NZV8 No 197 October 2021

NZV8 Magazine was conceived when the passionate muscle car scene was in need of an authority. Thanks to a large population of baby boomers, muscle car and V8 culture is booming in New Zealand. NZV8 is not only riding that wave, but leading the way by providing a world class magazine that features the cars, events, like the annual Beach Hop and people that make the scene so exciting. NZV8 covers an extensive range of high-performance V8-engined vehicles. Wherever the local ground shakes to the beat of a tuned eight-cylinder machine, from a drag race meeting to a car show, NZV8 is there and bringing you all the action.

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sh*t, sh*t, sh*t

It all seemed to be going so damn well — we had our freedom back, and the virus was nowhere to be seen, except on our news feeds. Summer was on its way, and the biggest issues we were facing were that we couldn’t leave the country and parts were taking so damn long to get here! Then, just as the first of the summer events rolled around and was only weeks away: BAM! Old mate Delta snuck in the back door and, like a knock at the door at 2am by noise control asking you to stop revving your car in the shed, the fun police stepped in and we were back in the social abyss that is level four. Now, as I write this we’re a couple of days…

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big block copo anyone?

Full details have come to light on the now-available 2022 Chev COPO Camaro. There is plenty to be excited about if you’re in the market. Firstly, unlike the previous late-model COPOs, there will be no limit on production numbers — traditionally, only 69 would be offered. Secondly, and more importantly, the big block is back. Yip, that’s right, finally a new factory-fitted big block Camaro after so many years. The engine is a monster — a 572 iron block with alloy heads and forged internals — but it does trail both the LSX small block engine options in terms of power. The 572 rated at 430, the 427 at 470, and a supercharged 350 at 600hp. The 572 also unlocks a special colour and graphics package so those pulling up in…

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events guide

AutoFest 11–12 September Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon, Feilding Entry $25 ($40 weekend pass), kids 10 and under free Open to hot rods, classic cars, street machines, and custom bikes only, AutoFest is on the move to Manfeild for a massive two-day schedule for the first time. The event will host both an indoor and outdoor show, V8-only burnout competition, and track cruising, as well as a barbecue competition, Retro-o-rama, live music, Miss AutoFest, overnight camping, and more. There are some serious cash prizes being put up for the show and burnouts — a $4K cash prize for each. Cash is also being donated to charities of the winners’ choice. This is shaping up to be a huge event, so if you want to play a part, register now on the website to avoid missing…

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cargo this month’s must-haves

VIKING PERFORMANCE Made in the USA and used by Rods by Reid in their independent suspension builds, Viking specialise in high-performance coil over springs, shock absorbers, struts, and related components. Whether racing, pro-touring, or looking for great handling and a comfortable cruise, Viking has the coilovers, shocks, and components for your vehicle. Rods by Reid are the New Zealand dealer and carry a large range here in New Zealand to keep your build moving forward. Give them a call on 07 552 5977, check out rodsbyreid, or email to discuss your handling needs. KEEPIN’ IT HUSH HUSH Designed and built in the USA, Porter Mufflers are handmade (no robots involved) using heavy-duty, 16-gauge aluminised tubing with uniquely designed interior chambers that emit that distinctive glass pack/Porter muffler sound. The mufflers are 2in or…

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hook, line, and sinker

Have you ever had one of those ‘Oh crap, what have I done’ moments? The moments that you wish you could undo, or that you have to double check are actually real, and not just a bad dream? Christchurch’s Matt Lowe has. His ‘oh crap’ moment stemmed from a phone call from the mechanic who he’d dropped off his newly purchased ’72 Cuda to in preparation for compliance. This wasn’t exactly the beginning he wanted, having waited a lifetime to get his hands on his dream machine, and, of course, then there was the added complication of explaining the car’s various issues to his ever-tolerant wife. But, for a change, this isn’t one of those stories where an overseas seller duped a Kiwi who will probably never chase them down…

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super selects

REAPING THE REWARDS Two decades ago, the streets of West Auckland were terrorised by roofer Ramo Simpson in his work-hack one-tonner — that was, until a judge threatened it would be taken off him if he didn’t settle down. So the one-tonner was retired from work duties and burnouts became the focus. Since then Ramo’s been on the chase for more power, and of course for bigger and smokier burnouts. In 2020 the chassis went under the knife at BNN Customs with a new rear chassis clip fabricated to suit the 20x15-inch billet Boyd Coddington’s and four-linked Fab 9 diff. Some ingenious solutions have also been incorporated in the rear, with hydraulic rams to tilt the tray for easy access to everything, including the sealed-off fuel system to avoid fires. The rear…