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Octane July 2020

Octane is a premium monthly magazine celebrating over 100 years of automotive design, from classic Bentleys to the latest BMW. We have been at the heart of the motoring industry for seventeen years, so we know our stuff when it comes to classic cars. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the magazine captures the exclusivity and excitement of the classic car world so you can experience it all wherever you are.

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United Kingdom
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9 min
the car’s the star

It’s the middle of August, 1962. The location is Rome, in the late heat of the Italian summer, and Bruno, played by Italian actor Vittorio Gassman, drives his battered Lancia Aurelia B24 Trasformabile the wrong way down a street to reach a tobacconist. Barely one minute into the movie and there’s the trademark enthusiastic Italian approach to life, coupled with a lighthearted approach to following rules. In a country living it to the full during an economic boom, this way of life had become quite common: enough money to have a little to spare even after paying the mortgage. Suddenly, owning objects of desire was possible in a way that, only a few years before, had been an impossible dream to many. Italians being Italians, cars were among the preferred choices.…

10 min
no rest for the wicked

It used to go like this: three to four years of top-drawer racing, then the car goes out to grass and gathers dust, and gets plundered for parts or worse. Such was the fate of so many racing cars. But for the DBR9, things have been different. It is 15 years since the car was first on the scene, and nearly a decade has passed since the DBR9’s last appearance in top-level FIA GT racing. For the past decade several examples have been put before the paying public, such as in the Aston Martin festival at Le Mans, but, really, these cars were never left to rest. Now – already, one might say – there is a choice of serious events for them to enter around Europe and further afield. In…

4 min
the other bond cars

Sunbeam Alpine DR NO In the days before big blockbuster budgets, this Sunbeam Alpine was reputedly borrowed from a local resident while filming Dr No in Jamaica. Bond needed a hire car on the island, and it became the first car to appear in a 007 chase. Hardly the most thrilling encounter, but he manages to slip away from the 1930s LaSalle hearse driven by the Three Blind Mice henchmen. Toyota 2000GT YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE It’s well known that Connery didn’t fit too easily in the standard 2000GT, so this hastily built convertible – apparently finished in just two weeks – went on to star in the film. It’s driven primarily by Aki, Bond’s Japanese counterpart and love interest, and Bond’s big action scene occurs later on, when he takes to the skies in…

11 min
the beast of barlby road

With that familiar – and vibrant – green livery, the so-long-overlooked Talbot 105s have come to the fore (again) in recent years, recreating the phenomenal success and world-beating status they enjoyed in period. The works cars, the Roesch Talbots, the Fox & Nicholl racers, whatever you want to call them, are once again dominant and flying high value-wise. Yet the one that had the greatest unexploited potential 85 years ago, one that has had the most fascinating, some might say traumatic, life and one that is super-rapid today, was both least successful and least well known in period. Strictly speaking it wasn’t even a works car. To get an idea of the importance of these cars as a breed, you need know that the Roesch Talbots emerged at around 25 years into…

2 min
dealing the seal

1955 JAGUAR XK140 ROBERT COUCHER AFTER I LAST wrote about the Jaguar in Octane 201 and mentioned that my rearmost SU H6 carburettor had sprung a leak due to a disintegrating cork seal around the jet, I was contacted by two readers who offered useful advice and help. First, Michael Dierick from Belgium emailed to say: ‘I read with interest about your fuel leak problem with the XK140. I drive my Morgan Plus 4 on a regular basis and have encountered the same problem which, because the exhaust is right under the carb, is really annoying. I had to replace the cork seals almost on a weekly basis until I found out about a special Burlen Fuel Systems kit called an H Type “Superdry” Seal Kit, code WZX 1775. This solved the leaking…

1 min
auction diary

20 May – 3 June Shannons, online 21-28 May RM Sotheby’s, online 27 May H&H, online Osenat, Fontainebleau, France 28 May Brightwells, online 30 May Bonhams, Bicester, UK Charterhouse, online 30-31 May Lucky Collector Car Auctions, Tacoma, USA 2 June Barons, Sandown Park, UK 3-7 June Mecum, Jefferson, USA 3-11 June RM Sotheby’s, online 6 June Mathewsons, online Richard Edmonds, Allington, UK (motorcycles) 11-14 June Worldwide Auctioneers, Auburn, USA 13 June Classic Car Auctions, online 18-20 June Mecum, Davenport, USA 20 June Anglia Car Auctions, online Dorotheum, Vösendorf, Austria 21 June Charterhouse, Shepton Mallet, UK 23-28 June Mecum, Indianapolis, USA 24 June H&H, online 24-27 June Barrett-Jackson, Uncasville, USA 26-27 June Leake Auction, Tulsa, USA 4 July Aguttes, Paris, France 9 July DVCA, Henstridge, UK 10 July Vicari, Dalton, USA 10-11 July Mecum, Denver, USA 14 July Barons, Sandown Park, UK In association with GLENMARCH…