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March 2020

OBJEKT©International, the leading interior design magazine in the world, is proud to present you with our latest publication. OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. An unique fusion of classic and modern styles.

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Authenticity is the key element in the interior landscape. Despite the fact that many interior brands go into great length to underline the authenticity of their creations. The characterization, however, is often a faraway cry for their actual creative escapades. Security first. The desire for spread-sheet safety can be observed at the large interior manifestations in the world but also in the choice of shapes, colors and materials. Not so long ago family companies in the interior industry were driven by enthusiasm for new creations and craftsmanship. They could surprise the world with their designs and innovations. Most of these companies have been incorporated in large financial institutions with different priorities. Re-editions from timeless classics provide the brands with the necessary cachet and sales guarantees for present times. Light point: OBJEKT©International continues to…

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the porcelain room chinese export porcelain

Chinese ceramics were well-known outside China as early as the Tang Dynasty (618-907). They had reached Europe by the early 14th century, but it was only after the opening of the sea routes to the East by the Portuguese in 1513 that the export of Chinese porcelain took its monumental pace, reaching every corner of the world. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the export market became increasingly important, initially with the appealing celadon and under glaze blue porcelains. Once Europeans started trading and commissioning porcelains to bring back to the West, they quickly became the first truly global commodities. The exhibition “The Porcelain Room – Chinese Export Porcelain”, presented by the Fondazione Prada in Milan underlined the historical context, scope and impact of Chinese export porcelain: A journey curated by Jorge Welsh and…

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artist lita cabellut a perfect storm

She lives and works in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands. The cozy shopping street does not look like the birthplace for Jazz, but behind the facades and in the middle of a small city oasis reigns the artistic hurricane of the Spanish artist and gypsy Lita Cabellut. Her bastion is an old factory building and the former show room of an antique dealer, that she conjured from a ruin of rubble into a her home and atelier. Here Cabellut paints and cracks her artworks: large-scale canvases that combine traditional fresco techniques and modern applications of oil paint. The crackle and defining palette of her works gives a skin and life to her portraits of street dwellers, prostitutes, religious people, historical figures, fictional characters and influential people. Lita Cabellut…

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kissing the reflection of the sun

“Not a pirate ship but a modern, fashionable and chic looking yacht with performance, reliability and quality. A sailor’s yacht.”Godfrey ‘Goddy’ Cray, the owners’ representative Auqarius truly defines what it means to be a ‘modern classic’. With naval architecture by Dykstra Naval Architects and interior design from Mark Whiteley Design this 56m / 184ft ketch was realized by Royal Huisman in the Netherlands together with Rondal and a team of rig specialists. Exceptional co-operation from the highly talented client team ensured a harmonious build and a successful outcome. The owners’ brief was for an elegant yet muscular sailboat with a classic profile, for family enjoyment. The yacht should have favorable sea keeping characteristics that were ideal for world cruising, as well as for an occasional regatta. Owners’ representative Godfrey ‘Goddy’ Cray said the…

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namibian boulder sensations

SONOP Zannier Hotels Sonop, opened in 2019, is located within a nature reserve on the edge of the Namibian desert, in the Hardcap region. Namibia is a country like no other with very vast landscapes, a very low density of population, huge desert-like areas and rich wildlife. Namibia is a dry country with extreme temperatures in most parts of the country. Sonop, meaning Sun Up, was conceived as an old British inspired tent camp from the 1920’s part of Zannier Hotels. Ten spacious tents were constructed on top of a series of boulders to awaken a unique journey through time. The old British ambiance can be experienced inside the tents furnished with antiques made of fine materials, colorful carpets and precious woods. They invite the visitors to live the life of yesteryear’s…

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hawaiian nights in the kalihiwai pavilion

Located on Kauai, ‘The Garden Isle’ of Hawaii, the Kalihiwai Pavilion is the latest architectural addition to a 14-acre coastal property, perched on a scenic bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. It was designed by the Walker Warner Architects Design Team, San Francisco. The multi-purpose pavilion in the lush Hawaiian landscape was designed to be a flexible gathering space where the homeowners, who frequently entertain visiting guests, can host a variety of private gatherings from family get-togethers to community events for up to 400 people. Responding to the elemental beauty of the setting, the design team met the challenge of creating such a highly-adaptable, expansive-feeling, yet human-scaled space, by creating a structure emphasizing transparency and connection to the outdoors to capture the island’s dramatic natural surroundings. The design took full advantage…