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Octane Janauray 2020

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Octane is a premium monthly magazine celebrating over 100 years of automotive design, from classic Bentleys to the latest BMW. We have been at the heart of the motoring industry for seventeen years, so we know our stuff when it comes to classic cars. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the magazine captures the exclusivity and excitement of the classic car world so you can experience it all wherever you are.

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United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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don’t let the grass grow

There seems To be a bit a backlash in the enthusiast car community at the moment over all those adverts that state that a car for sale ‘can only go up in value’. I can see why, of course, because it suggests the only reason anyone should be tempted by a car is with a cast-iron guarantee that there will be a return in it for them, that a potential profit is an essential precursor to purchase. Turn it around, though, and for me it sends a far more compelling message: ‘Can’t go down any further in value.’ That says: go on, here’s your chance, possibly your last depending on your circumstances, grab that dream and live it while you can. And that’s what car ownership is all about, isn’t it?…

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charlie magee ‘I enjoyed photographing the R8 again as I’d been on the original launch, and I always had a soft spot for its clean-cut Hugo Boss suit with a flash of flamboyant lining under the glass engine cover. But working on the hottest day of the year proved to be a challenge for both man and machine…’ R8 takes on Aston DB9: PAGES 58-68. simon ricketts ‘As the flag dropped on the Sussex Trophy after two emotional days in the bosom of Team CEGGA, my defences were breached. I let out a primal bellow of encouragement, tears of joy, exhilaration and pride cascaded down my cheeks, and impartiality and decorum became a distant memory.’ See Simon’s photos on PAGES 84-94. graeme hurst ‘The passion and skill evident in building the world’s only airworthy World War One…

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Red Dust Revival 12-16 September A dust cloud rises into the clearblue sky as everything from Ford ModelTs to Rolls-Roycesthunderacross a distant outpost ofWestern Australia. The venue is Lake Perkolilli: not a lake, but a shimmering red claypan, billiard-table smooth and rock-hard thanks to a high gypsum content in the clay (the same stuff used to make plasterboard). This 4.25km oval track is 600km east of Perth, close to the remote Kalgoorlie goldfields (well, 40km from them) and has been hosting motorsport and speed records for more than a century. Organised by the Lake Perkolilli Motor Sports Club, which was formed after the venue’s 100th anniversary in 2014, the 2019 Revival featured 100 pre-war cars and bikes. Hero of the event was Ted Mumme, who drove 3400km from Darwin on his 1915…

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coming up…

30 November – 1 December KartMania Exhibitors from across the world of karting – manufacturers, championship organisers, clubs – will gather at Silverstone for the KartMania show, which, as always, will include a ‘Kart Boot’ sale. kartmania.co.uk 4-8 December Classic Sebring From the folks behind the Daytona Classic 24 Hour comes this event at Sebring, where the racing cars will be joined by a large display of vintage aircraft. hsrrace.com 6-8 December Retro Classics Bavaria The organisers of Retro Classics Stuttgart bring their brand of entertainment two hours east to the exhibition centre in Nuremberg. Expect themed displays, a large club presence, good grub, and many opportunities to lighten the wallet: cars, parts and automobilia will all be on offer. retro-classics-bavaria.de 7-10 December Le Jog The Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability Trial sees crews drive through the night on notoriously…

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new museum for the common man

A new British motor museum designed to be the antidote to priceless car collections that everyday motorists cannot relate to is to open in Derbyshire on 12 April. Uniquely for the UK, visitors will even have an opportunity to drive the car they always dreamed of on a private mile-long course. The Great British Car Journey museum, or exhibition as its founder prefers to call it, is the brainchild of Richard Usher, ex-Auto Windscreens boss and former owner of Blyton Park. His inspiration came when a regular visitor to the Lincolnshire track gradually hooked him on a very low-mileage Austin Maestro: ‘I realised it was something I had an enormous affection for – it was the first car to have a glued-in windscreen after all, so it was important to me…

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motor charity needs donors for new blood

A chArity set up to encourage youngsters to have a go in – and fall in love with – classic cars has appealed for donor vehicles to help its mission. Founded in 2017, StarterMotor, whose aim is ‘putting the next generation in the driving seat’, is based at and backed by Bicester Heritage and has strong links with the Heritage Skills Academy that is working out of the former RAF base. The charity is accumulating a small fleet of 15-20 classic vehicles to be restored, maintained and used by the apprentices on the scheme. They will also be encouraged to use the cars to spread the message far and wide. But StarterMotor also liaises with colleges, companies and other apprenticeship schemes to organise driving days on which youngsters can try out…