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why the car’s the star

OUR MAN Stephen Bayley operates on a rather higher intellectual plane than me. That’s why, while he perceives that cars have had a limited impact on film because they seldom embody the meaning and essence of the movie or lead character (or something), for me they have absolutely dominated cinema. Perhaps that’s because these two epoch-defining inventions have grown up together, or more likely it is simply that, for me, the cars are the stars and the humans the extras. I mean, why else would you sit through an hour-and-a-half of a desperately miscast Ryan O’Neal in The Driver if it weren’t for the genius scene in which his character dismantles a Mercedes-Benz 280S by scraping it against the walls of a multi-storey car park? Truth be told – and here’s the…

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BEN COOMBS ‘We teetered above the abyss, thousands of feet of empty air beckoning my TVR’s tyres as they scrabbled at the wet gravel for mile after mile along Bolivia’s Death Road. Even compared with my journey across Africa in a Porsche years ago, this was something else.’ Ben went to both ends of the world – in search of beer: PAGES 126 TO 136. JETHRO BOVINGDON ‘“Want to race an AMG GT4 in the N24? Oh, and your teammate is Bernd Schneider.” It took a tenth of a second to say yes. And the race was amazing: elating, terrifying, surreal. Those night laps will live long in the memory. The greatest race on Earth.’ Read about Jethro’s stint as a works driver at the Nürburgring on PAGES 154 TO 162. DAMIEN SMITH ‘David Coulthard…

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blue bird history saved from skip

‘I CAN ONLY IMAGINE SOMEONE BOUGHT A PLAN CHEST AS FURNITURE AND THESE WERE INSIDE IT’ HUNDREDS OF potentially historically important blueprints, letters and machine drawings have been rescued from a Surrey skip. Many refer to Blue Bird, including plans for the wheels: the twin-rear set-up and the dates indicate that the plans refer to the 1935 Campbell-Railton Blue Bird, Sir Malcolm’s final LSR challenger. With bodywork by Gurney Nutting, Blue Bird was powered by a 36-litre Rolls-Royce V12 and set a new benchmark when it achieved 276.82mph at Daytona Beach in Florida in March 1935. It later topped 300mph (just) at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Many of the illustrations and drawings are for smaller items from washers to water pumps and Dunlop tyres, but there are also larger-scale – 6ft by…

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treasure trove of parts discovered

CHRIS ROUTLEDGE, managing director of classic car auction house Coys, has described feeling like Howard Carter uncovering Tutankhamun’s tomb after opening a sea container stashed with an estimated million pounds’ worth of exotic car spares. Coys is cagey about revealing all the details of the find, but confirmed that it was made in the south of England and that the spares were amassed and stored in six shipping containers by an enthusiast who passed away years ago. The parts came to light only when Coys was contacted to assess them. The treasure trove is packed with spares for mainly Italian marques such as Ferrari, Maserati and Abarth. Models catered for include the 250 SWB, 250 GTO, 275, Daytona Competizione, F40 and 512LM, along with Maserati 250F and various other competition cars. Many spares…

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news feed

Link-up with the VSCC Octane has formed a new partnership with the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC). Formed in 1934 and a fervent champion for all pre-war cars, the VSCC was the forerunner of the whole classic car hobby. It holds a raft of events, with the Prescott Speed Hill Climb, near Gotherington, Gloucestershire, (5-6 August 2018) being integral to many an aficionado’s calendar. Octane will support the club and its activities, have an enhanced presence at some of the VSCC’s meetings, and work with the club on exciting events for 2019 and beyond. To see what the VSCC does – from track racing at Silverstone to mud-plugging on the Welsh hills – and for membership details, go to vscc.co.uk. New JD Classics boss Former Lotus boss Jean-Marc Gales is the new CEO of…

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octane presents…

Keynote speakers The first speakers have been announcedfor Octane’s Evening With Aston Martin, which takes place at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane in London on 17 July. The evening – which includes a Champagne reception and three-course meal with wine – will be hosted by Steve Rider, who will interview Aston boss Andy Palmer, test driver Matt Becker, racer Darren Turner, styling chief Marek Reichman and others. Book at aneveningwithastonmartin.co.uk . Nominate now You have until 31 July to nominate the stars of the classic car world for Octane’s Historic Motoring Awards 2018. The awards are now in their eighth year, will take part in London on 25 October, and will reward everything from the restoration of the year to the best museum, recognising those who most support and contribute to both the…