magazine is your go-to guide for the latest and greatest carving projects, tips, and techniques for all skill levels. Each issue includes a wide range of detailed step-by-step projects, inspiring feature articles, and reviews of the newest and most useful tools on the market.

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everyday magic

No pumpkin is exactly like another—which is why the annual tradition of making jack-o’-lanterns in October never quite gets old. The mess of a pumpkin carving table has a magic of its own, but perhaps even more special is the part that comes next—the part where you bring your creation out on the porch to smile at strangers you may never meet. It is one of the most hopeful and generous things you can do: sending your handiwork out into the world for no other reason than to delight people. Do that, and you’re making what we like to call “everyday magic.” This issue will help jump-start that magic-making process. Follow along with WCI newcomer Richard Embling to make a charmingly toothy shelf-sitter witch, and then carve an extra to stick…

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letters to the editor

Christmas Gnome I thought Betty Padden’s “Winter Solstice Tomte” from the winter issue (#93) would be a fun little project, and it was! Thanks, WCI, for providing so many interesting carves. I always look forward to the next issue. Roger Beane Bell Plaine, Iowa Off-Duty Santa Thanks, Russell Scott and WCI, for the fun “Saucer Sled Santa” pattern in the winter issue (#93). Saskia Vittoz Rastatt, Germany Good Memories The Santa on the cover of the winter issue (#93) reminds me of simpler times. My brothers and I used the same type of sleds when we were younger. I knew I had to carve him. Jim Fenton Summerfield, N.C. Learning in the Layers Betty Padden’s “Layered Relief Ornament” from issue #93 was my first real attempt at detailed carving. Although the painting was a real challenge, I’m pleased with how it turned out. Rolf…

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artists to watch

Anastasia Antropova Moscow, Russia Anastasia Antropova has been teaching woodcarving since age 18. She specializes in tatianka—a style of hyperrealistic relief carving that originated in Russia. “Tatianka allows you to work in flat- or high-relief to not only make simple ornate carvings, but also complex 3D patterns and designs,” she said. Anastasia is currently working on several woodcarving teaching guides, which she hopes to off er in both Russian and English. “I think there is no better material for the craftsman than wood,” she said. To see more of Anastasia’s work, visit @naja_vinci on Instagram. Jan Vreys Lumber, British Columbia With a carver and logger for a father, Jan Vreys naturally grew up with a deep appreciation for wood. After Jan inherited some old Henckel chip carving knives, he took up the woodcarving mantle, too.…

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stay connected

Podcasts to Listen To: • Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast-Conversations Among Woodworkers-A weekly podcast where woodworkers such as Danielle Rose Byrd (from issue #95) and Dan Schwank (hobbyist woodworker-turned-master toolmaker) share their knowledge and experience with the woodworking community.• Wood Talk - Hosts Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers, and Matt Cremona playfully explore and discuss the latest tips and tricks for the modern woodworker.• Behind the Makers Podcast - Hosts Tiff and Nikole interview all types of makers, including WCI contributor Alex Joiner (see more from Alex on page 71) and woodworker Merissa Piper. Blogs to Check Out: • Wood Bee Carver - Woodcarver and WCI contributor Don Mertz shares his experiences, techniques, and carving projects for the woodworking community. For more information, visit woodbeecarver.com.• Carving Explorations - David Fisher, a carver from Western Pennsylvania,…

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maine coast workshop

Those looking to sharpen their traditional woodworking skills may want to look north. Situated in Maine, just a few blocks from the quaint coastal community of Camden, is the newly completed Maine Coast Workshop. The woodworking school, run by William Francis Brown, focuses on period furniture, ornate woodcarving, chairmaking, and other traditional crafts taught by renowned instructors, such as Mary May, Marty Leenhouts, Alexander Grabovetskiy, and more. The shop boasts an ‘oldworld’ aesthetic with rustic barn doors, lots of natural light, and a refinished pine floor. “Our goal is to establish a reputation for excellence in American craftsmanship while ensuring a fun, first-class learning experience for students and teachers alike,” William said. The intimate workshop features six student benches, an assortment of power tools and carving sets, and a large library of…

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international association of woodcarvers

International Association of Woodcarvers (IAWC) arose during the pandemic in response to the widespread cancellation of club meetings, classes, and shows across the carving community. “We felt it was necessary to provide valuable content and resources so people could continue learning and growing—despite not being able to meet in person,” said cofounder Blake Lunsford. Blake and fellow carver Thom Bate created IAWC in April 2020 and have since hosted a meeting every Saturday at 3PM EST via Zoom with a new presenter each week. The presenters, who are largely prominent figures in the carving community, share project demonstrations and carving insight, as well as engage in group discussions with meeting attendees. Past presenters have included Sara Barraclough, Dan Gallagher, and Caricature Carvers of America (CCA) members Bob Hershey and Dave Stetson. Each…